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  1. Look forward to seeing the final result. A great year for the Lynx. So many new games to enjoy.
  2. Really enjoying this game. Its addictive. Trying to figure out what works best. The Zombies come thick and fast!
  3. Jeez reading through this thread makes me realise there are a few 💩s on AA.
  4. Voted. I buy CDs and carts. I like to buy carts more as it just feels that you are getting more for your money, even though your really not. 😳
  5. Cool, feel pretty lucky then! 😏
  6. How many cart versions are actually out there then?
  7. I think it's great that a cd version will also becoming out. I'll be getting a copy. Another plus side is that I got the cartridge already, so it's nice to know I have got a pretty rare cart 😄
  8. If you need any help selling them on ebay I dont mind doing a listing, aslong as fees are covered etc. If you have a load left over let me know to see if we can sort so something out.
  9. Hi, this place is great for info! RGB cable for hooking up. 3rd party ones go cheap enough on ebay. Atari Karts Ultra vortex NBA Jam Raiden Missile command Tempest 2000 Cannon fodder Super Burnout Flashback Breakout 2000 Just to name a few. Have a search though this site, there's a wealth if info.
  10. I enjoy Atari Karts but very frustrating at times. I think WTR is a great game for the Jag.
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