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  1. Don't forget the instruction guide on 'how' to plug in all those cables.
  2. Space Harrier for the 32X is a really nice port. Soooooo much faster than the Genesis Space Harrier II.
  3. I really liked my TI-99/4a back in the day. My Dad bought it for me when they were in the discount bin. I didn't know you could get Pac-Man for it! I had Munch-Man instead and it was pretty good. My favorite game was Parsec. Hunt the Wompus always managed to give me a jump scare and Demon Attack was the first video game I ever beat. I still have it and most of my games in the closet.
  4. There is a Pier Solar re-print coming (maybe, sort of...) but the one pictured is the first run that Water Melon Games called Pier Solar Posterity Edition (Genesis version). I traded a Paprium Collectors Edition for this Pier Solar.
  5. An important mechanic in the game is consuming a drug called BLU. It gives you a huge power boost for a short time. But if you use it too much you can get addicted and then you'll see some negative affects. So the cartridge was put into a pill case. The same thing you pop real life pills out of.
  6. Paprium is a great game. Tons of fun with massive replay value. I am so glad it finally happened! That was a close call.
  7. Ignore the above. This is all my mistake. The replies that I thought were missing are actually at: https://www.arcade-projects.com/threads/help-how-to-connect-a-megakiosk-ds-18-to-8-el-panels-sega-genesis-project.16345/
  8. **Moderator Help Requested** Are there any Mods out there who can help me with this thread? There were a bunch of replies to this thread and now only my initial post is here. Where did the rest of the contend go?
  9. I have such great memories playing Quartet. I got it with my Master System on Christmas.
  10. He has 5600+ posts. Looks like he was around for a long while. Why was he banned?
  11. Demon Attack for the IT 99/4A? I have such great memories of that game! I think it was the first ever video game that I beat.
  12. Some background info: The MegaKiosk DS-18 by Will Gentry has inspired me to build an Arcade Cabinet for my Sega Genesis. (Yes, a Flashcart would be less work, less money and offer more games but below is the route I wan to take.) MegaKiosk DS-18 The MegaKiosk DS-18 offers two features that I think make this project really cool. 1) You can cycle between 8 original game cartridges. 2) The hardware identifies the active slot with an LED. So (in theory) I can build an Arcade Cabinet with a button to cycle to the next game and I can have an EL Panel that lights up to match the currently selected game. This would operate just like a Neo Geo MVS 4-slot/6-slot. But my skill are very much in the realm of hobbyist. I've replaced capacitors, batteries and repaired my Neo Geo 4-slot EL Panel to give you an idea of what I can do. I started by building a control panel that will work with a Sega Genesis. It works great and by far the hardest part was the wood working. The two small red buttons are not in use yet. They are intended to be a Reset for the Genesis and Cycle to the next game on the MegaKiosk DS-18. I'm currently looking into what to buy for my 8 Mini Marquees. So far, I think this will work: A6 electro-luminescent panel with leads and connector ($10 USD each) https://glowhut.com/a6-electro-luminescent-panel-with-leads-and-connector/ I believe this inverter can power eight A6 sized EL Panels all at the same time. Electroluminescent inverter for A3 size EL panel AC 100-240V ($30 USD) https://glowhut.com/electroluminescent-inverter-for-a3-size-el-panel-ac-100-240v/ *I may only need to power one at a time. **I'm not sure when someone would want AC vs DC for what I'm planning. I asked Will Gentry how to tap into the LEDs that indicate the active slot. This was his answer: "You can simply remove the LED and solder some wires where the LED was to a new LED" Now for my Question: How should I run power to each EL Panel and how do they connect to the MegaKiosk DS-18 slot LEDs? The EL panels should only be getting power from the Inverter. I was thinking about wiring all the EL Panels to the Inverter such they all light up when the inverter it switched on. Then finding a way to break the circuit unless there is a signal coming from the MegaKiosk DS-18 active slot. What do you guys think? THANKS!
  13. I have Ayrton but I've never played it. The only racing games I've really played on the Master System are Hang On, Outrun and Battle Outrun. It would be cool to hear about any differences you notice when you play Ayrton on your new SMS. Back in the day I use to love the SMS gamepad but it's not a precision instrument.
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