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  1. Dear oh dear, looking on the source code after years is like looking on someone elses code. Moreover I realized that there is still a problem with the high score card on a real PAL device, damn
  2. You could do my daytime job and take care of my kids Well, thanks for the offer but I guess there isn't much you can do.
  3. Froggie isn't abandoned just suspended (for quite a while now I have to admit). It's just lack of time that holds me back from finishing it. Actually the game is quite finished, the latest (not released) version has HSC support and additional sfx which was important to me. I started to add a second game mode with different car/log pattern but maybe I should just drop that when I resume to work on it to speed up the final release.
  4. I do have an Atari Corporation Taiwan Device with expansion port. Serial is A1745833151
  5. I didn’t planned to release an updated version before the final but not sure about that. 2 player mode will not be implemented, sorry.
  6. Thanks for testing. Unfortunately I wasn't able to reproduce the bug. Which version did you used?
  7. You have been hacked. Restore your index.html and change all your ftp accounts. You should also protect services like phpmyadmin with basic authentication. Viel Glück und Gruß, Matthias Same here, not looking good..... I also noted this lately! Need to get in touch with "000space.com" to see what's going on. Any help/support on this appreciated BR, - Mr.B. -
  8. Correct me if I am wrong but I don't think that it is possible to allow 6502 and MARIA access to seperate RAM Banks with the Cuttle Cart. Beside that the YM is (IMHO) a great enhancement.
  9. Try this one. I upped the volume a little. I also applied the same technique to the Pac-Man energizer. Perry I just tried it the first time. It sounds great, good work
  10. Adding a YM2151 is just great it makes the XM even more valuable. One question, will it be possible to disable the inbuilt HSC feature? Since the Cuttle Cart doesn’t work with the HSC it would be a nice have option to switch HSC on/off else it wouldn’t be possible to use the CC as development device in conjunction with the XM , right?
  11. Ich muss sagen das ich mir noch nie unklarer darüber war wo unsere Mannschaft leistungsmäßig steht. Aber ich hoffe natürlich auf einen Sieg im Finale
  12. HSC support has already been added. Actually it's the only HSC game I know that works fine on PAL devices (which means no garbage on screen or flicker when showing the score table).
  13. True, it should also work with the Expansion Module (great Project btw.) The game might already be compatible with the Expansion Module. It supports the XBoard for POKEY sound, and the Expansion Module will use the same memory locations for POKEY access.
  14. Good to hear that you don't have a flicker problem. Thanks again for testing. Concerning the sound issue I guess it's my XBoard because Beef Drop also doesn't work with my board Thanks for the info it’s good to hear that it works. On the other hand that means that my XBoard is faulty Did you run the game on a NTSC Device? I wonder if there is still the flicker issue…? Yes, NTSC. I don't remember a flickering issue. I do remember the sound only worked when I had the XBoard's audio plug connected, so that's how I concluded that it must be using the POKEY. It's been a while since I tried it, I'll try to hook it up soon and make sure. My apparently-bad XBoard didn't have working POKEY or RAM either, it was like it wasn't there at all. It makes me think something must have been wrong with the PLD.
  15. It doesn't help me with my case but this very nice tool, good work! I really like the idea to use the save state file You might find my a78psd utility useful for finding DLs close to the limit.
  16. Hey John, Real live needs a lot of attention so there isn't much time left for any hobby (including Atari ). But I really would like to finish the game because it took some work to get that far. That brings me to your question what is to do before releasing the game. I planned to make a second game mode with different street/river pattern (which was done partly) that can be finished so the game would end after reaching level X (X because I didn’t decide yet how much levels you have to play). This would also mean that I had to add an end sequence or screen. The otter isn't implemented. Since I love Easter eggs of course I would like to have at least one in the game. Btw. Santa Simon and the Halloween cart have a hidden "egg" which as far as I know nobody found yet. Title music would also be nice. Without the stuff mentioned there would only be testing and bug fixing left I guess. Matthias
  17. Thanks for the info it’s good to hear that it works. On the other hand that means that my XBoard is faulty Did you run the game on a NTSC Device? I wonder if there is still the flicker issue…?
  18. Good to hear that creating this demo wasn't a total waste of time. I like your box btw.
  19. Happy new year to you too! Thanks for sharing the code.
  20. Froggie - $10,$01 Is that the values you plan on using? Or is there a Froggie file out there that I don't have? Could you be so kind as to point me in the right direction? Thank you. I already use this values but I don't think I published the HCS Version (really not sure about that)
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