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  1. Yeah, that's happening to me a lot with Pengo. It's one of those games with a lot of randomness, so you can't really memorize the levels. I also find the AI to be difficult to predict at times.
  2. Thanks for the tips! I'll try them out next time, though I kinda worry about improving with this game as the play times seem like they'll get long! Maybe the difficulty should have been set to HARD.
  3. It gets REALLY confusing which direction you are facing when you get the powerup that shoots forwards and backwards. I also wish it had a spinner/paddle control for turning.
  4. The bold red font has worked for me, though I even double check when it's the default settings.
  5. GAHHH the smart bombs in Juno First... Juno First: 36,940 New Rally X: 97,600
  6. Okay that helped. I finally was able to get a bonus! Thanks. Amidar: 66,990
  7. I can no longer read the enemy movements once I reach the 2nd paint roller level. Then I use up all my jumps and lives in quick succession. Amidar: 45,190
  8. Snow Bros: 363,310 I think I ended up doing better with this game when I just focus on surviving. Trying to kill all enemies in one go for the big bonus just makes me dead.
  9. Snow Bros: 249,850 Lasso: 189,420 Does anyone know the name of the song that was used for the level background music (not the Mexican Hat Dance intro song) in Lasso? I want to say it's something from the early 1900s but I can't put my finger on it. It makes me think of Rhapsody in Blue for some reason.
  10. I really like the Bagman games, aside from the timer. I find it way too unforgiving and it can almost suck the fun out of the game at times. Completing a single stage eludes me, but I still try every once in a while.
  11. This was the first time I really sat down and seriously played Armored Car and Zoo Keeper. While I really like the gameplay of those games, the controls drove me bonkers, especially Armored Car. I kept going in the wrong direction!
  12. Raiden: 127,070 Sorcer Striker: 142,010 Rolling Thunder: 43,980 Armored Car: 20,600 Zookeeper: 162,430
  13. First attempts... Raiden: 86,630 Sorcer Striker: 109,220 Rolling Thunder: 43,980 Armored Car: 13,670 Zoo Keeper: 74,740
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