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  1. Yeah, that was a nice touch. I liked how each treasure was unique with it's own sprite and there was a variety of different enemies (although they were basically all the same with just 3 speed types). When I was a kid, I was amazed at its 4 unique levels. It was the first 2600 game I had played that had more than 2.
  2. It's #2 on my list. Yeah, not many people seem to like it. I think it appeared on 7 people's top 10 (in that Top 100 thread). At least you're not the only one.
  3. I'd disagree to that one. And regarding popular games that I never got into, I'll agree with the OP and say Yars' Revenge. I never owned it as a kid, so I didn't really sit down and play it for a while until a few years ago. I'll admit it's better than I thought it was when I was younger. However, I still don't see why everyone seems to list it in their top 5 2600 games.
  4. Didn't find out about this list until now. Here are my favorites: 1. Millipede 2. Tutankham 3. Bermuda Triangle 4. Berzerk 5. Maze Craze 6. Riddle of the Sphinx 7. Fathom 8. Circus Atari 9. Private Eye 10. Pitfall II
  5. Huh, this game seems more difficult than I remember. I'd like to see a 4 level version of this game that keeps the 2 levels from this one. 44,300
  6. I didn't like the 2600 version of Mario Bros at first, but now after playing it seriously, it's not that bad. I'd say the graphics and the jump angle are the worst aspects. I was surprised to see all the enemies in it. The flies were easy for me in the beginning, but somehow my fly hitting skills degraded over time. My high score is 86,800.
  7. Not the same game??? According to back of the box they are Actually, I was so confused when the Genesis game came out. I knew that there had to be a mistake, but I wasn't willing to take the risk. Never knew for sure until I rented it years later.
  8. Rygar always felt bizarre which for me added to it's charm. The game has some of the weirdest enemy designs I've seen. Good stuff.
  9. Millipede with 2 player co-op support like Centipede 7800. Also trackball support.
  10. Personally, I prefer the grey lower area over blue and the enemy sprites we got in the released version.
  11. I came across a video of the Atari programmers panel from the Portland Expo 2015. It includes Bob Smith, Tod Frye, Rob Zdybel, and Howard Scott Warshaw. I didn't see it mentioned in any of the Portland Expo threads so I thought I'd share it here for anyone like me who missed it. Oh and apparently Tod Frye is planning on finishing Swordquest Airworld?
  12. I've found that even ebay listings that specifically state that the game has been cleaned and tested are usually dirty 9 times out of 10.
  13. I haven't been involved with the HSC this season (or even at all yet), but I wanted to participate with this one. My score wasn't that great, but it's the best I've ever done with this game - 1506. I consider this game the best horror title on the 2600. Maybe not the best gameplay, but definitely the most disturbing.
  14. Are you serious? I had that one back in the day and I don't remember it being that difficult at all, especially after you beat a boss and get a weapon. The final Dr Wily stage might have been a little difficult, but not worse than Mega Man 1 on the NES. The funny thing is I find Ghost n Goblins very difficult and I don't think I've ever made it past level 2!
  15. Nevemind. I didn't realize you were supposed to just hold down the kick button. The clouds being obsticals was also confusing. I think I got this one all figured out now.
  16. Does anyone know how a successful kick is determined in Fast Freddie? I kinda like the game, however that's starting to change after I've played it more than a few times. The hit detection seems extremely wonky. If anyone knows of any tips for this game, do tell.
  17. 7800 Centipede hands down. Like others have said, 2 player simultaneous play and better graphics. Now if you compare 2600 Millipede to 7800 Centipede... that's a tough one for me... someone needs to make a 7800 Millipede homebrew with 2 player co-op!
  18. Thanks for the offer. I'd prefer to record it myself if I can, though I'll let you know if I run out of local options. Good to know about the Ultrastik 360. I wonder what the best option would be considering there are a couple of extra buttons, two of which (teleport and special ability) would need to be easy to push quickly while you're moving the sticks. Are there any spinners that you can press down on that will act as a button push? I've heard of push / pull spinners, but I've never seen them in action, and I'm not sure how well they would work for this. I wonder if it could be fabricated with the ball mouse idea i.e. Pressing down the "X roller" spinner activates the left mouse button and pressing down the "Y roller" spinner activates the right mouse button. Thanks! I'm using Fusion 2.5
  19. Your excitement is encouraging It will be Windows only. The specs shouldn't be too crazy. It runs on my 5 year old Intel Core2 Duo with 3 GB Ram fine and there are options to lower some of the graphical effects to make it run faster if need be. It also runs on my tiny HTPC as well - forget the specs off hand. I won't be able to port it to Linux or OSX due to the development kit I'm using. I would like to try and port it to IOS and Android though. I just need to figure out the best way to implement touch controls for this game. I was actually thinking about making a little arcade cabinet for this as well On the PC, it plays best with a dual analog stick controller (although it will also support keyboard and mouse). It would need two 360 degree analog joysticks for an arcade cab and I'm not sure if anyone makes those. Another control option is dual spinners which could be pretty cool. Cool, I'll keep you in mind when I release the next beta. Unfortunately, it might be a little while before I can release a proper video demo as my machine is too slow to both play the game and record it at a decent frame rate.
  20. Completing the 4th level in Tutankham when I was a kid. I thought it was impossible at the time.
  21. I've never participated in the Atari 2600 HSC, so forgive me if I mention a game that was played too recently. A few of my suggestions would be: Bermuda Triangle Tutankham Commando Raid Name This Game Millipede Mangia Paddle Games: Demons to Diamonds Circus Atari
  22. Thanks. It looks even better in motion at 60fps. I'm hoping to get a video preview finished soon as well as a playable demo.
  23. It's funny. I kept seeing the Harmony cart mentioned in multiple threads and I didn't even know what it was until I finally checked after reading your post! Now it's something I learned as well.
  24. Well, I tried it and I ended up getting it. I never really played many of the old isometric view games and I'm finding it very enjoyable! Definitely a one-of-a-kind for the 7800.
  25. For the past year, I've been working on my little homage to early 80s arcade games. Development is nearing it's last leg, however there is still room for me to add things and/or make changes. I wanted to make a post here to see what your thoughts are and if any of you have any suggestions regarding features, etc. I'll also be looking for 2nd phase beta testers soon so if anyone's interested, let me know. I'll be selecting a handful. In this game, you play as the Hive Bomber, the destroyer of hives. The story is bizarre and almost non-existant like many early arcade games. It's not finalized yet but the basic gist is that Mother Nature summoned the Hive Bomber as a method of population control against the ever expanding horde of Cyber Bees. I'm thinking about keeping it as weird and vague as possible. During the early design phase, I decided to treat it as if it was an HD remake of an old arcade game. I'd describe the graphic style as faux-vector/raster hybrid, if that makes any sense. The game itself is basically a mix of Breakout, Gyruss, Centipede/Millipede, and Geometry Wars. You control the Hive Bomber which flies around the hive on a circular path (like Gyruss). With shooting controls similar to Geometry Wars, you fire bouncing cannonball-like projectiles at the hive hexes. Your goal for each level is to find 4 randomly placed honeycombs which are hidden in the hexes. On odd levels, once all 4 honeycombs are found, the hive self destructs (did I mention this game is pretty abstract?). On even levels, you need to also kill the queen which is hidden somewhere in the middle of the hive. If you release the queen before all of the honeycombs are found, she will have an impenetrable bubble shield that won't be deactivated until all honeycombs are retrieved, so it's best to avoid releasing the queen too early if you can. The Hive Bomber has many forms. Forms are essentially powerups that are hidden in the hives - 1 form powerup per hive. Each form has specific cannon attributes (light repeating, heavy, Y-shot, etc.) as well as a special ability (bubble shield, flat shield, wind push, gravity well, etc). You can "carry" up to 2 forms at a time - switching between the two by the press of a button. All forms have the ability to teleport as long as you have at least one teleport unit. Other powerups include speed increase, cannonball bounce increase, and satellites. I plan on releasing it on PC first and maybe port it to mobile platforms later. That's the basic rundown. I'm trying to keep this from being a huge wall of text at the moment. I'll elaborate more if there are any questions. Any thoughts? Does this look/sound like something anyone here would be interested in? THE MAIN ENEMIES THE BEES Worker Bee: Repairs the hive as it gets damaged. Avenger Bee: Equipped with a light plasma cannon. Pursues the Hive Bomber and fires in slow 3-shot bursts. Defender Bee: Defends the hive and protects other bees and allies. This bee is equipped with a heavy plasma cannon and a rechargable bubble shield. Queen Bee: There are a few different variants which have different attacks. All queens have a bubble shield that can only be deactivated after finding all honeycombs. BEE ALLIES Mosquito: Weak enemy that flies across the screen in an erratic manner. Stag Beetle: Heavily armored enemy. Can only be killed by hitting one of his weak points. Fires a cluster plasma bomb. Jumping Spider: Hops around on the hive. Fires webshots that can entangle the Hive Bomber. Also equipped with a light plasma cannon. OTHER Bee Killer: Kills bees. The more they kill, the more powerful they become. After killing a set amount of bees, they will then set their sights on the Hive Bomber.
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