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  1. Megamania - 77130 Subterranea - 4266 Suicide Mission - 72550 Wasn't working on the 7800 - had to play on emulator. I feel like I could have gotten farther, but I was getting bored.
  2. Here's my list (not including handhelds) Atari 2600 - J (broke) Atari 2600 Jr - J (broke) NES - G (Sold it to get the SNES) Genesis - J (stolen) SNES - S Turbo Grafx 16 - G (Sold it to get the Turbo Duo) Turbo Duo - S PS1 - J (broke) PS1 - J (broke) PS1 - S Dreamcast - G (gave it away) PS2 - J (broke) PS2 - S Xbox - S Xbox 360 - J (pretty sure you can guess what happened) Xbox 360 - S PS3 - S Wii U - S PS4 - S Atari 7800 - S NES - S Colecovision - S Genesis - S SMS (Power Base Converter) - S Although I didn't own them growing up, I still got to experience the Colecovision, Sega Master System, and 3DO at friend's houses.
  3. My collection is all about games I played as a kid and games I always wanted when I was a kid. So it's pretty manageable. I'm mostly finished with the 2600, 7800, Colecovision, NES, Super Nintendo, and Turbo Grafx. I don't have anything close to a true complete collection for any of these systems, however I basically have most of the games I want (which comes out to about 50 games for the 2600, 12 for the 7800, 8 of the Colecovision, 65 for the NES, 18 for the SNES, and 22 for the Turbo). Now the Sega Genesis and Master System are another story. I just started this year and I lost my original collection when I was a teen so I have a long way to go there. Although I technically have a plethora of games for the PS1, PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360, and the Wii, I don't consider them a collection as they don't have any nostalgic value for me and I never go back to them.
  4. Marauder - 13,370 Bonus: Strider - the anti-gravity core of the flying battleship Balrog
  5. Demolition Herby: 1777 Dodge 'Em: 94 I always had trouble with this game
  6. Double Dunk: 16-66 = -50 My Golf: 52 Fishing Derby: 99-64 = +35 I thought I had a flawless game (no room to improve), but looking at everyone else's scores, I guess not.
  7. The computer constantly steals the ball from me and I can't seem to do the same in return. Looks like I'm going to have to focus on Fishing Derby.
  8. 1670. Those ships that shoot at you can be real cheap. That's my only gripe.
  9. 501 for 1 B/B Can't seem to complete the board for the bonus.
  10. Well, I did terrible with Tron. Ghostbusters was okay. I was finally able to reach Stay Puft, but I couldn't pass him. And I finally got lucky and had a decent run with Death Star Battle. Tron: 6400 Ghostbusters: 12,400 Death Star Battle: 14,620
  11. Is any way to avoid getting killed by spawning tie fighters in Death Star Battle or at least a way to mitigate it? I never played it on AA before and I feel like 90% of my deaths are completely unavoidable. The tie fighters just spawn right on top of me. It doesn't seem to make a difference where I am on the screen. Also is it normal for the Falcon to take about 1 second to change direction? I think I fixed my joystick, but maybe not. Just want to make sure.
  12. Keep getting $0 on Ghostbusters and now my only decent joystick broke. This week is going to be brutal for me.
  13. Just noticed, my score didn't get added to the list.
  14. 33460 I feel like there's a really good game hidden under the terrible hit detection (hammer, ladders). This game could enter my top 5 2600 games, if it ever gets fixed with a hack. I'll have to try out the arcade version.
  15. 12000 and I completed over 8 missions. Bonus: Frenzy
  16. 46700. Didn't have much time to play this one. I like it though. A lot better than 2600 Defender.
  17. I'm finding that I do better without using the second controller. That Edladdin twin joystick controller would be really nice right about now.
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