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  1. I hope you didn't changes the colors/palette during the last versions because I used an older one to figure out the PAL colors.

    The following (in game) colors would be better for PAL IMHO:

    P0C1 now $35 better $45

    P0C3 now $16 better $26

    P1C3 now $c9 better $e9

    P2C1 now $1c better $2c

    P2C2 now $13 better $23

    P4C1 now $37 better $47

    With this settings the colors looks more like the NTSC version on the emulator.



  2. I am still interested in trying to get this game to work in MESS. I'll let you know what I think of it once I do.


    I played 2600 Frogger earlier today and the flicker was annoying. I hope the 7800 version tops it. :D

    I really don't know why it doesn't run Kepone.

    Normally it works perfect with mess.

    Did you follow the instructions of mojofltr written in the frogger thread?

    But you should also try Prosystem emulator it's a great one.

    Btw. the 7800 version doesn't flicker that much... :)

  3. I haven't played Q-Bert on my PAL device yet (only emu).

    Maybe I'll check it next weekend.

    Do you implemented different PAL/NTSC palettes for Beefdrop?

    Some colors could look better on PAL IMHO.

    But it’s a cool version anyway :)

    If there are any colors that seem off, let me know and I can try to swap them out in PAL mode with different colors.

    Sounds great I will check out the latest version again and let you know which colors could be adjusted.

    As far as I remember the meatball colors could be better.

  4. Ahh, one half of the 7800 curse - not enough MARIA cycles to do everything.  (The other half is not enough CPU cycles, after MARIA has stolen most of them, to do everything. :-) )

    You are right but we must make the best out of it :)


    One thing you may want to consider (if you're not doing it already) is using a DLI to change the background color and just use that for the background.

    I allready did that but since the playfield is only 256 pixel (like the original frogger) I needed to "waste" some cycles for the "fake" broder (and also waste one color).


    Also, use direct mode instead of indirect mode.

    Right but I would have to rewrite too much of my code I better find another way.

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