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  1. Great graphics, great music, great game. But it's a pity I found out winning strategy already.
  2. Hi. Please, correct the URL link in HTML code of www.uncon.de site "redirection". There is: <frame src="http://andymanone.dyndns.org/atarixle/fuji" title="Unconventional 2007" frameborder="0" noresize="noresize"/> but it doesn't work (maybe only in some versions of web browsers, for example in my MSIE ). Slash character ( '/' ) is missing at the end of URL: src="http://andymanone.dyndns.org/atarixle/fuji/" Thanks. btw - I hope our Czech squadron will be at Fujiama 2007 party too.
  3. Thanks for version 1.00beta. btw - I wrote to Swiety a long ago with some information about my tests of SIDplayer versions. This beta1.00 (also beta 0.97) doesn't play some great SID modules which older version 0.93 played well. (for example THRUST.SID, ACESHIGH.SID or CHIMERA.SID)
  4. Yes. It's interesting. But, IMHO, Atari SID player by Swiety is more amazing for me. And I will be glad if this SIDplayer project will be finished, please. Some old beta versions of SIDplayer works superb - exists some new version? Many thanks and greetings to Swiety and his great works with sound emulations.
  5. It's really interesting to me. I made longer envelopes Emkay wanted over about 3 years ... ... and Emkay is angry. I have been expecting he will be happy. Emkay, peace, please...
  6. Cool! Please, boys from LaResistance group, keep your great work.
  7. Great project! It would be nice to see video (in DivX) of this SIO2USBdevice presentation. Please, can I expect it?
  8. Thanks. I wanted explore it, but I can't find scheme of "EASIO-S SIO adapter cable" wires connection on a8maestro's website. btw - cannon d-sub15 connectors availability is good in the Czech Republic. It's a "normal" connector as well as d-sub9 and/or d-sub25.
  9. I'm sorry. I don't care to design any "enhanced" SIO port, I'm looking for substitution of rare Atari SIO connectors (male/female). No building into Atari will be necessary, but one easy adapter cable will be sufficient for all sio devices. Ok, here is my suggestion on the picture in attachment. Advantages of this idea: - pinouts placement is similar to Atari SIO (no wires crossing) - d-sub M15 is male as well as Atari SIO connector - d-sub M15 has proper top-bottom orientation for PCB mounting Your opinion?
  10. Yes, standard 15 pin cannon DB-15 connector was mentioned there I think, but there is a lot of variations: male/female, pinouts assignment (1=1,..,13=13, 14+15unused / or Atari SIO assignment style / or ? ). btw - For a long time I have decision there (for DB-15) would be best the Atari SIO style pinouts assignment and male gender, but now I discover the problem with connector bottom-top orientation when DB-15 for PCB is used (PCB would have to be bottom up and all the other electronic parts too).
  11. Some time ago somebody started the discussion about alternative connector for Atari SIO port. Because I have a few devices which are connected to Atari SIO and I plan to make others, I like this idea for some new _standard_ for Atari SIO port. I don't know if discussion about it has ended and if any new standard was choosen already? (I want to create adapter cable between Atari SIO and new standard connector and I want to be conformable to the others. )
  12. Fandal, you are the KING! and ... I vote for Desert Toppler.
  13. Yes, RMT uses more zero page addresses, but it isn't a big problem - at the beginning of player routine you can store registers in this area to some temporary memory area and at the end of player routine restore it. (if no better way will be found )
  14. It's easy. ldx #<MODUL ;low byte of RMT module to X reg ldy #>MODUL ;hi byte of RMT module to Y reg lda #0 ;starting song line 0-255 to A reg jsr RASTERMUSICTRACKER;Init ; ldy #<vbi ldx #>vbi lda #$07 jsr $e45c ;Start VBI routine ... ; And VBI routine: vbi jsr RASTERMUSICTRACKER+3;1 play ; jmp $e462 ;end vbi That's all. If you want use RMT also for SFX effects, please, see the /asm_src/sfx/sfx.a65 example. There is all you need to do.
  15. Fandal, It's great! I'm able to imagine it was hard work, because of cart's bankswitching is in $8000-$bfff memory area (two areas / 8 x 8KB banks), but extended memory bankswitching is in $4000-$7fff (one area / 4 x 16KB banks). You are the KING!
  16. I think this capacitor should be of a small value only, for example 100nF (ceramic). It is not too important.
  17. In RMT there are the same note-frq-tables as in TMC 1.x. (8bit pure tones, 8bit bass table 1, 8bit bass table 2, 16bit bass table)
  18. Nice game. But I'm sorry, I like my dear joystick too much than I would play this kind of games.
  19. pokey1 equ $d200 pokey2 equ $d210 STEREODETECTION lda pokey1+$09 beq iss2 ;0 => last key L ;no last key L lda pokey2+$09 beq issyes;0 on second POKEY KEY reg => stereo issno lda #0 rts iss2 ldy #7 iss3 lda pokey2,y;POT regs bne issno ;some one is not zero dey bpl iss3 issyes lda #1 rts There in d5xx area can be any cartridge hardware. I don't know if any "normal" program (game or demo, not music player sw or system tool) supports stereo at d5xx... (Also it could evoke whatever when you will read/write to d5xx area, depend on inserted cartridge.)
  20. Emkay, you have very special sounds requirements. If somebody want to create some classical earthly listenable melodic music, RMT is sufficient for it I think. (I made RMT for it. ) But, I will not pressure anybody to use RMT, of course.
  21. Maybe some problem with web browser cache? There is version 1.23 for download on my website, I have checked it just now.
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