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  1. Does anyone know the control panel dimensions for the countercades? Particularly the depth and the height from the bottom of the cab. I'm trying to figure out if Happ style buttons will fit and if a JLW joystick would be too big.
  2. Gauntlet: 20,925 Bank Panic: 57,400 120,400 You know, I thought I wasn't going to like Bank Panic as I'm not big on shooting gallery style games, but this game is actually really fun! I feel like there's an element of strategy to it due to being able to see when someone is coming up to each door. You don't want to be caught in a situation with three doors opening at the same time.
  3. I have a lot of respect of the game and I like its design ideas, but it's not one of my favorites from the era. There's not much variation, and it gets boring quickly. Ms. Pac-Man on the other hand is a different story. Multiple mazes and mobile bonus items improve things immensely for me.
  4. Yeah, fairly sparse, but I was mainly comparing it to Video Pinball in my head.
  5. Wow, for a second I was thinking they accidentally included footage of a pinball game from another Atari system in the commercial. I wasn't aware of Midnight Magic. Pretty impressive game for the 2600, especially compared to Video Pinball.
  6. Trog: 2,090,810 Okay, so you need to be more aggressive with attacking the trogs in order to get more pineapples. Didn't notice that at first.
  7. I keep track of high scores in OneNote, but I usually delete the score I had previously. I like the idea of tracking your average although I agree that it would be too tedious on any game that doesn't have built in tracking. I find your shortcut interesting, but I'd still have to keep track of the number of games played. That's something I'd probably get lax on after a while - unless maybe there was a high score tracking mobile app that would let you easily tally your attempts by the push of a button or something. You do have me considering adding a feature to the game I've been working on that tracks your average high scores over time.
  8. I've noticed that too. I think you get higher points the more rabbits you bring back at once. I'm not sure how much you get if your dog takes out one of the enemy players (if you get any at all).
  9. I generally feel the same way. I can only go back to the few sprite based games on PS1. For me, it's mostly because of the ugly 3D texturing of that era and the weird distortion of the polys when they get close to the camera. I will add that I don't mind modern low poly games if they have a nice aesthetic, so it's not really the polygon count in itself that bothers me.
  10. Ahhh, the Alpiger strat. Don't wanna get marble hand. Gotta cut out the fingers though
  11. This sounds like a great idea to me! On another note, some arcade games I'd like to see with an enhanced treatment (extra levels, enemies, etc): Congo Bongo Mr. Do! Lasso (maybe some extra animal types to catch with different AI, another enemy type, and/or another environment) Pengo Time Tunnel (this one could definitely use a graphical makeover and an extra level or two) Tutankham Wild Western (the controls would have to be figured out. In MAME, I set it up so you can aim by holding a button down while moving the joystick. The game isn't as frantic as something like Robotron and I find this control scheme works pretty well for the pace of the game)
  12. Both of these games take a while for the difficulty to ramp up. Trog: 1,613,240 Talbot: 66,690
  13. Yeah Talbot is an extremely obscure arcade game. I was digging DEEP in the dark depths of MAME when I originally came across this one. I didn't like it that much at first, but it grew on me. The game is a little rough around the edges, but it has some interesting game mechanics. It brings its own spin to the maze game genre. TALBOT GAMEPLAY You need to catch the rabbits and bring them back down to the lower pens. The computer team is also trying to do the same, but with the upper pens. You want to get more rabbits than them or else you LOSE A LIFE. The level ends when you catch 8 rabbits. When you are carrying a rabbit, you are vulnerable. If one of the two enemy catchers touch you while you are carrying a rabbit, you LOSE A LIFE. If you or the dog touch an enemy catcher while they are carrying a rabbit, they drop any rabbits they are carrying and are temporarily taken out. Your talbot dog is your friend. You can use him to help catch the rabbits in a pincer movement, though he basically has a mind of his own. That said, you have a little bit of control over him. One of the buttons makes the dog drop down a spike bed which slows down the rabbits, the enemy catchers, and you (though it seems to slow the rabbits down more). The other button sics your dog after the catchers. Both of these actions use up "fuel" which you can replenish by picking up the cups of coffee/milk. Another thing to note is that the catchers can go into your pen and steal your rabbits and you can steal theirs as well (but only one at a time). There is also a werewolf rat thing that appears after the first loop that will make you LOSE A LIFE if it touches you.
  14. Managed to make it to the third level in both of these games tonight. While I am liking Bionic Commando a lot more now, I'm not a fan of the huge random point variation on the bonus items. Cybattler: 289,260 Bionic Commando: 51,480
  15. Haha, I was thinking the exact same thing during my playthrough! Those big guys that charge you are a pain. If they start charging at you within a certain distance, you're toast. Nothing you can do it seems.
  16. I'm really liking the shoot-any-direction/strafing mechanic in Cybattler. I've played it once before very briefly, but this is the first time I got to actually play it for real. Can't get past the first boss yet though. Bionic Commando: 20,560 Cybattler: 58,800
  17. By the way, I'm really liking the picks you guys are listing. Great stuff!
  18. This may be too late but... Lasso Rescue (Stern) Talbot Wild Western Portman
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