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  1. Yeah, I like yours too, it's even funnier. I try to be, though yours is stupid.
  2. Why cant you use the ROM from AA?
  3. isnt there a game like breakout, and your hand is the paddles or something?
  4. Yeesh. I dont even think the post office will accept that.
  5. This time I am pissed. The guy e-mailed me: That pisses me off. I didnt want another retraction on my record (My brother gave me 3 ) And you didnt like me already, so now I am screwed, right? Anyway, my response: How should I respond? I retracted my bid, but I think I should respond to that in some way. Anyway, sorry
  6. You have SIMIS? Where did you get it?
  7. C'mon, someone has to know.
  8. What is the programming language for the LYNX? I want to make a Mother of all balltles clone.
  9. Wanting: A Reproduction of LODE RUNNER Lemmings Qix Dinolympics Ishido Chips Challenge Steel Talons Gauntlet Joust Klax Super Asteroids & Missile Command Robotron: 2084 Switchblade II Warbirds Slime World Warbirds APB BattleWheels Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Hard Drivin' Rampage Rampart
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