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  1. I sent a donation to Carl for D2K a week ago, though now I wish I had seen this thread first. Looks like it's going to be a looooong wait.
  2. I played the Genesis version first when it came out. One small thing I thought was neat in the arcade version is that you don't have to kill Solo (jetpack cyborg guy) on the mountain top in level 2 and if you don't he'll pester you throughout the level. I never realized (until now) that you can actually beat the level without killing him.
  3. SMW was never a favorite of mine either. I don't hate it or anything like that. I really liked when it first came out, but the level design didn't feel as tight as SMB3 to me.
  4. Yeah, if you like those types of games, you should check it out. It's easily my favorite Apple II game.
  5. The Upper Lands four seasons forest in Secret of Mana Super Mario Bros. 2 - Level 5-2 I don't know why, but it always felt comforting to me. It was a good night level. Conan: Hall of Volta - the tree level (level 2) Mota overworld in Phantasy Star II The water level (3-3) in Bonk's Adventure and Piranha River from Bonk's Revenge
  6. I think it's the former—the jittery problems that many of the Atari paddle controllers would get over time. I believe it was an inherent issue with using potentiometers. Spinners are a lot better in that regard.
  7. The controller I really miss the most is the paddle/spinner. Yeah, you can just use one axis on the mouse to do the same thing, but the tactile feel of rotating the paddle feels so much better and is more enjoyable. It also seems more intuitive for me, especially when it is controlling steering/turning. I built a usb controller that features a TurboTwist 2 spinner (with the knob that can be set for more friction, giving it a paddle feel) with three buttons and I am currently in the experimenting phase with a few game prototypes that I've specifically designed for a paddle control. I feel that the paddle went extinct too early and wasn't fully explored as a video game controller.
  8. Two or three is the sweet spot for me. With three you can have the two for attack/movement combos and one for a special ability or selecting/toggling stuff. You right, four is pushing it a bit and once you go over that, it becomes messy.
  9. Yeah. Controlling the elevators would be nice. I just like that I can finally beat at least one level in this version (haven't gotten past the 2nd level yet).
  10. Someone recently made a new version, Bagman Comes Back, for Windows and Amiga. It uses the same graphics/sound as the original and it plays the same as well. However, it sports 8 new levels and the difficulty curve seems to be improved. Not bad. I just wish the creator incorporated elements from Super Bagman.
  11. It's probably due to the leaderboards. It would be way too easy to cheat. That said, they could have maybe included a separate menu option that allows of multiple reloadable save states, with the caveat being your score doesn't get put up on the leaderboard.
  12. I finally completed King's Valley on the Colecovision SGM. I really love that game and I'm so glad Team Pixelboy ported it.
  13. Yeah, it's got unlimited continues. It wouldn't have been bad if you started back at a reasonable check point like the original.
  14. It was Act 6 and you had to fight 3 bosses in a row and if you died on any of them you went all the way back to the beginning of 6-1. It was the most infuriating moment in my video game experience as a kid. I remember picturing a room full of Japanese developers watching me play the game and laughing hysterically when I died at Jaquio. At the time, I was convinced that it was impossible and the whole game was made solely just to troll kids because the developers must have hated them so much. I have less memories of Ninja Gaiden 2, but didn't it do the same thing with its final bosses?
  15. Congrats on your win. I think I enjoyed this season more than the last one, though I was running out of steam at the end. I also like that you included a graph. That is interesting to see!
  16. Birds. Ninja Gaiden birds. And their theme song.
  17. I don't know about scary, but the Tarantella Napoletana song that plays in Mangia' is kind of unsettling. It's partly because of the premise though, and they fact that it plays right after the kid's stomach explodes.
  18. I wish we were doing the superior btime3 (USA) version of Burger Time. It's a bit more fun. You feel really slow in this version. Elevator Action: 10,400 Metal Slug 5: 150,800 Burger Time: 32,050 Portman: 15,520
  19. I have a theory that Evil Otto is actually a Happy Fun Ball and the guy you control taunts it before the game starts.
  20. 1943: 40,800 Gyruss: 38,100 Metal Slug 5: 98,400 Elevator Action: 9,550 Baluba-Louk: 83,490 Kicker: 29,400 Port Man: 8,500
  21. I actually think you've got a shot at 2nd as most of these games I either suck at or have no experience with. Most of these are popular titles so I'm expecting great scores from you and Cynicaster. I can't rely on reflexes and I generally only do well on games where I can formulate a strategy that works for me. That takes a long time though and there are too many games to focus on this time. The same thing happened during the holiday round. That's where I really fell. All of that said, I don't want to sound too much like a defeatist and I'm sure you would be disappointed if I threw in the towel now and gave you 2nd place, so I will try my best to make sure you have to work for it!
  22. Unfortunately, the tips didn't help me out much with Rygar. I think I just got lucky in my first attempt. It took me over 2 hours of playing to improve my previous score! My main problem with the game is dying due to my attacks not registering a hit. About 50% of my deaths are attributed to this. I'll die to an easy 1 HP enemy that my attack bounced off of. Rygar: 215,640 Pengo: 55,290
  23. I agree. The game that inspired Cloudy Mountain, Hunt the Wumpus, had basically no action at all and it was all about finding the Wumpus (through deduction) without dying. I think that anxious survival element should have a little more focus. Trying to figure out where the tough monsters are and avoiding them until you are ready (or perhaps avoiding them entirely) should be a big component of the game. They should be difficult to defeat if you just barge in on them haphazardly and you should be rewarded for planning ahead. Also, I loved those moments where I had to decide if I wanted to risk shooting an arrow blindly into a room where I thought a dragon might reside.
  24. I actually kinda like the primitive shape graphics of the Shark! Shark! one. It has a certain charm to it.
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