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  1. The screen does look amazing. Bright and colorful. Do you need to use a replacement shell too? Or can you put the new screen in the stock GBA?
  2. Hey Steven, Thanks very much for showing this. I knew it was coming but I didn't know it was out already. I steered clear because of the lack of quality I've heard about the Columbus Circle Gleylancer. I didn't know the re-release of Gleylancer doesn't work in a Mega Sg. Which is really surprising. I guess the Mega Sg isn't exactly like an original Genesis like it appeared to be... or Columbus Circle did something really funky to it. I really want to support re-releases like this but I don't want any corners cut. I did order the TOAPLAN collection.
  3. I have the black and silver model. I have never this this flavor before. It looks pretty cool. I had a lot of fun with this computer! Mostly for it's games like Parsec, Munchman, Car Wars and Hunt the Wompus!
  4. Going in blind can be hard with the Internet but that is a great way to do it! I approve!
  5. I helped beta test Tanglewood. Play testing was a first for me and I didn't have any qualifications other than being a Kickstarter backer for the game and asking if I could join the team. It was a great experience. If you like puzzle elements in your platformer games I can't help but think you'll enjoy it. I wrote a spoiler free Tanglewood review if you want some details about the game. Be sure to avoid spoilers. There are some great moments in the game that are extra special if you enter not knowing a thing. **Don't watch any long plays!** Tanglewood and Xeno Crisis are very different games. Xeno Crisis is an awesome high adrenaline run and gun action game. It will test your mettle! My only criticism for Xeno Crisis are the controls. It will take some time getting use to it. I find I can do well on the stages but the bosses rough me up! And I feel it's because I still can't control my marine well enough. People have criticized Tanglewood's music because it's not playing all the time. Which I feel is a shame because the way the music flows in and out at key moments really helps build a strong mood in the game. And the music is excellent. Anyways, I don't want to say too much. But I do believe this will be a very popular Evercade cart! I already have both games and I'm still really excited to play them on my Evercade!
  6. That Xeno Crisis / Tanglewood cart is going to be killer! I'd love to hear what you think about Tanglewood when you get a chance to play it. That game really surprised me. I played the heck out of it on my Genesis.
  7. Honestly, it's really refreshing to be able to buy a niche product like this when we're able to. Without having to buy in 100% on day one. I love Evervcade for this. I bought my Evercade and a few carts; tried it out for a while and really liked it. Waited for new stock and got more carts. It's how it should be.
  8. Yes, you nailed! I did get mine from VGP. As far as I know they’re the only Canadian reseller. When I realized I didn’t have to deal with shipping and I could get it that day I bought my Evercade and two carts. Now I’ve pre-ordered all the rest from VGP.
  9. I wasn't sure about the Evercade at first. But I did get one a few weeks ago when I found it at a local shop. And after the button mapping firmware I'm really happy with it. The quality is amazing for it's price point. No complaints at all. And there are tons of games to play. I'm enjoying playing it and I'll enjoy collecting for it too. I'm also very eager to get Tanglewood for my Evercade!
  10. You can do magical things with that PS4! So many great games for so cheap at this point. What kind of games do you like?
  11. This photo is actually from 2017 but (surprisingly) my collection hasn't changed that much. I am casing CIB NES and SNES games now and I have more Sega CD games than what's pictured. But this is still pretty much how it looks. I have a lot more photos up on my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/retromegabit/
  12. I got some very fun stuff recently. The NES games I found on Kijiji.
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