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  1. I just resumed 7800 programming and again it was annoying to create the displaylists especially the "calculation" of the palette/text length byte for text output. That's why I hacked a little tool where you can enter the string, choose the palette and the program creates the displaylist string for you. You can just copy & paste it to your code. Maybe it's useful for some of you (at least it’s useful for me ) .NET framework 1.1 is required. dl_texttool.zip
  2. You are right, background looks like 320 but players don't.Normaly it is not possible to mix 320 and 160 mode within a scanline because the read mode is set in the CTRL!?
  3. Surly the 320 Mode’s have their quirks and disadvantages but nevertheless it’s possible to use them for games. Tubes and Frogger prove that. For fullscreen background and some more moving objects a 160 mode normally is the better choice and imho doesn’t look that bad. There are a huge number of c64 games which looks very good on this resolution. I also don’t like the fact that MARIA eats up so many CPU cycles but that’s the way it is. I think if someone would bother to write a game taking the 7800 advantages the result would be quite cool.
  4. Yes, it's stored in a weird order: GCAEVNMILP... I am looking forward what you'll find out.
  5. Here is a little tool that let you format your source. Not very sophisticated but it's a first try. I tested it with some DASM source code and it worked quite well but I am don't use macros or special pseudo op's. You can add instructions or pseudo op's in the corresponding txt files. Just give it a try and let me know what you think. One more note, you need the .NET framework 1.1 to let it run. 6502Formatter.zip
  6. Rank 66 in the US an 4 in the UK so maybe someone outside of germany knows it But you are right most germans above 20 should know the song.
  7. Well I am not sure about that but the emulators don't count MARIA cycles so they let you draw more gfx than MARIA is able to handle.
  8. MESS is the only 7800 emulator on OS X that is suitable for anything. But for 7800 development, really no emulator on any OS is suitable for homebrew development, because I'm pretty sure that none of them implement MARIA DMA cycle stealing or MARIA DMA running out of cycles at the end of a scan line. Both can bite you pretty hard if you never use the real hardware. 999675[/snapback] Unfortunately that’s true for all existing emulators But if you keep the limitations in mind they are still useful for development.
  9. You mixed something up ANTIC has only a display list no matter how complex it is. But MARIA has a display list list
  10. You are right if this is your definition of a frame buffer. The CPU will be halted during fetch.
  11. Antic is able to read the gfx data from different memory locations so you can write into a memory area while displaying a different one. I if you are finished writing to memory you just switch the pointer to this location. The next operations can work on the memory displayed before and so on. This technique was called "page flipping" and I would say it's a kind of framebuffer.
  12. Good job Looks good and makes fun. Happy new year!
  13. It think there will be no homebrew until someone makes a cartridge board. In general I am willing to release Frogger (under I different name due to legal reasons).
  14. The XBoard (internal Pokey) has 128kb ram.
  15. Ich habe mir den c64 Stick heute auch gekauft. 25 Euro bei Conrad. Hat sich gelohnt, ich bin begeistert. Mit dem Stick lässt es sich gut steuern, das Bild ist ok und die Games sehen aus wie frisch aus dem C64. Auch die Auswahl der Spiele ist gut auch wenn ich den einen oder anderen Titel vermisse. Ich hoffe das Flashback 3 wird ähnlich gut, die erste Version ist ja eher fürs Klo, das zweite kenne ich nicht.
  16. The version is dated Oct. 8 2005 on the title screen. 984663[/snapback] Yes, forgot to save the text changes but the (not working) flicker fix is covered.
  17. Don't start celebrating too soon. I had it run about half an hour without a problem and right after posting it the flicker begins again. Oh well, maybe next time
  18. Finally I got a NTSC 7800 today. My have an expansion port (which is good) and a defective RF modulator (which is bad). The picture really sucks and the colors look weird. Also I can only have a picture or sound with some awful background noise (have to switch between different fine-tune settings for picture or sound). However, now I was able to see the flicker you guys talking about. It seems as if the problem is solved now at least I can't notice the flicker anymore. The version is attached maybe someone what do check it out. Beside the speed up of the intro and main tune there is no different to the last version. Didn't had much time for it, sorry. Frogger.zip
  19. (...) But IMO that's what taking part in a compo is very useful for. Unlike in a positively biased community like here on AA, there you get mostly honest and therefore really valuable feedback. So please, don't feel discouraged! Carefully read the comments (not only regarding your own game), try to fix your games weak points and learn from other peoples strengths (and failures!). Almost all comments are pretty constructive, even though your game scored weak. So there is definetely some space for improvement, else people wouldn't have cared. And if you should decide for making something completely new, then taking part in this year's compo should help you a lot too. CU @2006! 976801[/snapback] I think Thomas is right. Take a look at Superfly 1k and 1k+, I think the plus version is far better than the old one and I am quite satisfied with it. I only touched the code again because of the constructive feedback but at the end of the day the most important thing was the fun making it. That's would be bad I like you game. PS @Thomas: klar wird es schwerer, hast halt nicht gut genug gespielt
  20. The MT-32 wasn't build for computer games but a lot of (PC) games supported it. Some where really brilliant I just remeber Heart of China or Monkey Island. The MT-32 was very often supported by Sierra, Dynamix and Origin. It was build before the GM standard so the sound banks where specific. The "better" music track programmed their own sound (the MT had LA Synthesis). At a time with speaker sound or in best case adlib theMT-32 was the holy grail.
  21. That was the first one I tried. Unfortunately, I could only get ModPlug to output .it or .xm files. It seems to change the output format based on what mode the tracker is in, so there may be a way to output a .mod... not sure Thanks! 973168[/snapback] Weird, I had no problem converting it. The only problem is of course that it has far too much channels. Maybe you should strip down the number of voices in the midi file before you convert it. I attached the result anyway bjorn_lynne_valley_of_the_clouds.zip
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