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  1. Getting ready to set up a couple tables at this years "NWCGE VIDEO GAME SWAP MEET" in Portland, Jan. 18th 10-7! If your local, stop by and say hello. Tables 71 & 72 Super Retro Bros.

  2. Give a multi-cart a try, that way you can play all your favorites while looking for good deals on carts. Also Ive found that purchasing lots instead of single carts is usually a better way to get better prices. http://www.atarimax.com/myide/documentation/
  3. Hey everyone, This was in a lot of miscellaneous retro gaming stuff that I recently acquired, Ive never seen one and was wondering if anyone could help me identify it. It's stamped ElecronicArts and has Atari type controller ports, 4 ins and 2 outs. Thanks
  4. cool carts, not sure if they are anything special or not, Ive only seen pics of the Pac Jr, I think it's a fairly rare cart, Ive never seen that plain label DK artwork. !!! Cover up those eprom chips before you erase the rom images
  5. I don't know about using every key on the pad but Miner 2049, Bounty Bob strike Back and Spy Hunter all use several buttons on the keypad. Ive heard that the keypad can be used as directional keys in frogger but I've never tried it.
  6. Those look great, Nice job glazball!
  7. Interesting, no wonder nobody knows anything about the "Chicken" title I'm referring to, I originally played it as a kid on an 800XL. I recently acquired a nice XEGS and the flashcart is on it's way so I should hopefully be able to play this game now right!
  8. Thanks, I have read this on other posts. Sure wish I could find a descent set of CV stock controllers, there seems to be a shortage for some reason, hit me up is you have an extra set laying around that!
  9. Thanks Kiwi. I wonder if the wiring in the keypad could be changed to work properly with the pinout of the CV?
  10. yes I know, I have a system that doesn't have any controllers but I have a ton of atari controllers sitting around, I'm an Atari guy through and through but the Colecovision has always interested me and I picked up a working boxed CV for cheap the other day but it didn't have controllers. I will invest in some proper cv controllers but in the meantime I wanna see what the CV is all about.
  11. Got to thinking about how to get around having to use the stock CV controllers and remembered that I had some Atari 2600 keyboard controllers sitting around, before I dig em out to test I wanted to see if anyone else had any luck with this option: Atari keypad to start games and an atari joystick for gameplay?
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