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  1. I've got an Odyssey 3000 and I'm tired of using the damn 6C batteries it takes. It has a 9V plug in the back that looks like it fits a 2600 plug but its smaller. Is there a power supply out there that works? It runs on 700mW
  2. Alright I'll scrub out the socket and see if that helps. I did happen to get another model 2 from eBay today for cheap with all original cables and the original box. We will see how this one works. If it works better i think I have a new lunch box haha
  3. Yeah the titles screens are fine it's just the game play that is affected. Looks like I'm taking her apart. Thanks for all the help everyone
  4. Alright so I believe it's my Intellivison II just tried maze a tron and Vegas blackjack and the same thing happens with the graphics
  5. I just recently added Burger Time to my INTV collection. I pulled it out the other day to play and I noticed that my chef enemies and burgers were only half with and colored rectangle on the left of them. I cleaned the system and the cart but it still does it. Anyone know why this is happening?
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