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  1. I thought the point was that you should have them out in the sun without an glass filtering the rays. At least if you aren't using any creams or bleach. I've been having some decent resutlts this past week leaving stuff outside The Commodore just joined the group today.
  2. Ah... looks like the console is gonna have to go out there now.
  3. The Big boy is joining in on the tanning. (I know I'll give him a wash later. He has been stuck in a box for 20 years.) Are they supposed to be the same colour?
  4. Howdy stranger we need your help! maddog.xex
  5. Ah I see, different picture but based on the same game... still prefer this box art Here's another Nightmare on Elm Street artwork, 42 colours nightmareonelmstreet.xex
  6. One of my favourite bits of game related artwork. Another World. 48 colours. anotherworld.xex
  7. Any chance of a 128k Cart sized demo? (for those of us UNO users too cheap to get an 8Mbit cart?) Looks very nice. Remember Wonderboy in the Arcade but never really paid it much mind, was too busy playing Robocop or Enduro Racer or something.
  8. Oh I'm not evening it out they are all going white or they will dye.
  9. Just looked up my old email as I wonderede what happened to the other ataris I had. Turns out 7 years ago I sold 2 800XLs and 2 C16s and go about £10 each. But then they didn't have power supplies and were 'untested' If I only knew then what I know now. Also my working 800XL could do with a few new key switches.
  10. Yeah the one with white keys and a yellowed space bar is after the sunbath. Here it is just now, rather than taking it apart just leaving the whole thing out. I mean it's not perfect the keys aren't quite back to their original colour but they are a definite improvement over the space bar.
  11. The difference in in colour of the case is just because I took the first pic in natural sunlight the later picture under warm LED lighting, I only put the keys outside, the rest of the keyboard and space bar stayed inside. Doesn't seem discoloured to me.
  12. well been out for another day and a half. so Four days outside total. Pretty satisfied with it. might just leave the whole keyboard outside tomorrow to work a bit more on it's reverse tan. It certainly works though.
  13. Timing is everything to get the right price. I paid £2 for my boxed 800XL. The key is haggling with the guy at the Car Boot sale (flea market) once you go back to 1998.
  14. Well I've had the keys outside for 2 1/2 partially-sunny-mostly-cloudy days I guess i's oo early to expect any type of results. But I was surprised.
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