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  1. Exact same colors for both teams: the Washington Generals have defeated the Harlem Globetrotters. But in reality, Nigeria beat USA in basketball even though it was merely an exhibition

    1. Hydro Thunder

      Hydro Thunder

      I keep seeing sportswriters declaring it the biggest of deals, but I really don't agree.  I don't think it's good for Team USA, but at this point with so many NBA / NBA experienced players on even the Nigerian team and much more motivation for them, sure, an exhibition loss or several are going to happen.  This isn't the Dream Team vs a bunch of hastily assembled mixed parts.  Full disclosure, I am also a huge Popovich fan so it's in my best interest to minimize this :P

  2. 1.21 Gigawatts of Gaming is back on the air and to start things off, gonna start off in newer territory with an 8 part episode of Adventure for the Sinclair ZX81/Spectrum. It is a series of text adventure games where you must complete certain tasks to beat the game. Adventure A - Planet of Death Adventure B - Inca Curse Adventure C - Ship of Doom (the toughest of the bunch due to random encounters) Adventure D - Espionage Island Adventure E - The Golden Apple (we got color now) Adventure F - The Eye of Bain Adventure G - Ground Zero Adventure H - Robin Hood (lots of visuals here)
  3. Sorry I haven't wrote to this blog in a while. Been busy with life and other important things and I still am but the fam and I are still in the rebuild phase after fucking YouTube wiped out all our content that we spent over 10 years putting together. With 2020 being as fucked up as it is, I figured I will wait till 2021 to go back on the air here with a relaunching of 1.21 Gigawatts of Gaming which showcased playthroughs of retro videogames that include stuff older than our parents or when they were still relatively toddlers like Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, Intellivision, Colecovision to name a few. Homebrew YouTube Exposure will also go back on the air in 2021 where we play homebrew games including those created by AtariAge users. Rated XXXtreme (formerly Rated X-Gaming) may stay cancelled but we leaning towards using Bitchute for that if we decide to revive it since YT deleted everything we worked for over games for pc88 which was pixelated and not real including Yellow Lemon, Melon Soda, and the infamous 177 that put our original channel (PurrfectTrio) on the map out of all things. A new show planned too will be Modern Day Massacre which will showcase modern console gaming. I mentioned it on a previous blog entry but our mother, our aunt, and even our grandmother is stepping back in the saddle on a part time basis to assist us on the rebuild and you can visit our new YT channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRGTSnFs4sqaD6BJuMfiSSw In addition to some reuploads of our old stuff, the ZX spectrum games you see are actual brand new videos.
  4. Phx Metrocenter mall. Thanks for the memories. To paraphrase Sting, after today consider it gone.

    1. ProperRogue


      For those unaware, this would be the San Dimas Mall from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. 😢

  5. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRGTSnFs4sqaD6BJuMfiSSw So far we are reuploading old vids we still have on hand but we are also getting help from our mother, aunt, and grandmother as well as some our children who are old enough to play or when they are old enough to play games properly.
  6. Nooooooooooo boyeeee!

    1. GoldLeader


      You saw the news about Public Enemy?  :(    I saw them in '91 (?) with Anthrax and Primus.

  7. Hello.  Someone suggested I got to you about broadcasting on Twitch.


    My friends say I'd be perfect for twitch:. No job, a well liked personality, a collection of games and systems that I accumulated and played at a surface level, and an agreeable personality about playing any of them, and a show business sense 


    The one thing I don't have is land-based bandwidth.  My DSL, first offered in 2013, is the fastest possible speed I can get at 1.5 Mb/s in, 400k out.


    I was thinking of using cellphone bandwidth, but there are too many restrictions for home use (no Xbox live).  I easily get 10 Mb/s in, 5 Mb)s out, but have to negotiate w maze to use it.


    I may have found a loophole.  I can use an EZCap  S-Video capture card in my Android,came I can send video out from my Macintosh via an S Video second monitor hookup 


    The problem is Streamlabs doesn't accept a USB capture card as an input to broadcast out on Twitch.


    Also I have a USB 3D camera for a remote shoot, but found out I can't use that either with streamlabs 


    You can read my initial letter was at 

    This is the more complete story about what I plan to do on Twitch and why my friends think I'd make a good twitcher.  Why type again when I can link?



    1. CPUWIZ


      This is not how you send a PM.

  8. Scored myself a v-tech Socrates for 2 dollars. Just randomly found it at the Goodwill. Have yet to see if it works but need 6 d batteries.

  9. the show has started - www.twitch.tv/icequeenzer0


    It's gonna be a Genesis mini marathon.

  10. Eldest sis just turned 24. She’s gonna do a possible 24hr twitch stream this weekend maybe as early as today. Follow her at http://www.twitch.tv/icequeenzer0


    She mainly does one off streams that showcase a system or two or more. So there is always gonna be variety when she is on.

  11. Good ol' Uncle Sam. Back when people were free to conduct business amongst themselves then this guy rears his ugly head and tries to ruin everyone's fun. Ebay's the latest victim but other victims include: Paypal, Bitcoin, digital buying. Sooner or later, we have to pay tax on stuff we buy on Craigslist, Offer Up, etc. or do we do that now?
  12. Healthy baby boy, 7lb 3oz. At least I was already out of high school so no affect on education. This is also my dad's 2nd grandchild that's not from a stepchild as baby brother fathered a child last year. Eldest sister, Andrea's 2nd child is due in August so at least that's one more grandchild for mother before we say good by to the 2010s.
  13. To make it a simple answer, it's supposed to be a complete set of certain types of software like games, apps, etc.
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