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  1. Well the games comes from me. I didn't release the bin yet but watch the space
  2. My first one was Telematch. I think it was also the first ever published VideoGame mag. in Germany. Still have some issues
  3. Hopefully the added publicity won't kill the game...I wonder how long it takes Namco to contact AA...Maybe they'll just leave us alone. I thought the same, let sleeping dogs lie...But cool anyway
  4. That's kinda cool http://kotaku.com/gaming/pac+man/new-pacma...7800-222070.php
  5. You are right I also noticeed that but hadn't fix it yet. That a new one for me, I'll fix it.Thanks for the feedback.
  6. Damn, don't do even the smalled changes without testing it on the real thing My fault sorry guys. I uploaded the corrected version. While testing the files on the 7800 I found out that my CC2 Pokey is defective. It sounds extremly weird. Not only Froggie but also Ballblazer. Oh well... The Pokey and x-board versions won't go past the title screen (button doesn't do anything.) I didn't try the tia version. Allan
  7. Here as promised a new build of Froggie. Some notes: With PROSYSTEM Emulator the TIA sound is really bad but you should better take the Pokey version anyway This version is PAL enhanced and looks a bit better than NTSC if you have the choice you should go with PAL The XBoard version is untested froggie_pokey.zip froggie_tia.zip froggie_xboard.zip
  8. Thanks for the TIA feedback. I also think it sound's ok. The game will not be finished this year but I will post a new version before christmas.
  9. I prefer playing on the real thing but coding with the emulator. No vote this time
  10. > As Yoda says, "you must unlearn what you have learned." Well said (And a very good explanation)
  11. Take a look here: http://www.abbuc.de/modules.php?name=DocTr...=y&dtId=247
  12. I guess it's Pokey only.
  13. I don't think so. The highpass filter makes a big difference and don't underestimate the wider frequency range and number of channels. IMHO the Pokey is far superior even if I have to admit that the step from TIA to Pokey is more an evolution than a revolution.
  14. Ok check the attached Beef Drop version. Again no XBoard sound just TIA. That means that I also hear sound and music when I disconnect the sound connector from the XBoard. I tested with and witout Pokey installed on the CC2. Maybe my XBoard is just defective!? Yes I use PAL. I have an old eprom programmer just have to search for an eprom (and check if the old dos application still works with my PC).
  15. Sorry I didn't make clear the I don't talk about Beef Drop. I didn't use Beef Drop for XBoard test because I don't know which of the Versions worked with the XBoard. I'll check out the attached one. Yesterday I used my code so there is a chance that I just messed something up.
  16. Seeling unfinished games for $5000 sounds like a good business model to me
  17. Good work. It's a nice game even if I hate those artefacting stuff.
  18. Wow, cool platformer. It makes really good use of the Atari potentials. Well done!
  19. Removing CC2 Pokey makes no difference for me Still no Sound
  20. Doh, I was hoping it would work. I would actually like to get that working if I ever sell any pokeyless ones. I don't think you have to actually remove the pokey, just choosing the right memory and startup files should be enough. I will try to take a look tomorrow if you can help me test anymore in the future, that would be great. Thanks, Ken I have the same problem with my code and I am quite sure it should work. Maybe I did something wrong with the wiring maybe it is a problem with CC incompatibility (even if this it very unlikely)?
  21. Hi Walter, Pokey ist schon sehr viel netter, der Sound/die Musik wird auch bestehen bleiben. Den Digisound am Anfang gab es übrigens schon in der letzten Version Ich war heute dabei ein wenig an der PAL Version zu arbeiten, sieht netter aus, mehr wie der Automat.
  22. As some of you liked to see TIA support I tried to implement it. Well it was a pain but worked (somehow). Even if I prefer the Pokey sound the TIA sound isn’t that bad. Let me know what you think. Btw. currently only music and no sound fx. frogger_tia.zip
  23. I programmed the Atari XL before so the 6502 part wasn’t very hard for me. Had some books in the past and made much learning by doing. The rest was to understand the 7800 architecture. Unfortunately there isn’t very much documentation about it but some guys at AA where very helpful. Actually the concept is very straight forward if you get the idea behind it. I found it very unique and confusing at the beginning because it’s different from all platforms I knew. However you should start to learn 6502 Assembler there are tons of documentations and code on the net. An emulator and a cross assembler is enough for the start. Just start and have fun!
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