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  1. Merry Christmas everyone. As some of you might know there where some changes in the Cartridge release of Froggie compared to the 'final' version I posted years ago. This includes bugfixes and additional music and sound. You can find this new version attached. One note, in the a78 version the Pokey flag is set but Pokey auto detection doesn't work with Prosystem emulator. So if you like to have Pokey music with Prosystem Emu you have to select it in the options. If you press select during the intro screen you will get into an option menu. You can toggle between these options by pressing select again. To change a setting move the joystick up/down. Press fire to go back. Thanks to you all for the feedback you gave over the years and very special thanks to Trebor and gambler172 for extensive testing. Have fun... froggie_release-version.zip
  2. I just get in touch the first time with 7800basic because I had to include some music to an existing source. It's really easy to include assembly. Looks like a great tool, I hope I'll have the chance to take a deeper look at it someday. Good job RevEng
  3. This would be really interesting, I hope these are only minor changes. For Froggie I patched the generated DLL of the highscore table so that it looks fine on PAL devices. Wonder if this also works with this ROM.
  4. I think I took the nodes from an Amiga Mod but don't remember the name
  5. Condolence to the family and friends. The 7800 community lost great guy. Gone way too early, sad
  6. Sixersfan105 is right, I was working on a TIA improvement (thanks to iesposta at this point). Actually I finished it it but personal business keep me back to do the final steps. I hope we will manage to release Froggie this year (finally).
  7. Just received my Antonia expansion. Great build quality! Thanks Simius
  8. This looks great, I like to have one please
  9. I am not aware of any extra bonus in the arcade version when catching both. IMHO it's just 200 for the lady frog and 200 for the fly. I implemented the scoring like mentioned here: http://www.classicgaming.cc/classics/frogger/about.php
  10. Currently I am adding HSC support. Unfortunately I do not own an AtariVox nor do I know how to program it. And far as I know there isn't any emulator with AtariVox support.
  11. Thank you for making a great game even better Pavros
  12. Thanks for your feedback. I forgot to thank Trebor, Gambler172 and Shawn Sr. for play testing, thank you guys! @KevinMos3: thanks for doing a video and nice label! @Cybearg: CPUWIZ is right, it’s written in assembler @Stun Runner 87: as Shawn said, he will produce a small run of carts after play testing. Froggie depends on Albert @Lynxpro: I think about adding HSC support. TIA sound is fine for me, no need to support Pokey.
  13. The 7800 shouldn’t be the only game console without Flappy Bird so here it is. It’s still beta so let me know if you find any bugs. Have fun! flappy.zip
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