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  1. Excellent work Bob, it plays, looks and sounds good. The only issue I found so far is the garbage at the bottom of the screen when you are using HSC and a PAL device. Maybe you should try to clean the HSC Ram like Tep mentioned here http://atariage.com/forums/topic/142139-high-score-cart-source-code/?p=2799264
  2. I recorded a Froggie video using an Atari 7800 maybe you can tell if it looks different with your emulator
  3. The issue DoctorTom described may not affect everyone but maybe he is right. I am currently investigate this.
  4. Just found this thread while searching for details about RIOT. Is this confirmed? That means the RIOT can't trigger an IRQ on the 7800?
  5. Bob did a really awesome job. And in my opinion it's really great that the game is a 7800 exclusive title. You can play Asteroids or Frogger on nearly every System ever made on this planet but Bentley Bear is ProSystem only
  6. Thanks for the screenshots. The XM looks great, too bad I didn't order one.
  7. Ok, I mucked it up. In the previous version the pokey was always enabled and the auto detetction was disabled. The fixed version is attached. froggie.zip
  8. Thanks for the info.So there must be a problem with the pokey detection routine... You can switch to TIA anyway. In the title screen press "pause" twice and use the stick to select "TIA" then press fire.
  9. Albert told me that pokey carts are rare these days that's why I decided to improve the TIA sound. It turned out that it works surprisingly well (at least much better than I expected).
  10. Thanks. Good to know that the sound autodetection works (at least with cartridge pokey).
  11. I am glad you notice the collision detection improvment, it's really better now. Maybe the "ribbit" will come back in the cartridge version.
  12. FYI, I remember we had a similar Gauntlet discussion years ago.... http://atariage.com/forums/topic/59430-large-number-of-sprites-ie-gauntlet/
  13. Sound great! There still isn't an (official) emulator working with xm/xboard Pokey right?
  14. Thanks all. I think there will be a cartridge but I don't have any details yet.
  15. Ok, thanks for your patience folks, finally here is the finished game. My very special thanks goes to gambler172 and Trebor for intensive testing and great feedback. Happy Cuttle Cart owner should use banking file 78HSCPOK and startup file HSC so that means the game supports HSC (even on PAL). The two a78 files in the archive are basically the same except the different region settings in the a78 header. The game itself is multiregion. When using Prosystem emulator the Pokey music is a bit noisy by using PAL and it’s totally broken when using TIA music but it runs fine on the real device. With switch P1 you can select the difficulty (number of lives) but only once per startup/’boot’. You have different highscore tables for the two modes but only with HSC there is no table without. The game should autodetect XM/XBOARD (untested). I hope you will enjoy the game, have fun. froggie_final.zip
  16. I remember this one. The annoying thing was that this happend at the end of the last level. I saw the endscreen anyway because I disabled the player that was used for the collision detection.
  17. I just stumbled upon this and it looks as if it hasn't been posted before https://github.com/b...ge/PCS_Atari800
  18. Actually the Soft Cell sound is just TIA but you are right that a 512k+pokey scheme for cc2 exists. However one of the advantages of the XM is the different Pokey memory mapping but I think it was mentioned before. I haven't ordered a XM yet but I wouldn't be worried about my money because I am sure that Curt will do his best to finish it and the XM will surely be a great device.
  19. This mode produces awesome results. Technically it looks like the Technicolor Dream (http://atari.fandal....p?files_id=3722) mode to me only with a higher resolution and less colors. I didn't expect such good results by using mode 15.
  20. It has to do with it, I wasn't sure if the given time was to short or if my bonus calculation was wrong (it was the time bonus). Nice! I always wanted to have this old Atari Vector Star Wars, that was damn cool.
  21. In the frogger title screen they talk about 60 beats you have to move your frog into its home. When playing the game on mame that means about 34-35 seconds. I wonder if it is the same time on a real arcade. Anybody knows?
  22. Hi, does anybody know how to determine the highest score stored in the HSC for the current game? Matthias
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