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  1. BTW - NOPAY..you might want to take my facebook post down - It's illegal - and out of context. Also a little Stalker-ish...Reported, but here's a little link for your internet enjoyment - since you seem to have plenty of time on your hands. https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20130109232711AAX8wLG
  2. Lol - Not scamming--Andrei is a POS ---so funny:). His big "score" would be getting a pacman for $5 at goodwill- So I've never dealt, or would never deal w/him anyways. You are so jealous.. it's funny. I would love to continue this but it's really not worth the time. Yes, If you call me a POS - I will call u out for your shit.. I couldn't care less what you think,..and I don't have accounts in two states. I would tell you if I did. Honestly, because I don't care what others think, and anyone will tell you that and don't need the money. Troya is not me....moderators here on AA will tell you. It's ok if you don't think so - Not really interested in any opinions here...Out of control is worth $1500-$2000 or more (I know-sold 2 for more privately for $2,196 and $2,280). Thanks for the advertising. Please keep this thread going, It's led to lot's of views and offers. Thank YOU Andrei! Keep it going--and I'll spill the beans about you...U know what I'm talking about. Oh, and I've never been banned--so? Keep opinions to yourself unless you have dealt w/me directly. OUT OF CONTROL - Look for it on ebay. Awesome condition. Oops - Not Andrei - He's looking for combat CIB (really nice) for a steal. BTW ---He's kinda creepy and weird...Losers like him (which I've never dealt with) always seem to be the complainers.
  3. Same guy - Same pics (with added pics) It is worth way over than 1k - More like $1500 or more..Because of condition. Believe me--I have already sold 2 CIB's over 2k (in less pristine condition).
  4. Hi there - Looking for a few 2600 shells. 10 or so...If you take off label (cleanly) and keep the pcb - I'll go $20 plus shipping. Appreciate it if anyone can do it.
  5. Bump- Upgraded to better music machine-would love to have the repro box/manual. Will pay good price
  6. I have the game - just wanting a nice reproduction box.manual.
  7. Hi there - Is this lot still for sale? Been a while..I know
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