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  1. Ignore the above. This is all my mistake. The replies that I thought were missing are actually at: https://www.arcade-projects.com/threads/help-how-to-connect-a-megakiosk-ds-18-to-8-el-panels-sega-genesis-project.16345/
  2. **Moderator Help Requested** Are there any Mods out there who can help me with this thread? There were a bunch of replies to this thread and now only my initial post is here. Where did the rest of the contend go?
  3. I have such great memories playing Quartet. I got it with my Master System on Christmas.
  4. He has 5600+ posts. Looks like he was around for a long while. Why was he banned?
  5. Demon Attack for the IT 99/4A? I have such great memories of that game! I think it was the first ever video game that I beat.
  6. Some background info: The MegaKiosk DS-18 by Will Gentry has inspired me to build an Arcade Cabinet for my Sega Genesis. (Yes, a Flashcart would be less work, less money and offer more games but below is the route I wan to take.) MegaKiosk DS-18 The MegaKiosk DS-18 offers two features that I think make this project really cool. 1) You can cycle between 8 original game cartridges. 2) The hardware identifies the active slot with an LED. So (in theory) I can build an Arcade Cabinet with a button to cycle to the next game and I can have an EL Panel that lights up to match the currently selected game. This would operate just like a Neo Geo MVS 4-slot/6-slot. But my skill are very much in the realm of hobbyist. I've replaced capacitors, batteries and repaired my Neo Geo 4-slot EL Panel to give you an idea of what I can do. I started by building a control panel that will work with a Sega Genesis. It works great and by far the hardest part was the wood working. The two small red buttons are not in use yet. They are intended to be a Reset for the Genesis and Cycle to the next game on the MegaKiosk DS-18. I'm currently looking into what to buy for my 8 Mini Marquees. So far, I think this will work: A6 electro-luminescent panel with leads and connector ($10 USD each) https://glowhut.com/a6-electro-luminescent-panel-with-leads-and-connector/ I believe this inverter can power eight A6 sized EL Panels all at the same time. Electroluminescent inverter for A3 size EL panel AC 100-240V ($30 USD) https://glowhut.com/electroluminescent-inverter-for-a3-size-el-panel-ac-100-240v/ *I may only need to power one at a time. **I'm not sure when someone would want AC vs DC for what I'm planning. I asked Will Gentry how to tap into the LEDs that indicate the active slot. This was his answer: "You can simply remove the LED and solder some wires where the LED was to a new LED" Now for my Question: How should I run power to each EL Panel and how do they connect to the MegaKiosk DS-18 slot LEDs? The EL panels should only be getting power from the Inverter. I was thinking about wiring all the EL Panels to the Inverter such they all light up when the inverter it switched on. Then finding a way to break the circuit unless there is a signal coming from the MegaKiosk DS-18 active slot. What do you guys think? THANKS!
  7. I have Ayrton but I've never played it. The only racing games I've really played on the Master System are Hang On, Outrun and Battle Outrun. It would be cool to hear about any differences you notice when you play Ayrton on your new SMS. Back in the day I use to love the SMS gamepad but it's not a precision instrument.
  8. Don't worry about Grading. It's not for people who play their games and it will break the bank. What you have does look to be in very nice shape. Plastic cases for the win! I love Sega for doing this. It's not too hard to find good condition Master System and Genesis games in this condition. And the design for the Master System console still looks really nice! What are some of the SMS games you're topping the charts for?
  9. I didn't order the controller. I don't like the look of it and I felt I was spending enough for just the unit. I do like the look of the big joystick but it feels over the top for a mini console. If they don't work now I'm hoping that someone will hack the Astro City Mini to work with Retro-bit USB joysticks. You've been busy! I'd love a GBA flash cart someday. What a handheld!!
  10. Thanks very much for the link. I read your impressions and I ended up ordering it. Most of the games included are incredible. Very excited to play it. How do credits work? Can you credit feed each game until you beat it or is there something like a home mode like the Neo Geo?
  11. Love it! Where did you get it? The only place I know to look is play-asia. Doesn't appear to be available right now.
  12. I just bought a Retro Blaster and so far it's working really well. And super easy to use. https://retrostage.net/index.php/product/retroblaster-programmer-2-0/
  13. By chance I found this 26" RCA CRT on the curb. I gave it a once over and noticed it had a component port so I felt obligated to save if from the trash. I carried it a half block home (which felt like a mile). It was covered in about an inch of snow so after wiping it down and drying it off as best I could I let it sit for a few days to dry out. When I finally turned it on there was a loud buzzing that faded away after about 3-4 minutes of use. The image looks good. Now, a few more days later the buzzing is completely gone and the sound is working perfectly. Resilient self healing 17 year old tech! The screen is just a wee bit off center and I don't know if I can do anything about that. Maybe I can find a service code that might let me tweak it but I don't have the original remote. Regardless I'm happy with this find.
  14. Well, that Robo Aleste is pretty cool! And Silpheed might surprise you. A fun game that doesn't get much attention.
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