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  1. This is pretty awesome. Question - have you ever considered building this in the reverse direction? Instead of multi-carts to plug into original systems, cart dumpers to attach to PCs via USB for emulation purposes?
  2. Right, those 2 guys. The third guy was wearing a Johnny Castaway blue shirt.
  3. The hardware was in many cases DIRT cheap. $10 for 3 IBM PC JRs and the like.
  4. Correct, those were obviously not the bargains. The place where they got the bargains was when people got tired of bidding against them since they seemed to always win anyway, and they were able to pick a few lots up cheaply.
  5. Why are you making assumptions about how I know what I know? I spoke to the resellers (I spoke to most of the people there), and they told me that they were resellers. Obviously, resellers are allowed to buy whatever they want, but in several cases they inexplicably paid above market value. Also, the one specific reseller I mention in the video bought about half the auction on his own. That was what I meant about ruining some of it. The guy had such deep pockets (and several people there working with him to cart the stuff away), that it hurt the experience for others who came to have a good time and maybe increase their collection a bit. He really didn't leave much for anyone else. I don't understand your last comment.
  6. Guys, I took some video at the event. Here it is along with my voiceover commentary (which touches on some of the questions asked above), if anyone's interested: For what it's worth, there was a guy there who flew in from Toronto, as well as someone who flew in with his wife from Tampa, Florida.
  7. Could the problem have anything to do with the Atari not drawing enough current? The reason why I ask is that the replacement AC adapter I purchased only delivers 300 mA of current. According to other posts I read, this should be enough, but I want to rule it out as a potential cause. Thanks again.
  8. Thanks. Does the type of intermittent issue that I'm experiencing sound like it could be caused by the failure of those capacitors?
  9. Hi all, I bought a used 2600 off of Ebay. It's the 6 switch model but not a "heavy sixer" as far as I know. The AC adapter was bad so I replaced it with one from Radio Shack. Now it mostly works OK. However, the sound doesn't work most of the time. When I first turned the unit on, I could hear the game sounds but with a lot of static in the background. After some time, the game sound went away and all I heard was loud static. After some time I tried putting in another game and this time, the sound was totally fine. I played with my son for 5-10 minutes or so and then he needed to take a break. When we came back, the sound was just static again and I could not get any game sounds at all. The next day, we played some more (Adventure) with no sound. At one point it sounded like the sound was coming back but it didn't last. Then I put in a new cart (Video Olympics) and the sound was totally fine again for about 5-10 minutes, after which point it reverted to static again. I thought maybe there's a loose wire in there somewhere but the last time I'm almost positive that the console didn't move at all, and still went from working to non-working. Does anyone have any clue from the description what the problem might be? I've never opened up a 2600 before nor have I ever soldered anything, but if there's a reasonable easy solution to this I'm willing to give it a try. Thanks everyone.
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