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  1. @[email protected] [email protected] G Managed to delete VbB, will try it again later. Thanks for your help, guys. You Rock! However, ByteBruisers will be moved to Atari 8-bit hardware (XEGS & 7800) hardware this time, it's "Artistic Differences" as meta as this sounds it's a game about game/console hopping (think Wreck-It Ralph meets Ghostbusters) A game based on Sonic, a port of a top secret Intellivision homebrew that is also in the works will take it's spot.
  2. So I just saw Sonic, highly recommended Five out of Five stars from me :)

    1. GoldLeader


      I'll probably see it someday.  For some strange reason, the more I see of Jim Carrey's clips,  Well against all odds, they make it look entertaining...

  3. So I just noticed that Laird didn't post today like he normally does? I checked his channel and it disappeared. What happened?
  4. IntyBasic Wizkidz, I need your help. How to change sprite size from 8x8 to 8x16?

    1. carlsson


      You add the constant DOUBLEY ($80) to the third argument of the SPRITE command. It will make the MOB use two GRAM cards for a 8x16 sprite.

    2. carlsson


      Not to be confused with the constants ZOOMY2 ($100) which makes each pixel in the MOB the same height as in BACKTAB cards, or ZOOMY4 ($200) and ZOOMY8 ($300) which makes them twice and four times the size of BACKTAB pixels. The naming comes from the fact that MOBs default to half the vertical pixel size than BACKTAB cards are.

    3. nanochess


      Also make sure you are using an even GRAM number (0, 2, 4, 6, up to 62) for the graphic definition.

  5. For 5 years, since 2015 it's been my mission to uncover lost and or missing video game commercials that weren't documented wither it be from Nintendo, Sega, a chain of department stores, and in the case of the forum's topic, Atari more specifically the Tramel era. For example Atarian issue 1 has a section about their upcoming sports games featuring Ozzie Smith, Spud Webb & Doug Williams and in it are screencaps from existing advertisements. The Ozzie Smith ad we all know and has been preserved, NOT the ads for Double Dunk or Super Football. This also confirms @Random Terrain's assumption for Super Football's release. Enclosed in this folder are ads I managed to find on youtube in the past five years of doing this including WWE Sponsorship Bumps for the 7800. These have not been documented by Scott Stilphen or @Rom Hunter aka AtariMania. Enjoy! Lost Atari Ads (Tramel Era) 1988-89.zip

    1. Flojomojo
    2. save2600


      Would have been neat if Activision had created such a game... where you had to rescue Harry deep in the jungle. Pitfall! III: The Rescue.  lol

  7. So, I recently reinstalled VbB, My anti-virus quarantined the program. I can't access the application anymore, I tried deleting it but it says the folder is in use, can you help?
  8. One lost Atari commercial has been found, will upload it this week.

    This ad was featured in this dealer document (see page 8 )http://www.atarimania.com/documents/atari-the-winning-package-1988.pdf and was made by Hummingbird Productions, an advertising agency best known for their Budweiser Frogs commercials from the late 90s.

  9. Due to complications involving the VbB Software and essentially my computer, ByteBruisers (my 2600 project) will have to be put on hold until further notice.
  10. So, I recently reinstalled VbB, My anti-virus quarantined the program. I can't access the application anymore, I tried deleting it but it says the folder is in use? How come every time I try to use programming software to make games, it craps out on me! <:'(
  11. Coming to AMC; El Coleco(vision), A Breaking Bit Movie

    1. jd_1138


      In an alternate universe it's Caballero: A Breaking Bit Movie.

    2. retrorussell


      Featuring Cabbage Pinkman Kids, Skinny PeteFall, and Buck Badgers Planet Of Zoom!

  12. Getting ready to start work on a few homebrews, what are all of the ColecoVision's graphics modes?
  13. Is it possible to make a collect-a-thon game like Cool Spot using the status bar?
  14. Coming to AMC; El Coleco(vision), A Breaking Bit Movie

  15. https://youtu.be/arNgKVDadj4


    "2600 needs no assembly required" -  Atari Inc, 1981


    It does so if you're an aspiring game developer lol :lol:

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