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  1. Yeah I use both myself, sorry if I sounded harsh on VbB. It's trusty, but a little bit rusty. XD Compiled the code with the title, crashes on both apps. But I really love that titlescreen, is there a way to optimize it so the code can work?
  2. It actually did compile when I used @mksmith's Atari Dev Studio, VbB is a piece of crap (no offence.) Thank you Rsiddall for being a life saver 😊
  3. It says Errors have encountered during assembly & it couldn't recompile...
  4. Been there, had my router crap out on sunday, had to wait 3 days for t-mobile to send me a new one...
  5. Jesus Christ, variables frustrate me so much, gonna take a small break on this & focus on the 7800 version. I will pick it back up eventually (never say never I always say.) So, here's a sampler of what I made Fancy Title screen Tempo_Title.bas.bin A slightly tweaked version of the minigame (no enemies still )Lyra_V2.bas.bin
  6. I wonder how you guys spent time with the 7800, did you stick around with it even when it was the mid-90's. I'd really like to know.
  7. UPDATE: The latest build is sorta done. I've become a little paranoid about VbB, every time I do a small change it acts up! I need people to test my code. Feel free to fix any mistakes I made. code.txt
  8. I want to remove the middle 2 numbers so I can make health & status bar, how can I do it?
  9. Is it possible to use the Titlescreen Kernal without bankswitching?

    1. KaeruYojimbo


      I've only dabbled with the titlescreen kernel so I could be way off base here, but I'm pretty sure it's not possible since it's using a completely different display kernel than the standard drawscreen routine. Even if you could, I don't think there'd be much space left for a game in 4k.

  10. I plan on using score for lives and health, how can I add 2 scores like this?
  11. Thanks @KaeruYojimbo I'll use it for the bosses. What I plan is enemies the home in on or follow the player, can anyone help proofread this code? VbB can be very finicky...
  12. I would like some assistance I want to make enemies move left & right on the playfield. Below is a diagram of what I want to do
  13. Is player0 associated with left controller or right controller?

    1. bluswimmer


      If you're referring to the sprite then it technically isn't associated with either controller; that's up to you to decide.

    2. atari2600land


      I think I know what he means. Player0 refers the left controller. But, bluswimmer is correct as well.

  14. Does anyone know how to implement horizontal wraparound like in Joust & Mario Bros?
  15. A revision with no shooting is in the works, the game should play like Joust meets Mario Bros. Really glad to hear it, means a lot. I'm looking forward for it to be featured in a future stream.
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