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  1. Have not tried it out yet. Will post when I find a Gopher cart if I have one.
  2. Got this in a lot of old Atari repair stuff. Made out of an Atari power supply case. Used to test pins current ? Your thoughts ? How to hook it up ?
  3. Any thing stand out about this cart as to it being maybe a U.S.Games Gopher Attack Pre production. Label and cart design are why I ask.
  4. Any one know who bought the Atari Tronic 2 Proto off Ebay ?
  5. Atari Cosmos hologram Proto on Ebay now.
  6. [ebay]250559036051[/ebay] Interesting bill but price ?
  7. Found this ad interesting, did not know they were going to make an all in one console. Also in some ads for game sales in Electronic Fun (which is where this ad came from) showed a U.S. Games Named Bakery for sale, was this just an early name for Piece O cake, an Atari 2600 Real Sports Driving game and an M Network game called High Seas ???
  8. Well I finally got around to having it tested by Al and he got it to work only with Stella and is AP. He used a regular board and it still did not work. So my question is the problem the board or the the extra chip onboard.
  9. Hi All, caught this yesterday and was pretty interesting. Atari will be listed on NASDAQ soon and much more. https://search.aol.com/aol/video;_ylt=AwrDQ2o_hMZbTxgAY2pnCWVH?q=youtube+atari+fox+news&v_t=loki-keyword&vage=week#id=1&vid=25fc99db0d28db940a084138ea10d2ab&action=view
  10. Am i missing some years or did we just not have any HOF votes since 2015?
  11. Do a web search atari heavy sixer and click link on images from web. Some examples there.
  12. I had the T-shirt of this game awhile back and sold it with the game and one just sold on Ebay recently. If I have the poster it is prob buried in a box somewhere in my goodies section.
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