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  1. Wanting to make a homebrew NES game with my Dad. Any good softwares?

    1. Gemintronic


      If you know C NESICIDE is a good way to start:


  2. Hi everyone, I have an idea on a hombrew. I'm purchasing a WII U and the new Smash Bros. just looks great. Iv'e been playing-ish my 2600 (it needs repaired) this morning and I thought of something. What if there was a game where you could be old school arcade and Atari charachters and fight. I'd imagine it'd be the best on a 7800 or Jaguar. 7800 would be easier though. I suck at programming, but my friend could help with this if I decide I really like the idea.
  3. I don't have a voltimeter. I'll just try my chances and go up to RadioShack and do that.
  4. Yes, I was told it was the regulator too. I felt it after I plugged it in for a few mins and it was HOT. I don't have a modulator, I have a small adapter. It's RF to Coax adapter.
  5. Hello everybody, I love playing my 2600 games. I had a 2600 for awhile, the screen was black and it mysteriously stopped working. I bought a new one, it's a 4 switch one. I noticed when I play games on it it's usually fine at first, I played 3-4 games of Centipede earlier. It started flickering really bad and it went gray but you could still see the picture but it was really distorted. The audio doesn't seem to be affected at all. Should I get a new power source? Tighten the cord? Clean the insides? Any help is appreciated. Thanks for your time.
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