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  1. At some point in the intervening 6 years (lol) since I posted this message, I put in a concerted effort and made it much farther than I ever had before. Can't remember exactly how far but it was at least half way through the game. Still one of my all time favorites on the Intellivision. The disc control is great, side buttons not so much. Can't remember if I tried on intvdave's version or not, I'll have to check and see soon...
  2. Still waiting on my mystery game as well...sent PM and email, no answer. Ordered April 15th.
  3. True. As the characters in the original movies are mostly warriors, smugglers, military and political figures, it shouldn't be a shock that they are mostly male.
  4. You should consider picking up a flashback system as an introduction to the Intellivision, you could prob get one for <$30.
  5. I didn't care for it either. I would say 6/10. As mentioned by others, it's effectively a remake of the original films (recycling all the same plot points with new characters).
  6. Here is a previous games recommendation thread- http://atariage.com/forums/topic/238765-just-got-an-intellivision-can-you-recommend-good-games/ Bump N Jump on the Intellivision is a must play. IMHO, it is far superior to the Coleco, NES, and Arcade versions and the disc controls are top notch.
  7. Played a Vectrex for the first time at the Pittsburgh Gaming and Pinball Expo this year. I found the display mesmerizing...one of these days I'll get one...
  8. Nooooooo!!!! Ha, I guess unless you have #000001 someone can always pass you.
  9. I ordered Beamrider from Venezuela a year ago. Item wasnt in as good of shape as claimed, and clearly wasn't the one in pic. However the price was good enough and condition still nice, so that I was happy overall. Shipping was extremely fast and arrived faster than some packages shipped from the US.
  10. Too funny, I thought this whole thing was a joke (and haven't been spending too much time in the forum lately). As it seems I missed the cart release, will there be a ROM at some point?
  11. Saw a few INTV flashbacks last week at Family Dollar (not Dollar General) with $25 price tags.
  12. Here's another from Taiwan....with a serial number sticker! http://www.shopgoodwill.com/auctions/Mattel-Intellivision-Master-Component-23704870.html
  13. So I was just about to post a derisive comment about having some idiot buy me that ugly copy of Hover Force with the glowing description of its quality that was up on Ebay for a ridiculously inflated price...and some idiot already bought it. Seriously, what kind of moron buys a $25 game (in this condition) for $120? http://www.ebay.com/itm/INTELLIVISION-GAME-HOVER-FORCE-COMPLETE-IN-BOX-TESTED-FREE-SHIPPING-CIB-/400970489561?hash=item5d5bb41ed9
  14. You can combine the systems. They are compatible, you will just have to open the system cases and take out the controllers. Make sure you mind the orientation of the controller plugs.
  15. Cool, thanks for the clarification Arnauld. This game is truly great...I'm sure it was covered in another thread somewhere but any chance of another CIB release?
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