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  1. Okay I know a few people want me to get to work on Inty Sonic, but my plate has been filled with other things. It will still happen just not now...
  2. In the process of making levels for the Sonic game I'm working on. What puzzles me is getting simple BMPs of the level layout into data values for example; "DATA $0000,$1824,$2418,$0000" how does one do this?
  3. So, thinking about tinkering with the RedPill game maker to make games, I installed the win-uae emulator and followed step by step instructions to set up workbench 3.1, but it says that volume is full, what can I do to fix this?
  4. I'm using @Random Terrain's fake platformer as a base, how can I change the character from shooting objects to an animation of the character spinning?
  5. The platforming game I'm working uses an effect similar to 2600 Pac-Man. If the player falls off to the bottom he doesn't die, he would appear at the top of the playfield. How can this be achieved?
  6. Shoe-horning powerups to get through bad, yet lazily designed levels making the game extremely hard. (*cough* Sonic Lost World 3DS *cough*)
  7. IMPORTANT BUMP: Well I guess I bit off more than I can chew... As I am only a one man developer. I stretched myself too thin trying to make my games a wonderful multiplatform experience for everybody and It has been stressing me out, no help that there is currently a family emergency making things even tougher. So ALL CV related projects of mine are on hold until further notice, just to lower some weight. Will still make games for the 2600, Inty & even NES.
  8. Which version of my Sonic homebrew do you want me to focus on more, 2600 or Intellivision?

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    2. R_Leo_1


      Go for intellivision, the graphics and development may be significantly more managable.

    3. eightbit


      Going to have to say Intellivision on this one first. I am really curious to see how it fairs on this system!

    4. ZippyRedPlumber


      This was a public opinion type of question, thanks to all who have participated. I have to agree with @SlidellMan on this one. roughly 40-50% of Sonic 2600 is done (Graphics and Level designs). Work on the Intellivision version hasn't started yet sadly...

  9. Guess it's just strictly an ASM thing, huh?
  10. Follow-up: Would a title screen be used as a playfield element? I want to add something like the giant snake from "G.I. Joe: Cobra Strike" into my game
  11. The late '80s is my personal favorite era for the VCS/2600. It's still fascinating to me that 1977 hardware still had life beating in it up into the early 90's! The Jr. model is sleek and sexy, and the red boxes are a nice touch.
  12. Do Coleco Megacart roms work on BlueMSX?

  13. Hypothetically if one was to make story-based games, would it be possible to include more than 1 title screen kernal?
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