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  1. Ugh ugh... I hoped you forgot this missing feature... Maybe someday... maybe...
  2. CharlieChaplin - Atari XE/XL RMT player enhancements: Yes, It would be fine to improve RMT Atari player, but I haven't time for it now. sorry... Heaven/TQA - what about midi import??? Hm, please, You can try to use some other midi2mod convertors or for example MODPlugTracker. BTW - MIDI songs uses a lot of voices polyphony and it is complicated to convert it to 4 (or 8 ) voices only.
  3. IMHO this switch for use the RAW samples exist. Here it is -> http://atariarea.histeria.pl/pliki.php?sec=show&id=276
  4. Hey, you have to adjust all the instruments, their tunings ( ), distortions ( )... RMT doesn't recognize if sample is pure tone or chord or drum/percussion or something else... Yes, but RMT doesn't use any samples at all! Yes, you're right. But I must say again: RMT doesn't uses samples, but it uses FM instruments...
  5. Thanks. I'm glad. I like TMC songs and old ProTracker MODules (mainly Amiga songs ), that's why I made import of their formats. CMC and MPT aren't favourite for me so much - I don't know them more - It would be painful work to make import...
  6. Sorry, it isn't possible. RMT is PC cross-platform music tool only. If you want to compose music on real Atari XE/XL, please use the best -> Theta Music Composer.
  7. Thanks for your responses. Thank you. Oh yes... It sounds like a Turrican music. I think so. Strictly speaking - if RMT tune uses 1/50 timing, it shouldn't be a problem.
  8. Ugh? I think it works fine. Have somebody else this problem too?
  9. New RMT tracker version 1.14 is out. See the file changes.txt to know all the changes. It also contains new version of Atari XE/XL player of RMT module files RMT1PLAY 1.01 - rmt1play.xex (4kb) and RMT versions of well-known songs: "Hymn to aurora" [4:13] and "Turrican 2 noise 3" [5:24] (revision 2). And there is some extra bonus - new Atari XE/XL music demo rmtdemo.xex (17kb). Enjoy it! http://www.infos.cz/raster/atari/rmt/rmt.htm .
  10. In RMT there distortion '6' means AUDC=$0c (bass tones) with automatically AUDCTL set up for join of two generators and 1.79MHz, and 16bit frequency values are stored to two AUDF registers. Distortion 'A' is for normal "pure" tones, AUDC=$0a (pure tones) and 8bit frequency value is stored to one AUDF register. If you use "manual AUDCTL" instrument setting and distortion '6' isn't used, no 16bit values are stored. So, if you urgently need to use some exact own 16 bit value set up, you can use 2 instruments in 2 tracks (one of them with zero volume) and both your 8bit frequency values will be stored to two AUDF registers (low and high byte of 16bit value). Of course, it is quite laborious, but if you really need it, it's possible...
  11. Unfortunately my morning English lessons were cancelled too... would be... but RMT is a tracker, no MIDI sequencer. I hope a lot of musicians will use the RMT for creating new (superb) songs.
  12. Yes, I know it. That's why I spend my costly time with it. So, a lot of hitches I have solved already, but a lot of next hitches still await me. Therefore I will not promise any date and I will hope that it will be finished as soon as ever I can do it. You're right, it would be nice, but I want to work on RMT features more than work on some plugin system for import/export. I made the special TXT format for it long ago (you can try to Save as... TXT song files (*.txt) and see this easy format), but nobody made any own tool... Maybe I don't understand your question, sorry. RMT MIDI implementation chart is specified in docs/midi.txt. Input from the MIDI channel 1 is reserved for edit - it depends where the cursor is - note will be put to this position. If you want record by MIDI to column (for example) L3, just you place the cursor to L3 column notes' position and start the playing of the song (with autofollow of the currently played position, of course) and you can add new tracs realtime. Hmmm... It's interesting idea - but I don't be certain of all the results it cause... But Ok, thanks, I will think about it.
  13. I like the TMC Theta Music Composer, that's why I want to make import of TMC module format. MID you can import to some MOD tracker and then you have MOD for importing to RMT.
  14. Atari instruments are handwork, of course. Only volume envelopes and loop can be prepared by real sample from MOD module, but it's recommend to modify it. Yes, but also it will possible to compose songs in any your popular MOD tracker and then import it to RMT. Yes, it's recommend to correct all the unseemly parts of song. Some parts of Turrican 2 song was adapted already, but the begin of this song is quite ugly - I want to remake it deeply someday.)
  15. Raster Music Tracker - Hot news: 6.10.2003 ... I'm working on one special feature for RMT tracker - import of ProTracker MOD modules. If you want to know provisional results of my hard work, you can hear this two RMT versions of well-known songs I made meanwhile: "Hymn to aurora" [4:13] and "Turrican 2 noise 3" [5:24]. It is available in ZIP package in RMT mono and stereo (4 channels only!) and also in SAP format in mono and stereo. http://www.infos.cz/raster/atari/rmt/rmt.htm Enjoy it!
  16. Yes, it's true, RMT uses a lot of CPU power. I want to say only, that RMT is primary destined for comfortable making of complex standalone Atari music, no for music in very time critic applications. Analmux, I'm looking forward and wish good luck to your ambitious project! We would need more of such active Atarians like you are!
  17. Why don't you take a look at the songs in RMT? Ugh... I'm still waiting when somebody make a precious RMT instruments inclusive of drums. RMT tracker I made for you already... And now all of us have to make a cool RMT songs and instruments
  18. Oh yes, please, you can visit the Czech FLOP magazine site: http://flop.atari.org All the issues are for download there.
  19. Oh, my fault. I have had to say it immediately: XEX, EXE, COM, BIN - Atari executables can have virtually any extensions, and the description is among others here -> http://www2.asw.cz/~kubecj/afmtexe.htm
  20. Yes, you're right. Sorry once more. It isn't so easy how it could be (not enough time and energy ). I assumed, that only skilled Atarians will do this, the others will only simply export and run XEX file. So, I know at least, you're very clever man. Ok, it's all right. But IMHO it's necessary to read some generally documentation for each system if somebody want to make a programs for it. (http://www.atariarchives.org (Mapping The Atari, etc.)). IMHO.
  21. I'm sorry for difficulties. Do you think, that example in "asm_src" directory isn't sufficient? (sources: music.a65, rmtplayr.a65, rmt_feat.a65, songfile: music.rmt, batch file: music.bat => music.xex) I thought that it's obvious.
  22. You can export the RMT song as "XEX Atari executable msx export file (*.xex)". It contains player routine and song data together. Or you can export as "RMT stripped song file (*.rmt)" if you need the song data for some other memory location. (The RMT player routine isn't easy relocatible, therefore RMT ZIP package contains also Assembler source code of player routine (xasm.atari.org).)
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