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  1. Aliexpress stopped shipping to a lot of countries right now... Better use ebay stores, they for now still ship stuff...
  2. Has anyone who has an avg cart tried if it works ok in a 800xl with a antonia 4mb memory expansion installed?
  3. A nec 1990fxp lcd works great with an ST, no scaler need, it works in all resolutions out of the box, just needs st to vga cables.
  4. Hi, I know there is a arduino TAP player ,tapuino, for the C64, I was wondering if it could be possible to build a arduino CAS player for the A8? Found this but it doesnt really show a lot or give any information about it. Anybody have any idea about this?
  5. The motherboard does have a small modification. PAL N works ok in color on NTSC equipment, on European PAL equipment is only shows the image in B/W.
  6. From the top it looks like any other 65XE. but from the bottom it looks different. Who had thought Atari's were "made" in Argentina.
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