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  1. Same here. I have mostly used text files (with numbers and letters to draw the shapes) and a perl script or c programs to convert them to binary. For modes similiar to the 8-bit computers I usually use font editors for those initially and write something to convert the format as needed. --Ken I wonder what's wrong with the graphics converter I made.It's not perfect but it does a good job for me. Is it to hard to understand/use or is the basic approach wrong? Personally I like the idea to use my preferred image tool instead of using a stripped down painting program.
  2. Cause it's not my program. Hi Shawn is it the "Thing" which was made by me and Schmutzpuppe? greetings Walter ?
  3. Good games. This site is also interesting.
  4. I made a new S-Video circuit for my NTSC device and I also tested it with the PAL one. All I had to do was to add a resistor and a diode (else the TIA produces too much distortion which didn't happen on NTSC). The circuit doesn't use irritating potentiometers and had a slightly better picture than the one I did before. I'll try to write down the circuit maybe it helps you to build your own one.
  5. I wonder why companies didn't make multi regional games. It is a bit more work but they just had to make one type of cartridge. I guess it would have been cheaper for them in a long term.
  6. One more advantage of the XBoard is the memory location of the Pokey. You don't have to waste so much address space like with the cartridge Pokey.
  7. OK, I tried it in the CC2 with the Pokey removed. It's playing music but no other sound effects when it's playing the tune. Also the song's notes are not playing with the right tempo. It will go fast then slow than fast again as if it's getting slowed down at times by the program. With this version would it be playing the music if it can't access the Xboard. Another words, does it default to the TIA if it can't access a pokey anywhere? With the Pokey in the CC2 the music and sound is fine. Allan If you hear no sfx than it's TIA.Do you entered the option menu for sound? In the menu you can see the current setting and also select XBoard sound if it wasn't detected.
  8. Ich hatte keinen Fehler bei Krokodil mehr!? Wie äussert sich der Fehler bei dir? Das mit Select stimmt, ist noch zum debuggen, damit springt man in das nächste Level und bekommt wieder drei Leben
  9. Thanks for the input guys. I tried to remove the flicker issue shadow460 mentioned. With my NTSC device I don’t have a flicker problem but it has a very bad video out so maybe it’s just not visible for me. I made some additional changes: Trigger works now with Proline and standard joystick. Now you can pause the game. PAL crocodile graphics bug removed. Cartridge Pokey/XBoard Pokey detection (doesn’t work on Prosystem Emu because SKREST/RANDOM is not supported) When pressing “Pause” during the title screen you enter the option menu. First you get a screen where you can adjust the Y-Position of the playfield with stick up/down. That could be interesting for NTSC users because the game uses the whole vertical screen and maybe it helps if your TV isn’t able to show the complete screen with default setting. If you press “Pause” again you enter the sound menu where you can toggle between TIA, (Cartridge) Pokey and XBoard sound. It would be great if any XBoard user could tell me if it works for him. Shadow460 mentioned that there is no color change if you pick up the lady frog like in the Arcade. That’s true but I can not change it because the frog and the snake share the same color and that would mean that snake would also change the color Froggie.zip
  10. Von mir auch noch mal eine frohes Neues! Und gute Besserung Marc!
  11. I don't think so.Colors, DLL stuff and maybe some speed adjustments should be enough I have no idea
  12. Yes it's fixed. Let me know if you find more problems. Froggie.zip
  13. Just found out that you also have to select a hack. My vote has to wait than until I took a look at all the hacks.
  14. I like Burger Time and Beef Drop is a wonderful conversion so it gets my vote. I don't know much about the hacks yet but Pac Man collection looks interesting I have to check them all out.
  15. You where young and they needed the money. Lol
  16. Ja, das war hart aber ein Mordsspaß. Singstar ist absolut Partytauglich, danach gab es dann ein wenig WII Sports, da konnten sich meine Ohren dann wieder erholen
  17. bei Singstar, meine Freunding und ihre Tante gehen gerade voll in Singstar auf. Bitte etwas Mitleid mit mir...
  18. ... who things that AA needs an chat?
  19. I remember playing E.T. until the score counter resets to 0. Today I don't have the slightest idea how to play it but back at that time I loved it.
  20. It's digitized like all sound fx in the game.
  21. Unfortunately there isn’t but thankfully godzillajoe made a good summary of what it is about
  22. Nice game. Thanks for posting it. So what's the story about this game? Was this your idea? Allan Simon type games are well known but the inspiration to make a xmas style game of it came from a little flash game called Xmas Simon (http://www.flashangel.de/xmassimon/) I found it mid-November and because I thought it is a nice (and simple) idea I stared coding Santa Simon the same evening I found Xmas Simon. Most of the code was done within two days and since I am not a great artist I looked around the Internet for some graphics I can use. The graphics you can see in the game are based on free gif's I found while looking for some xmas gfx. A big thanks to the unknown authors! When I was sure that I could finish the game before Chrismas I asked Albert if he likes the idea to release a xmas type game for the 7800. He agreed and gave me very helpful feedback about the work in progress. I am very glad that he wanna make a cartridge out of it even if the timeline was very short and when I saw the bunch of stuff in the store for chrismas sale I thought he definitely have enough work with it even without Santa Simon. Albert was also the one who managed that Atariboy made a great label for the game (I really love it). In other words the Santa Simon Cart wouldn't be without him, thanks man.
  23. Here is the binary for you. Merry Christmas everyone. SantaSimon.zip
  24. To make it short (nearly) all early released titles are better on the a8 Later there are a lot of C64 which are better or never released on the a8 like Impossible Missions or Winter Games. It’s always the same if a Game is programmed for a particular platform the conversion is weaker. Anyhow overall I like to play the a8 versions more it feels like… like more fun? I can’t say what it is but surly there are also some great titles on c64 (no opinion about Apple here)
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