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  1. When I was a kid my dad would play Berzerk, Warlords, and Tutankham on the 2600. He played Super Mario Bros a bit when the NES came out but that was about it. Nowadays he mainly plays Solitaire and simple strategy games on mobile. He'll also play Mario Kart 8 from time to time as well if other people are playing. The only game my mom played was Loom on Turbo CD. She didn't care for video games much, but she did like that one.
  2. I prefer the really old ones. Millipede Robotron Gyruss Wild Western (would that be considered a shmup?)
  3. Yeah it took me a while to figure out what you're supposed to do when I first played it. First level, you back into the railroad cars. The next one, you pick up people at the train stations and you drop them off in the level after that. It was tricky to get used to controlling the track switches and avoiding the other train and enemies, but it grew on me after a while.
  4. I should have 81 instead of 102 for Golden Axe. That would put me below youxia. I didn't know we were using the Strength score when I posted it.
  5. Also, the humming sounds of the TV that would change every time the color palette swapped - very mesmerizing indeed. I remember sitting down and watching it for a while as a kid just to see what color combinations would pop up.
  6. I'm surprised it can do it with no power source. Wish there was one that could convert to 240p instead of interlaced though.
  7. I just picked up a Vectrex last week and I was wondering if there were any plain colored overlays out there. Did a search and BAM, found this! Ordered.
  8. Gravitar: 11,450 Xybots: 82,800 Xybots is one I've been meaning to sit down and try out for quite some time. Not bad.
  9. Hippodrome 90,630 I think that's my last attempt. I just can't defeat the wizard no matter how hard I try. I also can't seem to best my first score on Golden Axe so onward to Gravitar and Xybots!
  10. It was one of my guesses as well. It's often considered one of the hardest Atari games. However, I don't find the arcade version too bad, though I'm not saying it's easy. You, S.BAZ, and Youxia will probably still destroy me. S.BAZ brought up a good point though. Are we using "Total Score" or "Strength" for Golden Axe? After looking around online, I've seen others using Strength for their score, so I'm now guessing that's probably the one to use.
  11. 58930 Wow, your score really does go up after the 2nd boss! I barely beat him - his last ditch move caught me off guard.
  12. Yeah, while I like this game, I'm not big on playing these types of games for score. I can't give many tips for the 1st level as I thought it was pretty straight forward aside from the fire on bridge part - make sure to jump down as soon as possible there. Also, don't forget to hold the button down once you have rapid fire. It took me a few playthroughs to figure that out. Anyway the 2nd level is really difficult for me as I have trouble judging the hit box while on the horse. I also can't seem to beat the 2nd boss and I can only ever get to him with one life.
  13. You can't mention Dark Tower without mentioning some of the other games in Milton Bradley's short-lived electronic board game series - Stop Thief and Lost Treasure. Stop Thief is one of my favorites and I didn't discover it until a few years ago.
  14. These threads have got me thinking. If the Arcadia 2001 came out a year earlier in 1981 and they released Pac-Man with it, could the video game crash have been averted? What if the VC 4000 didn't confuse people with its "cassettes" and they were called carts instead? Would Germany have gained control of the video game market? Would the Colecovision, NES, SMS, even have happened???
  15. I also agree in regards to the controller. I'd say there's a good chance that it was the main contributor to the failure of the 5200. It's THAT bad.
  16. $27420 "Marry me with my money!" Yeah, I know it's supposed to be "bury".
  17. $22,590 I haven't played this one before. I can't seem to get too far in the 2nd level.
  18. 106700. My goal of breaking 100000 has been reached. Level 6 is crazy. I still haven't seen the biplane. What level does it usually appear in?
  19. Alright! More participants. Things are picking up now. It seems like by the time I reach the 3rd or 4th level I become too afraid of going after the ships that need to be destroyed with the missiles and it's all about survival. Gotta try to be more aggressive. 74500
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