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  1. Merry Christmas everyone.

    As some of you might know there where some changes in the Cartridge release of Froggie compared to the 'final' version I posted years ago.

    This includes bugfixes and additional music and sound.

    You can find this new version attached.

    One note, in the a78 version the Pokey flag is set but Pokey auto detection doesn't work with Prosystem emulator.

    So if you like to have Pokey music with Prosystem Emu you have to select it in the options.

    If you press select during the intro screen you will get into an option menu.

    You can toggle between these options by pressing select again.

    To change a setting move the joystick up/down. Press fire to go back.

    Thanks to you all for the feedback you gave over the years and very special thanks to Trebor and gambler172 for extensive testing.

    Have fun...


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  2. Just curious if anyone happened to check the code and see what was changed between this version and the other HSC ROM dump?




    This would be really interesting, I hope these are only minor changes.

    For Froggie I patched the generated DLL of the highscore table so that it looks fine on PAL devices.

    Wonder if this also works with this ROM.

  3. Official world from Al, for those that do not have access to the subscriber forum: the author is making some tweaks to the TIA version, which is why Froggie is not yet available for sale. There will be both a TIA and Pokey version available in early 2018 but youll have to supply your own Pokey if you want that version.


    Sixersfan105 is right, I was working on a TIA improvement (thanks to iesposta at this point).

    Actually I finished it it but personal business keep me back to do the final steps.

    I hope we will manage to release Froggie this year (finally).

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  4. Currently I am adding HSC support.

    Unfortunately I do not own an AtariVox nor do I know how to program it.

    And far as I know there isn't any emulator with AtariVox support.

  5. Thanks for your feedback.

    I forgot to thank Trebor, Gambler172 and Shawn Sr. for play testing, thank you guys!

    @KevinMos3: thanks for doing a video and nice label!

    @Cybearg: CPUWIZ is right, it’s written in assembler

    @Stun Runner 87: as Shawn said, he will produce a small run of carts after play testing.

    Froggie depends on Albert

    @Lynxpro: I think about adding HSC support. TIA sound is fine for me, no need to support Pokey.

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  6. I made a mistake in the comment above, the DLLI is 16 pixel height not 8.

    Here a small snippet of a display list entry:


    a5: .byte <scrollram+9*scrollbuff+2,$e0,>scrollram+1,$00,$11
    .byte <scrollram+9*scrollbuff+1,$e0,>scrollram+1,$1f,$c
    frog10: .byte <gfxdata+54,$9c,>gfxdata+6,$40
    .byte <gfxdata+$b0,$40,>gfxdata,$9f,$0c
    .byte <gfxdata+$b0,$9f,>gfxdata,$90
    .byte $00,$00


    The corresponding display list list entry is .byte $cf,>a5,<a5


    That's all for a line with cars and the frog.

    The two lines after frog10 are just black borders (mode 320d).

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  7. The use of 320b mode in froggie isn't very special.

    It is realy just mode 320b using character set for 'background' (turtle, cars, logs) and single 'sprite' for frog and snake.

    I used two palletes, one for 'background' gfx and one for 'sprites'.

    Every 8 pixel row has a dli for changing colors.

    The real limitation of mode 320b was nailed by Eckhard in the thread mentioned before here http://atariage.com/forums/topic/68549-320b-help/?p=845100

    Let me give kudos for Eckhard, Dan and Eric for their groundbreaking work concerning the 7800 in general here.

    Without them (and Bob 'the coding machine' DeCrescenzo of course) the 7800 would be lost into history...

    Any questions?

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  8. Oh well, to be honest, I didn't pay anything upfront even if I think that the XM will be a great device.

    So I am some kind of neutral I think.

    Even if the communication seems to be not optimal a project like the XM is a really big deal for a (more or less) one man show.

    If you consider personal health problems you may start to imagine the problems Curt may have to finish the XM.

    The XM (like all other 7800 stuff that was or will be produced) will never be profitable so Curd will never make any money of it.

    It is just a matter of passion to him and his only potential failure may be that he overestimate his own capacity (of time).

    So please be patient even if it's a really long time you are waiting for the XM, I'am sure is worth it.

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  9. Due to the TIA limitations I wanted to make the game POKEY only at first.
    But after implementing TIA support I was quite satisfied with the result, it turned out that I it sounded better than expected.
    Also the limitation of two channels wasn't as bad as I thought it would.
    However pokey is better of course.

    You can hear it in this video





    Gotcha! Still, the music is very reminiscent of the arcade, if a bit off-putting at times. :)

    Very impressive. :)


    Gotcha! Still, the music is very reminiscent of the arcade, if a bit off-putting at times. :)

    Very impressive. :)

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