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  1. Unfortunately, the tips didn't help me out much with Rygar. I think I just got lucky in my first attempt. It took me over 2 hours of playing to improve my previous score! My main problem with the game is dying due to my attacks not registering a hit. About 50% of my deaths are attributed to this. I'll die to an easy 1 HP enemy that my attack bounced off of. Rygar: 215,640 Pengo: 55,290
  2. I agree. The game that inspired Cloudy Mountain, Hunt the Wumpus, had basically no action at all and it was all about finding the Wumpus (through deduction) without dying. I think that anxious survival element should have a little more focus. Trying to figure out where the tough monsters are and avoiding them until you are ready (or perhaps avoiding them entirely) should be a big component of the game. They should be difficult to defeat if you just barge in on them haphazardly and you should be rewarded for planning ahead. Also, I loved those moments where I had to decide if I wanted to risk shooting an arrow blindly into a room where I thought a dragon might reside.
  3. I actually kinda like the primitive shape graphics of the Shark! Shark! one. It has a certain charm to it.
  4. Yeah, that's happening to me a lot with Pengo. It's one of those games with a lot of randomness, so you can't really memorize the levels. I also find the AI to be difficult to predict at times.
  5. Thanks for the tips! I'll try them out next time, though I kinda worry about improving with this game as the play times seem like they'll get long! Maybe the difficulty should have been set to HARD.
  6. It gets REALLY confusing which direction you are facing when you get the powerup that shoots forwards and backwards. I also wish it had a spinner/paddle control for turning.
  7. The bold red font has worked for me, though I even double check when it's the default settings.
  8. GAHHH the smart bombs in Juno First... Juno First: 36,940 New Rally X: 97,600
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