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  1. I just would like a violent fighter on the Lynx......heck, even Primal Rage since its already an Atari game....
  2. I know there is no Mortal Kombat game on the Lynx, but I think it'd be a cool homebrew game. I know there is only two buttons (although, i'm sure Option buttons could be used i'm sure as extra buttons...). If the Game Boy and Game Gear could have Mortal Kombat, you know the Lynx could as well. Even if its just Mortal Kombat 1 or MK 2, it'd still be kind of cool to see on the Lynx. Especially since the Lynx can do voice in games really well.
  3. Wow...I started from page 1 and read this whole thread! It's be so fun seeing progress being made, etc....I'm excited for this! I'm still new to Lynx (well, i got one when they were new, only to have it stolen two years later but just got back into it). I've got a Lynx I and Lynx II and 9 cartridges with 4 more on the way, so I'm building up my library. I am anxious to see how these will look finalized with menu, etc....keep up the good work!
  4. Will the Lynx power adapter work with the Lynx II? or are they different? I know they both run on 9v but the Lynx I says 3.6w and the Lynx II is 3.0w
  5. I just got my Lynx II in the mail today with California Games (I've missed owning one, mine got stolen in 1991), It was a great Christmas gift to myself (It seems like the past few years, I've been getting either a console or hand-held for Christmas every year, last year it was a Neo-Geo AES, year before that it was a Wii U). I got a trip coming up in May of next year and gives me plenty of time to acquire games. I have "Chips Challenge" arriving tomorrow and next game I order will probably be Rampart. I also want to get some of the arcade classics like Klax, Ms Pac-Man, Joust and Qix. I'm glad that the majority of Lynx games are cheap. I found a few lots on eBay with 3 games for less than $20. I've got my eye on an auction that ends tomorrow that I *MAY* get if it doesn't get too expensive. It's a lot of 5 games but it has a Lynx with it. If i find a decent price on a lot of games that includes a Lynx, i'll go for it. It can't hurt to have a spare Lynx around. I'll just get more rechargeable batteries (some eneloops at that)
  6. My Lynx II should be arriving tomorrow and this thread was a great read. I am going to check into getting 3 of the 4-packs of them and that charger that was listed above. I like that the LCD read-out shows individual battery capacities.... I saw this on Amazon and I wonder if its any good.....its got 16 bay individual cell charging ability. Charges 12 AA and 4 AAA batteries. Has a digital read-out like the charger above and even comes with the batteries. 12 AA batteries rated at 2100Mah.
  7. I do believe eStarLand sells the D-cell battery pack...I thought about picking one up there
  8. I should have my Lynx II in tomorrow and I THOUGHT I had 6 rechargeable AAs around the house but can only find 5 of 'em. I am not about to mix 1.2v rechargeable Ni-MH batteries with a 1.5v Duracell Alkaline b/c you're not supposed to mix batteries (I don't know if thats a proven fact or not). So, is there any game consoles that have a compatible AC adapter I can use until I find or replace my rechargeable batteries? I have a Genesis model 2 and an Atari Flashback (I know a Famicom adapter won't work because its DC)
  9. Thing about the Lynx is, the library is small compared to other systems like the Game Boy....and there isn't that many games that cost a ton of money....look at the TurboGrafx library....its hard to find games for less than $20 that isn't Keith Courage or sports titles....
  10. I like the design of the original Lynx more, but I've never even seen the second model in person.....add in the extra battery life and easier to access cartridge port (I never really liked that door when I had mine as a kid)....I may end up buying a Lynx I in the future anyway....at least i could do multiplayer with two systems
  11. I have plenty of rechargeable AA batteries.....the one at Best doesn't come with the AC adapter...just the system and California Games........i'll buy an AC adapter after I get the system....may get the NiCad battery pack too....or even that battery pack that runs off D-Cell batteries.....has anyone used the battery pack that runs on D-Cells?
  12. Lynx Everdrive would be great.....however, Lynx games aren't really that expensive....most can be bought for $10-$20....and there is only what, 82 or so games? But i'd still buy a Lynx Everdrive if one were to come out
  13. First off, hi guys, i'm new here. But I am not new to the Atari Lynx. Back in 1990, my cousin got a Game Boy for his birthday and I was so jealous of it. The idea of playing NES ports on the go was awesome. I asked my parents if I could get a Game Boy and they told me to wait until Christmas. As Christmas got closer, I was still wanting a Game Boy. I remember my parents taking me to the mall and I went to a store that sold video games (Can't remember the name of it). I was looking at Game Boy to see what all games were available. I glanced over a little past the Game Boy section and saw the Atari Lynx. What drew my attention to it was the color screen. I told my parents thats what I wanted for Christmas, not the Game Boy. My brother was with me and said "Get a Game Boy! Atari sucks!". I insisted on the Lynx, but my parents weren't so sure because of the higher price point. They told me that since it was higher, that they wouldn't be able to get me much more to go with it. I didn't care. So, anyway, I got the Lynx for Christmas and I enjoyed it. I took it to school and people were impresses by the graphics and the color screen. Some of the ones that got Game Boy's for Christmas were wishing they had gotten one. But, anyone, long story short, after a couple years of owning it, it got stolen from my backpack at school. I never managed to get another one and it wasn't until I was on YouTube a few weeks ago and saw a video on it that it brought back all the memories as a kid having one. I've been searching on eBay, Amazon and then I ran across a site called Best Electronics. I contacted Best Electronics to get information about shipping etc. They have a Lynx II for $74.10 including shipping. Growing up, I had the Lynx original, but I wouldn't mind getting the Lynx II as a replacement now. Is that a good price? Is Best Electronics a reputable site? Is the shipping quick?
  14. I have a Philips CD-I model 4xx series (Top-loader) with the FMV adapter (I know it works for a fact b/c I have a CD-I movie) I have Zelda: Wand of Gamelon with the sleeve and case I have a few other titles like Burn Cycle, Flashback and Battleships I also have a CD-I controller still SEALED in the plastic(!) That's all the CD-I stuff I have really, I have a few more items just can't remember it all For Nintendo 64, I have the system with Expansion Pak, Zelda Ocarina of Time, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Super Mario 64 (Players Choice version...bleh) I am just wondering what I could get for this stuff because I am trying to get into the Neo-Geo system and don't wanna get ripped-off.....
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