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  1. I guess I'll join in. Golden Axe Warrior (SMS) Great Zelda-like. I completed this one back in January and I really enjoyed it. Seiken Densetsu 3 (SNES) Amazing. When I first started it, I didn't think I was going to like it as much as Secret of Mana. That changed around the time of the ghost ship. Once the map started opening up, it became even better. I can honestly say that this is now my favorite SNES game of all time. Surprising, since the games it beat it out all have the nostalgia advantage. It has a few issues here and there, but it still comes out on top for me. This was one of the top 3 games on my bucket list to play and finish and it was great to finally experience it. Dungeon Explorer (TG16) My neighbor had this when we were kids. Fun little Gauntlet-style game. Nice graphics and really good music. I completed the CD sequel back then, but never the original. It's pretty fun, but it gets old after a while, especially if you play it single player. Shape Shifter (TurboCD) built-in cheat used Another game my neighbor had that we never finished. You play as a guy that can change into different creatures. I liked it back in the day, but we didn't get too far and now I know why after my recent playthrough. The game has a save system, but you have limited lives with no way to get more and you can only save at the town you start out in. The platforming is pretty finicky, especially with the panther form and there are quite a few cheap deaths and hit detection issues. Although the game is short there are some single screens that can easily wipe out all of your lives. The final bosses are extremely tedious and I unfortunately had to resort to using the unlimited lives cheat to complete it. That said, I do like the graphics and the music is pretty decent. The game has some charm to it. I think the jungle/cat-god/shark segment was probably my favorite part. It started going downhill after that.
  2. I completed Shape Shifter today. I'd be curious to hear other people's thoughts on that game as there is not much about it online. No playthroughs on youtube either. It was one I played with a friend growing up and I had good memories of it, but I don't remember getting that far. I think we got to the shark part, right after the cat statue boss, but that was it. I like the graphics and music. The game has some charm to it, however, I find it brutal to play now as it has so many cheap deaths and poor hit boxes along with limited lives. The final 3 form boss is extremely tedious and I had to resort to the unlimited lives cheat code to finish it. On another note, my Turbo Duo was unable to play any of the dialog towards the end. It was getting hung up and I had to open the top to get the game to continue. I'm wondering if the laser is starting to go. The system was fully recapped about 4-5 years ago. I tried 2 different ISO sets and several different burn speeds and they all crapped out around the same spot (though not always exactly the same spot) - around the final boss pre-fight dialog. I haven't played the Duo in a while so I'll have to try some more games to test it. My guess is that it happens with data that is located towards the outside of the disc.
  3. This, though I'm also picturing something of a rogue-like for Riddle of the Sphinx. I could see a lot of randomized elements added.
  4. I guess one could look at Viewpoint for ideas. I'm thinking it'll mostly come down to adding a few new enemies and/or obstacles - the original Colecovision port added those hovering roomba-like enemies towards the end of the level for example.
  5. Or Zoo Keeper, The Legend of Kage, Time Tunnel, Jump Coaster, Frogs & Spiders, Ninja-Kid, Port Man, Mat Mania. You would think their less popular titles would be cheap to license.
  6. Mario Bros. Caloriekun vs. Moguranian Chameleon Ponpoko Amazing Adventures of Mr. Flea Bagman Boggy '84 Complex X Dock Man/Port Man Dr. Micro Hopper Robo Jumping Jack Levers Monster Bash Mouser Mr. Do's Castle Peter Pepper's Ice Cream Factory Roc'n Rope Super Bagman Super Glob Super Mouse Woodpecker
  7. Zaxxon - it would be cool to see those roomba enemies from the Colecovision version included. How about an alternate form of Zaxxon with a different attack? Perhaps a different color palette for the new asteroid? How difficult would it be to incorporate a random mode like Crossy Road?
  8. DK - 2 player plus new exclusive screens sounds great. Galaga - if I was making an enhanced version, Id mess around with power ups - charge shot, rapid fire, etc. they might need to be temporary though as they could be too powerful. Another idea would be a new enemy that explodes and can possibly take out surrounding enemies with it - or it could act like the exploding bee from DK3. Or a rare bonus enemy that if killed, you get a temporary 2x score bonus when killing enemies.
  9. I have to second this. DK2 is cool, but Donkey Kong Remix is even cooler. Its new levels are really interesting - barrels that launch back up to higher levels, platforms that actually fall when the rivets are removed, it even has bonus stages! Donkey Kong Jr. Remix also looks awesome, though I never got to play that one. The only thing is that it might be difficult to get the creator's blessing. He seems to prefer it to be only available as an upgrade kit. Still, it might be worth asking him. Good to see Lasso mentioned. That's one of my favorite obscure arcade games. Another good one! I too would be interested in a Naughty Boy port.
  10. Well, I finally got my Colecovision fixed so I won't have to wait for the OMNI. I subscribed for the SGM2, but I'm assuming the early adopter limit has probably already been reached. I must say what's being shown in this thread looks really good!
  11. Dark Seal: 187,000 Cadash: 938 EXP I used to play Cadash on the Turbografx when I was an early teen. This is my first time attempting it on the arcade and it seems more difficult than what I remember.
  12. Parodius DA!: 75,700 Aerofighters: 151,200 My first time playing these games. It seems the Aerofighter powerup movements can be pretty trollish.
  13. Jungle Hunt: 12,500 Legend of Kage: 373,500 Made one pass through Jungle Hunt. I think humming along with the theme helped me persevere. It was my first time ever encountering the monkeys. I'm assuming they push you off the vine after a few seconds? I clipped one, but nothing happened. I was hoping to get to the snow level in Legend of Kage, but that's not happening. The balls thrown by the red ninjas are the most difficult aspect of this game. I dread the wall climb level!
  14. I was never really good at Jungle Hunt. I like playing it from time to time and I find the music theme catchy, but it's not something I can play over and over. After about three attempts, I'm bored. Part of it I think is due to the wait times on some of the vine swinging. I just want to speed through it!
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