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  1. Hi Damanloox, any chance of photos of the output from the board, and what sort of price would you be asking? Regards
  2. Hi Jason, hope all goes well for you, and you'll eventually be back to 100% and we will see more posts from you. Regards Andy
  3. Hi ojanhk, thanks for the link, it definitely shows the board I've got. As you say the GAL is missing, and thinking long and hard about this, I believe I removed the GAL so I could run a PC emulator board, (286 I think), with this as the adaptor board. Again thanks for the link. I'll look further for the manual for it. Regards
  4. Hi all, hoping someone can help me find information on a Compo Software Ltd TAA3 board (dated 1992) that I fitted to my STe years ago. I've gone through all the manuals that I have, and cannot find any paperwork for the board. Find an image of the board below. Thanks in advance for any help. Regards
  5. Hi kbj, which thread have you posted in with Nezgar? Regards Andy
  6. Hi Don, this might be of help to you. Supermon instructions - Atari 8-Bit Computers - AtariAge Forums Regards
  7. Hi Rybags, I take it you have tried a different computer to see if this eliminates this part of the set up? Regards
  8. Excellent news John and candle. I can't wait to be able to by the upgrades in the UK. Regards
  9. Hi zuko1, try these links to eBay, they also comes with a 1050 disk drive. Collectors item - Atari 800XL & Atari 1050 Drive - Manufactured In Hong Kong | eBay Collectors piece - Atari 800XL Computer With Atari 1050 Disc Drive | eBay Regards
  10. Hi Nezgar, do you have any of the unpopulated boards left? Regards
  11. Hi All, has anyone seen this disk before? I can't find it on Atarimania. Stay safe. Regards
  12. Interesting read kheller2. Are there more Technical Advice notes still out there and not archived? Regards
  13. Hi sikor, how much are these new shells? Regards
  14. Hi skr, that sounds great. Have just read about the upgrade, and it looks really useful. Regards
  15. Hi John, can I buy 2 of these please? Trying to get 2 65XEs up and running. Regards Andy
  16. Hi Redhawk, what's the internet address for your store? Regards
  17. What I find hilarious is when an item has failed to sell, the seller withdraws it for a few weeks and then re-advertises it at a higher price. If it didn't sell at the lower price, why hike the price expecting it to sell.
  18. Sorry to hear you've had this problem gilsaluki. I saw something about this on consumer programme Rip off Britain programme. You don't say that the order was not received, but something along the lines of the item is substantially different to that ordered . Paypal just see that a tracking number has been issued as you say, and they wash their hands of the matter.
  19. I bought a bit of a basket case of an 810 disk drive off eBay. The worst thing about it was the drive band and screw from the stepper motor to the read/write head were missing. No chance of replacing them then.
  20. Hi all, has anyone come across a programme called Picture Bender by Stocksoft UK (c) 1986? Regards
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