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  1. Happy Anniversary to one of my personal favorite 16-Bit console, the SEGA Genesis! :)

    1. retrorussell


      Does it still accomplish what Ninten- is unable to?

  2. Very new to 2600/7800 programming and basic in general. Can anyone show me the ropes?

    Easy tutorials would be nice. :)

    1. BydoEmpire


      I would download the source for some simple projects included with the basic compiler and start by learning to modify them.  Figure out what each section does, etc.  Lots of good, relevant threads int he programming forums, such as: 


    2. mksmith


      Hey zippy! 


      Good luck with it - I'm loving using 7800basic ATM and the forum is very supportive will any questions you might have.  


      If you haven't already you could try my extension for Visual Studio Code - Atari Dev Studio.  Read more here. RandomTerrain's site is a great help as noted above.




    3. Modern Day

      Modern Day

      check out ben heck specifically his handwired 2600 and I believe he did a 7800 as well he doesn't go too in depth but he does show some code

  3. Do Rom Hacks count as Homebrews?

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    2. ZippyRedPlumber


      One last thing, is it enough to qualify a physical cart release?

    3. Trip2018


      Sure! There's a lot of hacks that got physical releases.

    4. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      replica carts are not homebrews... but some physical from the ground up designed cart pcb's are themselves homebrews. so you can have a home brew cart with non home brew software..

  4. Two really good homebrews need to be in this portable, Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest and Rikki & Vikki.
  5. Do 2600/7800 shaped cartridges fit in the XEGS?

    1. xucaen


      I don't think so. XE carts are smaller

    2. simbalion


      Definitely no! XE and Atari 8-bit carts in general are much smaller.

    3. jaybird3rd


      Nope. The XEGS plays Atari 400/800 cartridges, which are totally different from 2600/7800 cartridges.

  6. BREAKING NEWS - Atari & Epic team up for the first VCS Launch Title, "Taconite"
  7. For Homebrew, SMB (provided you have the rom) As for retail, Mayhem in Monster Land
  8. Can it perform arpeggios? Like the music by Jeroen Tel, Tim & Geoff Follin?
  9. I have previously made a status post about this. Where & When was the last time you've seen ColecoVision Consoles & Games at retail stores back in the day? What was the last major year for the consoles life?
  10. Im at a complete loss of words...

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    2. pacman000


      The 1sy few seconds looked good, then Sonic appeared.

    3. derFunkenstein


      There are good and bad examples of trailers for game adaptations using CG and live-action floating around right now. Detective Pikachu looks like a riot. Sonic makes me want to riot.

    4. Flojomojo


      I just watched the trailer. My goodness, this looks worse than I could have imagined. Perhaps it is being pitched at someone forty-five years younger than me.

  11. When was the last time you've seen anything ColecoVision related in retail? List Date & Year.

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    2. Flojomojo


      ^^this, but earlier. I think Micro Center had them for full price.

    3. Jin


      About 3 weeks ago. I stopped in at Half Price Books and they had cartridge only copies of Donkey Kong and Frenzy, plus a complete in box one of those ColecoVision racing wheel dealies.

    4. wongojack


      A used game store less than 10 miles from my house has a console and games for sale right now.

  12. Try setting the difficulty to just one ghost chasing you, that's what I always do before playing.
  13. Hypothetical question; If I was to make a Bubsy game for 7800/XEGS. What would you want the plot of the game to be about?

    1. travistouchdown


      Bubsy rescuing someone.

    2. GoldLeader


      Bubsy parties with Chester the Cheetah, Tony the Tiger, and an Atari Jaguar...Also they go to some temple ruins to find the lost beer of Atlantis or something.

    3. xucaen


      Bubsy fights Mario boss after Mario boss until he gets to the final boss: Sonic!

  14. Yes, it did flash from time to time. Yes I have cleaned the cartridge slot using window cleaner & a q-tip & I do have an Intellivision 1. Is there something wrong with the unit itself?
  15. So earlier today I decided to hook up my Inty after 3 years of collecting dust (I cleaned it of course) somehow no matter what I did it kept displaying static or a black screen. What am I doing wrong?
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