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  1. So either Horace's creator finally came out of hiding or came back from the dead & decides to attack Octav1us's youtube channel with several copyright strikes. What the actual fuck? :mad:

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    2. carlsson


      Yeah, William Tang has nothing to do with this. Apparently Melbourne House games used to be owned by Infogrames (Atari SA) but now have been transferred to Subvert Ltd / Subversive unless that is a dormant company and things are even shadier than they look. I read some kind of apology from Paul Andrews though, it looks like an aftermath cover up story.

    3. carlsson


      Oh, it is more than Horace. Paul Andrews has issued takedown notes against World of Spectrum for Automata content, addressing the ISP directly instead of the site admin and even sending mail to the admin's girlfriend (!!) who has nothing to do with WoS. Paul has also been tagged for buying trademarks and then attacking the official owners of the IP with threats. Sounds like one big mess cooking, and almost makes Atari SA look like good guys in comparison...

    4. Flojomojo


      I found a bit more of it here in this UK game forum. Paul Andrews definitely seems like garbage, even when saying he didn't mean to invoke a copyright strike. Can't tell if he's  stupid malicious (remember the Cardillo-Coleco dust-up?) or just plain malicious, but I wouldn't want anything to do with him. 



  2. @-^CrossBow^- Not yet, have to use the voltage output test first
  3. Update: no ground work has started yet, but I will post some concept art (mockups) on this project soon...
  4. Hi, I'm getting ready to start work on a homebrew for most Second Generation consoles, starting with the 2600 version first. It's an arcade style endless runner (Think 2015's Sonic Runners, but done right i.e. none of that micro trans-action bullshit) Now, I'm very new to programming (despite being a good graphics designer) so I don't know how to get a horizontal scroller to work. What's the first thing I should start with on vBBasic?
  5. I'm also from Ohio, small world, huh? :)

    1. uglyclone


      small world indeed! 😎

  6. Where XEGS Games still sold in certain stores in the early 1990's?

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    2. uglyclone


      Yep! I remember our local KB toys at the mall had a smaller selection right next to the NES titles.

    3. save2600


      Oh yeah, Kay*Bee too! Probably Child World/Children's Palace as well.

    4. MrMaddog


      Yeah, they were only sold in the big chain toy stores and not the discount chains or smaller stores that were Nintendo only.  All the older 8-bit games, and everything else, had to be from mail order...

  7. What's artifacting? Just curious?
  8. So I felt like playing my 7800 yesterday, hooked it all up. It would not turn on, let alone show the led light. After I unplugged it, I discovered that both AC adapter and System itself heated up. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Should I plug it to a wall outlet instead of a power strip?
  9. What system is better, XEGS or 7800? :0

    1. carlsson


      Capacity wise, the 7800 probably is better but also quite a challenge to program to get the capacity out of it, as far as I can tell. The XEGS equals 65XE which itself is a barely retouched 800XL which is a slightly updated 800 from 1979. Game library wise, the XEGS should be able to loads more than the 7800 thanks to that 8-bit computer background compatibility.

    2. DamonicFury


      It depends on your definition of "better".  Want 2600 compatibility?  7800.  Largest library of games written to its strengths?  XEGS  Best graphic capabilities?  7800.  Best sound?  XEGS  Cheaper on today's market?  7800.  Expandability?  XEGS. 


      And on and on.

  10. Feeling depressed, need some positive vibes... :_(:sad::(

  11. From 86-92 what sold more, 2600 or 7800?

    1. DragonGrafx-16


      The 2600 was discontinued in 1990 right? Even so... I'm pretty sure more 2600s sold from 86-90 than 7800s.

  12. I have decided to make a rom hack instead of coding from scratch (since I have the programming talents of a peasant) It's a "Sonic-Themed" version of Bentley's Crystal Quest with revamped graphics & levels. Is there a way to insert new music to the game, let alone change POKEY sounds back to the crisp TIA? EDIT: Nevermind, rom itself got corrupted it wouldn't read with the editor...
  13. Apple II I guess, probably the Atari ST during the Tremiel days seeing as there exists ST programming software for the 7800.
  14. Made some mockup sprites

    what do you guys think? :)

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