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  1. Really? That sucks. I really want to play the Intellivision version. I have played the MAME versions of Jungle King and Jungle Hunt. Played Pirate Pete too.
  2. I am glad there will be a re-imagined version of the original D&D. I always thought there should have been a sequel to this game. This is one of the reasons I purchased the Amico.
  3. WOW! Asking for over 3 times the amount of original cost.
  4. I believe I was close to the end of the game. I will beat it eventually.
  5. How many levels are there in this game? I keep getting further in this game and all of a sudden during battle game over? Some phrase pops up?
  6. Reached level 9 in the game and I died. I was leveled up with full health and I didn't last long in battle. I am not sure why I died? As you progress through the game, how can you tell which items to equip that aren't cursed. I know items in yellow are good. Items in red are cursed. What about items in blue? This game is pretty challenging on easy mode.
  7. The gameplay is addicting in this game. I have played this about 10 times now, and I cannot seem to get past level 4 on easy mode. I understand the scrolls have to be used when eqipping certain items like the sword and shield. Once you use an item and if it is cursed, you cannot remove that item from your inventory. The more I play I will figure out what I am doing wrong. Definitely enjoying this game.
  8. I am always on the site anyway. I am sure I will see when it is available. I am just geeking! I will get one eventually. Thanks for info though.
  9. Some of these EBAY prices are ridiculous. I got lucky with my purchase. It was a "buy it now" deal. I took a chance and it worked out. I have had a few different versions of the intellivision console over the years, and the Sears version is my favorite. I never had this version until now. I use to have a few systems, ECS computer, intellivoice, close to 100 boxed games, many of them rare games, etc. I sold all my stuff years ago for next to nothing. Now I feel like collecting again.
  10. I got lucky with this purchase on eBay. Payed 60 bucks with a few boxed games. The system is in really good shape and works perfectly. I think I like the looks of the Sears version the best.
  11. Awesome game. I played this a lot in the early eighties.
  12. Game arrived yesterday. Started playing today. I have to say, I am really enjoying playing this. I can't believe this is an Intellivision game! The game, packaging and all the extras is amazing and well thought out. Seems like there was a lot of time and effort put into this. I would like to get the rom also if it is available later. Very happy with my purchase.
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