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  1. Everyone's answers are correct. Great job guys! I added two more pics to 14, perhaps that will help.
  2. Well, since all of these have been solved. Here is the next batch.
  3. It helps for some of these if you're familiar with the enemies/items and pop culture references. Some of the pics are meant to be literal and some only serve a vague visual representation. You did well though. Both your 9 and 10 guesses are correct! Also, I felt like I had to obfuscate 10 quite a bit considering how popular the title is.
  4. Yep, all of those are correct! And #8 is correct too.
  5. A friend and I were messing around testing each other with picture puzzles a few weeks ago. I thought they were pretty good and they might be something some of you guys might enjoy, so I decided to clean them up and share them here. Each one represents a game. Here's 10 of them. Maybe use spoiler tags for your guesses. I can post more later if anyone is interested in these.
  6. Tapping it warm or cold doesn't seem to do anything. I'm using an unshielded composite cable with an adapter. I have one RF cable that's shielded but it's pretty old, banged up and working worse than the composite cable. I guess I'll picking up a new one and try that.
  7. Well, I finally picked up an Intellivision this week and it's working okay aside from the screen shaking up and down after a while. It's sort of a jittery vibrating shake - the movement range is about a half inch to an inch. It initially started doing it after a minute of play and after I removed the tv switch box and connected the system directly to the RF input, it only starts shaking after about 10 minutes of play. I then tried swapping cables and connector adapters but it didn't improve any further. This is on a CRT by the way. If I turn off the system and immediately turn it back on, it still shakes. I have to wait a few minutes before I turn it back on again for it to go away. Also not sure if it's related but in some games, there is a lot of screen noise whenever there is a loud audio noise in a game (for example when you enter a mountain in AD&D). Any ideas? I'm guessing maybe a defective capacitor or power supply?
  8. Fixed! My Colecovision is finally up and running again. Thanks so much!
  9. So the grey wire in the latest pic should be attached there?
  10. Ahhh, okay that makes more sense now. So how does this picture look? The grey wire wasn't attached to anything when I took it apart. I'm guessing it might have come off the RF modulator when I first opened it up. It's too short to reach the SN76489AN. Where exactly should it be connected to the RF modulator?
  11. I recently sent my Colecovision to an electronics repair guy to replace the IC chips as I was unable to desolder them myself. He was able to do it, though he needed to use a heat gun. I got it back today and the controllers work again! However, now I lost audio. This is an A/V modded system I got off ebay years ago. I've searched around and I can't seem to find this particular mod anywhere. This one only has 2 wires that connect to the board, not 3 like the others seem to. I've attached photos of the mod. As you can see, it is located next to the IC chips. I'm wondering if maybe a joint melted and connected with something it shouldn't have when the guy was using the heat gun. Does that sound likely? The video works fine and still looks great. I'm just not getting ANY audio at all. Anyone have any ideas?
  12. I'd love to get a desoldering gun. Looks like it would be a lot easier. I have trouble with solder splattering over the board when using the regular sucker - I have to act fast, but when I'm fast, I can't get it pressed down firmly enough and it moves when I press the button.
  13. Oh I can relate. I just rage quitted tonight while trying to desolder the IC chips on my Colecovision. I've never been successful with chips. A while back I spent a few weeks trying to desolder the ram chips off an Atari 800XL. I wasn't able to remove a single chip and I ended up buying another one instead. I've got all the equipment (fine point iron, solder sucker, solder wick, rosin flux, sponge) and I've watched many youtube videos but they never seem to share the secret incantation. I will say that you should definitely get the smallest iron tip you can find. I could probably go smaller myself. I really wish the solder suckers came with a smaller tip. They seem way too big for use with chips as the pins can get in the way sometimes on the underside and there's not enough room for use on the top side.
  14. Any confirmation if the Prometheus will also have composite A/V out? Or will it be HDMI only?
  15. Alundra Final Fantasy Tactics Mega Man X4 and maybe Mega Man 8
  16. Yeah, that was me. Looking forward to trying it out with Robotron! However, it's too bad I'm still waiting on my 7800 composite mod from Retrofixes - it will probably be a while.
  17. So glad I clicked on this thread! I think you made the right decision Jin, however I might be a bit biased as I've been planning on getting one of Edladdin's Super Twin controllers for a while now, and you even have one with LED buttons! I'll gladly take it off your hands
  18. So will this have both HDMI and composite output (I'm hoping so)? What screen resolutions would be available? If it's HDMI, would you be able to make a widescreen game for it? Would it be possible to have it be compatible with the Atari trackball controllers? It would be really cool have the possibility for arcade quality home ports of Crystal Castles and Marble Madness with the right controls. I agree with others on Zoo Keeper and Temple of Doom (Arcade version). Here are few more rare arcade titles that could use a home port: Chameleon (Jaleco) Fast Freddie Jump Bug Mysterious Stones Pandora's Palace Sky Skipper Wild Western (Taito)
  19. Doesn't look like an NES game??? I always thought the graphics looked like the early black box games. It also looks similar to Dr Chaos.
  20. That's fine. This is just a one-off for me anyway. Wasn't planning on competing this year.
  21. I might be too late - had trouble getting the pic off my phone. Probably should have logged in with my phone and posted it. 410,643
  22. I wasn't going to get involved with this years HSC, however I couldn't pass up the BEST game on the 2600! 222,327 I can probably roll this if I can find enough time to do it.
  23. Alright, you guys have convinced me to give it a few more attempts! Unfortunately, I'm working with cheap tools and I'm not sure how much more I want to spend on this. I'll get some of that PC board safe flux, though I'll need to weigh the better soldering iron and pump against just buying another 800XL. The latter is starting to look pretty tempting, even if it costs more as I got this thing for the games, and not so much for a tinkering project. I just want to play Montezuma's Revenge already! If I do get another machine, I'd have to at least get one that seller claims to have tested. Unfortunately, it seems like most sellers don't test the machine and sell it as is. $200+ seems to be the current going rate for a machine that was tested beyond just making sure it powers on. How much would I have to spend on a soldering iron that would do this job well? Anyone have any specific recommendations? Shoestring, what desoldering gun do you have?
  24. Well after a few weekends of desoldering attempts, I think I'm about ready to throw this thing back up on ebay. I removed solder off all the pins for all 8 chips, but I still can't remove a single one. There still seems to be some solder on them, but I'm having a hard time seeing it. It must be on the top side, however the plunger is too big to get in between the chips and the wick doesn't seem to be sucking anything up. I don't see how people do this stuff. Youtube videos make it look easy!
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