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  1. I gotcha. I am not looking for free roms. As long as the developers make the rom available for the LTO Flash thats fine.
  2. Got my copy of Stadium Mud Buggies last week. Awesome box
  3. I didn't realize how awesome the LTO Flash cart was until now. So glad I purchased this awesome device! This is a must have for anybody who owns an Intellivision. I also purchased an old VCR and hooked up my system to a big screen tv. All is good in the world today!
  4. The LTO Flash cart is Awesome! Thanks for the help from some of the members on this forum.
  5. It was definitely me. I got the Flash cart working now on my Intellivision.
  6. This is becoming very frustrating for me. I have no clue what I am doing trying to set this up. I just know nothing about computers. I am giving up on this tonight and will try to figure out what I am doing wrong tomorrow.
  7. I have a data cable. Bought today. I think the problem is when I try to open the LTO application it says the LTO Flash quit unexpectedly. I am not the greatest with computers. Something I am doing wrong. My computer says OS X version 10.10.5
  8. I cannot figure out how to get the LTO flash to work. My Mac will not recognize the flash cart. Is there a step by step video on how to do the installation?
  9. i just received my LTO Flash. I pre ordered the game so I should get the free rom?
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