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  1. Awesome, thanks guys! Anyone else getting a 404 error on Lord Innit's .bin link?
  2. Yeah, my PAL versions are just NTSC colours.
  3. Anyone able to make a PAL60 conversion of "Roc 'n Rope (1984) (Coleco, Ed English) (2667) ~.bin"?
  4. Some people hate this game, but I've been playing the "Roc 'n Rope (1984) (Coleco, Ed English) (2667) ~.bin" version and it runs considerably faster than the CBS version. Both the versions I've been able to find are NTSC only – has a PAL60 version of this been made here? I can't seem to find one via Google. When played at fast speed, this is a pretty cool platformer, with multiple level designs.
  5. Circus AtariAge rocks – more speed and excitement that the original. Was just playing it yesterday!
  6. Gurner

    PAL60 ROMS

    Playing Commando Raid on the Harmony just now, doesn't seem to be a PAL 60 of is available. Shame really, as it has fantastic colours in the NTSC version below. Even the ROMs that say they are PAL (50) are still just NTSC ROMS.
  7. Gurner

    PAL60 ROMS

    Legend!! Cheers Omegamatrix! Thanks bataais and davyK for the conversions you guys have made too – any new conversions possibly on the horizon?
  8. It's a shame about the source code – it would be awesome to even have the prototype version with sound. Maybe it could be a collaborative thing? - Like a group on here does a task each, making the overall job easier for each? Release it as the finished ROM – by Atari Age, sell carts with boxes etc. I'm not much help though, my coding skills are zero
  9. The prototype is pretty cool. Why wasn't it finished? Looks like it was mostly done.
  10. Gurner

    PAL60 ROMS

    Bump Hey, was there ever a PAL 60 conversion done for Mr Do? I can't seem to find it anywhere online...
  11. Never heard of this third party device before. Allows user to hold down fire button for continuous firing.
  12. Gurner


    Nukey, you are a LEGEND! (yet again!) Thanks so much, my wife loves this game!
  13. Gurner


    I wonder if the code could be tweaked to slow it down a bit?
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