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  1. Clever, maybe this hint could be useful for future projects
  2. Ahh. That explains it. So what was the scroll problem? No problem! It's nice for a 1K prog. -Bry thanks
  3. That was quick, thanks Playfieldcolor is differend every game btw. I'll add a run address and post the new version. Thanks a lot.
  4. Ups, didn't read the new posts, right, I didn’t use a run or an init address. You can boot the ATR direct; the disk contains a "minidos". The game is now short enough so that I can add a run address (don’t want to go over 1024byte). But more important is that the game itself works on ntsc (beside the init/run problem).
  5. Thanks bryede. I did some modifications, scrolling looks good now (on emu) but maybe resolution is to high. Could you try again with the new file? You can find it here: http://www.atari8bit.de/superfly.zip
  6. hm, link work for me!? Try to go to this page: http://www.ffd2.com/minigame/ There you can find Superfly (the only ATARI game at this side ) thanks for trying
  7. Hi folks, I wrote a little game that runs smooth on pal but doesn't look that good when using emulator in NTSC mode. Could someone check if the scrolling mess up on original Atari NTSC hardware? I only have a pal Atari Here is the link: http://starbase.globalpc.net/minigame/GAME.../Superfly1k.zip Thanks in advance
  8. This will be a really cool extension I just wonder why ATARI didn't introduced a similar technique when they released the XL series. Would have made some things much easier...
  9. Ok, my diskdrive is ready to run now. I found some files but not all on them. You can download it here: www.atari8bit.de/xl.rar The ATR contains Demon Attack, Capture the Flag (at least my fileversion needed a translator disk), Robotron (don't know if this was A800 only but was on the same disk) and Gremlins (the sound of my fileversion was horrible without fix/translator). Maybe i'll find more, wait and see.
  10. Have a new 1050 from ebay, now i am waiting for my floppyspeeder (my filedisk's a dd). Hope to publish the XL fileversion this week.
  11. I'am sure that i still have some of the versions but i have some trouble with my diskdrive. I will post a link as soon as possible.
  12. In my opinion International Karate is one of the best looking Atari games!? But you are right, most of the games don't use the capacity of the good old Atari. But well, look @ other Plattforms, it's always the same, some great looking games and very much more garbage (also on c64).
  13. I am not sure if it is a 400/800 only game. (Nearly) true for the fileversion, the version floating around needs the translator disk. But I remeber that i converted it for xl/xe use (was an easy job to do). Like other 400/800 fileversions of cartridge games demon attack used a copyroutine with a jmp into the old 400/800 rom. Guess this code was from a cartridge copy program because i found the same code on many other 400/800 only fileversions but who knows?
  14. Hm, the submarine wasn't really yellow but the gameplay sounds like seafox from broderbund...
  15. I guess it just use $d40a to wait for a new scanline and than writes new player postions.
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