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  1. At some point in the intervening 6 years (lol) since I posted this message, I put in a concerted effort and made it much farther than I ever had before. Can't remember exactly how far but it was at least half way through the game. Still one of my all time favorites on the Intellivision. The disc control is great, side buttons not so much. Can't remember if I tried on intvdave's version or not, I'll have to check and see soon...

  2. I don't mean to add to the sausage-fest, but for better or worse, in real life women are not equally represented in all disciplines or roles. This is unfortunate for many reasons, but it is a fact.


    Therefore, over-representing them in movies, or casting them in roles mostly represented by men in real life societies, may seem strange to some, and more than a bit of over-eager "politically correctness".


    Just sayin'... I personally don't care either way. :shrug:


    I'm looking forward to more Star Wars. :)


    Carry on.



    True. As the characters in the original movies are mostly warriors, smugglers, military and political figures, it shouldn't be a shock that they are mostly male.



    Alrighty, tomorrow Ill go back and probably pick it up. I don't really have 80$ to shell out to start the collection up, as i'm a college student, but Ill try to picture the stuff and if anyone on here is interested we can work something out. Again thanks a lot yall.

    You should consider picking up a flashback system as an introduction to the Intellivision, you could prob get one for <$30.

  4. I ordered Beamrider from Venezuela a year ago. Item wasnt in as good of shape as claimed, and clearly wasn't the one in pic. However the price was good enough and condition still nice, so that I was happy overall. Shipping was extremely fast and arrived faster than some packages shipped from the US.

  5. So I was just about to post a derisive comment about having some idiot buy me that ugly copy of Hover Force with the glowing description of its quality that was up on Ebay for a ridiculously inflated price...and some idiot already bought it. Seriously, what kind of moron buys a $25 game (in this condition) for $120?



  6. Good point. If I could combine the 2 systems I'd be better off. The INTV has some beat up controllers (part of the keypad missing on player 1, the overlay plastic is partially broken on player 2) but the display seems ok. The original Intellivision has some display issues but the controllers are better, I'm going to try cleaning the original a little soon but thought I'd see what others had to say.

    You can combine the systems. They are compatible, you will just have to open the system cases and take out the controllers. Make sure you mind the orientation of the controller plugs.

  7. Anyone else going to this event at the Pittsburgh Convention Center?


    I'll be there (all day?) on Thursday, staring lovingly at the "Track & Field" arcade cabinet :).


    ps I'll probably have an Intellivision shirt on, for full effect.

  8. Wow, that is nice. It has been my experience that for 'rare' games some game exchange stores ignore condition and simply get price information from the last several sales of a game on ebay or use videogamepricecharts, which can mean overpriced poor condition games but underpriced mint condition ones.

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