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  1. 12000 and I completed over 8 missions. Bonus: Frenzy
  2. 46700. Didn't have much time to play this one. I like it though. A lot better than 2600 Defender.
  3. I'm finding that I do better without using the second controller. That Edladdin twin joystick controller would be really nice right about now.
  4. ZAPPER 16 Never thought I'd ever play this game for more than a minute in one sitting. It's definitely a challenge with these settings.
  5. Wanted to list couple of fun games that never got any console love. Anteater Chameleon Fast Freddie
  6. Okay I'm done now. 160,651 is my final score. Got Rhonda, the ring, the rat, and Quickclaw again (included pictures this time). I don't mind this game much during leisurely play. However, when playing this game for high score, the frustration levels rise tenfold.
  7. Thanks. So you think the flute needs some volume level adjustments?
  8. Music bonus: Tutankham had a few little tunes.
  9. Man, I almost forgot how rough that last section is. Those bats... Anyway: 105567. Got the girl, the ring, the mouse, and Quickclaw. I might give it another go later. Also on the subject of music, I just so happen to have been working on a Pitfall 2 music arrangement the past few months. I've attached a small sample in case anyone might be interested. Maybe I'll post a thread sometime after it's done. pitfall_sample.mp3
  10. Clash at Demonhead was pretty funny for a NES game.
  11. Ninja Gaiden Act 6 brought me to tears many times when I was little. It was very emotional.
  12. 3455. Most of my deaths were due to the hit detection. It always looks like I can turn a corner safely... But no.
  13. I'm so used to playing the arcade version. While I do play 2600 version of Millipede, this is the first time I've really sat down and really tried the 2600 version of Centipede. Took a while to adjust. My final score: 127,936.
  14. I really have no idea how you are supposed to get past the last level of round 3. They move faster than I can move up and get off the vine. Anyway, my final score is 47,200.
  15. Looks like my bonus score is wrong. It should be the 51400 one from post #101. The 17900 score is from the wrong game.
  16. 16,600 I'm not going to get too high on this one. I actually like DK Jr more than the original DK, however this version is abysmal.
  17. Well, I'm done. I finally managed to break 100,000 and I'm satisfied. The rivets level fireballs are so tedious, I can't play it anymore. Final score: 104,700. I got 17,900 on the other one, however looking at other people's images, I think I played the wrong game. Didn't realize there are a couple of different DK homebrews.
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