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  1. Portions of the game would use 320 hi-res mode for scenes, is this possible?
  2. I plan on making a story based platformer, but How do I make bitmap screens on 7800 Basic let alone making a title screen? Is there any tools I should use?
  3. Was the 7800 sold in Japan?

    1. carlsson


      I didn't see any online references to prove it. Possibly direct imported by an enthusiast, if sold at all. The market was kind of crowded as it was with Famicom, SG-1000 and Mark ///, Super Cassette Vision, eventually PC Engine, not to mention various computers. Atari as a brand seems to have had brief runs in Japan. I wonder if even the ST series were imported.

  4. Thanks @Karl G, but I want it to be simplified as I'm still new to Batari.
  5. I can make my player move in all directions, But I want him to move left & right & jump can anyone supply me with easy to understand platformer code? Below is a demo blank.bas.bin
  6. We all know that the C64 was given the console treatment as the C64 Game System to compete against Nintendo & SEGA, but what Console Generation does it really fall under. Wikipedia says it Third Generation, but it launched in December 1990. The Forth Generation was already in full swing by then worldwide. The real question I'm asking is does it fall under Third Gen or Forth Gen?
  7. Made some backgrounds using the image converter, I want to this. (Pictured Below) How can this be achieved?
  8. Making a couple snazzy backgrounds in asm for my homebrew, how can I insert them in bBasic?

  9. After watching New Retro Show's recent vid on 2600 games, after seeing 4-Mula, I want to use the score as a level status & enemy counter. How can this be done?
  10. Starting to continue progress on my 2600 homebrew, How does one implement 2 player Co-op like in Mario Bros. & Joust? What tricks should I use?
  11. I want to implement the jump/flap mechanics from the Joust source code for my platformer, how can I achieve this? @RevEng
  12. Does Sprite Multiplexing make bigger players on C64?

    1. carlsson


      Yes, either bigger or more enemies/shots. Watch out for flicker when you multiplex the sprites.


      There is an ongoing competition to make pictures only using multiplexed sprites:


  13. Good mornin'. Anybody know a good music tracker for IntyBasic?

    1. carlsson


      Do you mean a tool for you to compose the music in? Everyone have different tastes and experiences. I'm stuck in OctaMED land.

      An actual tracker routine with IntyBASIC integration was released yesterday as a matter of fact, but using the routine and composing the music to use with it are two different things.

  14. Yes I'm well aware of that game, but this is my own take on a Sonic-like game.... Zippy's obviously a much better game compared to what I'm cooking up IMHO.
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