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  1. hello i'm back since a long time ! i see the forum have changed, good work ! i am always stuck with my job but when i find some free time, i work on the packaging artwork of my cartridges i hope i will finish this for this summer ! thanks for all who follow this topic see ya !
  2. Thanks ! I'm so happy it interested you, but sorry, there is nothing to sell You can play it with a skunkboard (you have all the link of the roms) See ya !
  3. Hello Today i'm so happy to have my 7 real cartridges of barbarian on jaguar ! It's cartmod by a friend, and i have done new stickers I have more work to do : 7 box and cover. I hope i will not take too much time to do Some pics : I hope it will enjoy you See ya
  4. Somebody has look how i have done the moving colors of the font in the menu ? You will smile Its just a moving gfx behind a transparent font
  5. GGN had found where was the difference between the cartridge rom and the skunkboard rom On a real cartridge, the was sound glitches It was here : http://atariage.com/forums/topic/271608-my-start-with-rb-barbarian-project-need-help/?p=3968342 I hope it will help you to understand
  6. Salut The differences are for the sfx/music tempo who is different on each device. Else this, the roms are the sames
  7. Hello, the playability is the same on the 7 versions, only the gfx and the sfx/music are differents. Each version have his default and his qualities 8 bits C64 : fantastic music, but background have not enough coulors Cpc : better colors et better sfx than c64 but music is better on c64 and the background is always the same in solo mode AppleII : color and sfx are poor, music is ugly Pc : color are ugly (ega) but music better than appleII. This is the only one version (8 or 16 bits) with a beautiful princess ! Spectrum : not enough color but the sprites are smooth than all other 8bits 16 bits AtariST : nice music (same that cpc), digit sfx, the sprites and gfx are a little better than 8bits Amiga : same sprites and sfx than atari, most colored backrground, but no music ! If you want to see all the versions, go on my youtube page, there are all here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGfNA8q1Xr17t9mp4724BEg See ya
  8. Hello Just before the new year, i have just finished my 7th and last version of barbarian on jaguar It's the zx spectrum version It's not the most beautiful but i think its the first release of the 1987 palace team. The sprites looks like the original draws of steve brown and the sorcerer look like in the 1986 movie "conan the barbarian" This version has a menu, and for thanking all who helped me on atariage, i have add credits in the menu. here is the link to download : https://www.dropbox.com/s/hvzzd3fepas8ycl/barbarianSPECTRUMjaguar.zip?dl=1 Now, my remake of this game is now finished. Maybe in 2019 i will make an ehanced version I wish you all a good New Year's Eve
  9. Hello I have updated the pc-dos and appleII versions, because they had a loading black screen too long. I had forgotten to put the music in rom rather than in ram The spectrum version is soon finished, maybe next week
  10. Hello, i'm back after some months of big work with my job, so i had no free time to coding ! This week-end i have found time to finish the appleII version : Here is the link to download the rom : https://www.dropbox.com/s/ou3bj8kbpaqfg3c/deathswordAPPLEIIjaguar.zip?dl=1 Now, i will begin the last version of the 7 originals : the spectrum version ! I will give you some news in a few weeks for the end of this story See ya F.L
  11. Yes, rb+ is a nic tool to make games ! And with basic langague, no need to have an high knowledge
  12. Oups ! You're right sorry. Can i add your pseudo or your name in the credits for your song librairy ?
  13. Hello I have now finished de pc-ega version, nammed death sword in the usa in 1988 Its not the most beautiful but it will remember to you the ibm-pc of 80's ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZ4mBJ9gwQM Download link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/sb6dg1wbtzuqmdq/deathswordPCjaguar.zip?dl=1 Now 5/7 versions are finished He next will be the appleII Those versions could be done more quickly but i have not enough free time this summer Stay tuned for the next rom !
  14. barbarian+ is a free project on amiga. they have not finish the game yet i look at their updates and i add them on jaguar there is a lot of work to do, but after, yes i will give the rom
  15. yes i have tried it thanks, now i have music + sfx together someone has tried the barbarian+ project ? how do you find the new gfx ?
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