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  1. Hey Lynx fans! I'm taking a survey-like question. Do you games with "Screen Crunch"?

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    2. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      And then you said "Do you games"  I assume its DISLIKE games with Screen Crunch?  

    3. ZippyRedPlumber


      @Rick Dangerous I meant Like do you like games with Screen Crunch?

    4. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      No, I don't like screen crunch. But some of the games are still pretty fun regardless of this issue.

  2. Been thinking about making a game for 5200/XE, are the any good C libraries for me to use?
  3. Out of curiosity, what Console Generation do you think the 5200 falls in?

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    2. carlsson


      A belated one? I wonder how Atari had fared if instead of trying different new architectures that didn't hold water, had decided early on to use the A8 chipset and put out the 5200 a full year earlier, perhaps even simultaneously with the VIC-20 (that pitched itself against the 2600).

    3. Max_Chatsworth


      Never played the 5200 much.  We were always an Atari home computer family and never had any Atari consoles.  The kids across the street did get it on year for Christmas and I really enjoyed that Football game they had for it. Was the best console football game to date inho.

    4. Nathan Strum
  4. Fiddling around with ideas for a game & I kinda like the gravitational physics of Rare's Jetpac. Can this be done? What coding tricks should I use?
  5. You mean this. Note: this was partially found by myself a few forums back.
  6. Can you describe what the commercials are to your best knowledge.
  7. Love the 7800 ad, I know that aired in Australia but did the 7800 ad air here in the States?
  8. That's nice, but did they advertise this promotion on tv?
  9. Anybody remember Atari advertising their consoles in 1989 & 1990? I'd like to hear your guy's stories on Atari's ad campaigns post 1988.
  10. Any North American Atari ST fans here? Raise your hands if you are! :)

    1. doctorclu


      Have owned ST/TT computers over the years, and play ST games on the Atari Jaguar!

    2. zetastrike


      I have a fascination with the ST.  I'm always curious to see how games turned out on it because of the lack of sprites and scrolling.  It's like wanting to see a car wreck.

    3. doctorclu


      Add to that the sound chip made for some ... creative... sounds.


  11. Ms. Pac-Man, Jr Pac-Man & Mario Bros. are among many in my rotation.
  12. Making a platformer game using GB Studio 2, How can i a make a player do a different animation when jumping?
  13. Despite it's CPU, Is the Intellivision considered an 8-Bit console?

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    2. carlsson


      It definitely is a 16-bit console, even more than the TI-99/4A is a 16-bit computer.


      Actually I think the Unisonic Champion 2711 may have been the very first 16-bit video games console.

    3. ZippyRedPlumber


      @carlssonI'm aware that it's a 16-bit console, I was referring to it from a graphical standpoint i.e. Graphics

    4. BydoEmpire


      I usually consider it as such, since it's firmly in that generation, but it depends on the context of the conversation.

  14. @Atarius Maximus Amazed by your work on Dungeon Stalker, will this work with 320 mode?
  15. Portions of the game would use 320 hi-res mode for scenes, is this possible?
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