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  1. My PS2 Jinn is going to mod for me!!!

    1. tremoloman2006


      Jinn does exceptional work!

  2. I want to buy Wasabi Zero Solderless modchips with adapter or DX modchips with Solderless adapter i think the adapter is a V16 if i recall correctly. If not any solderless modchips that support 6X read Dual Layer support and proper Gamecube Audio Streaming i am game for. If anyone can help me with this please PM or reply to this post. I have scowered the internet endlessly to find any remaining Wasabi Zero or DX chips with a solderless adapter to no avail and i am ready to cry my eyes out it seems like they are just not in existence anymore!!! Thank you, Eagle_916
  3. Jinn i am sending you a new PM please check and reply as soon as you have a chance!!! Thank you!!! Eagle_916
  4. Jinn I sent you a pm please check your inbox. Thank you!!!
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