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  1. Alcohol wipe over a credit card typically works well.
  2. 23,300 Nothing like a game that stops when you still have 8+ guys...
  3. Ha. Crazy that you couldn't sell a thing. I usually put some stuff out at cheap prices at our community yard sales, but I often wait a few hours until all the reseller DBs have passed through.
  4. Sadly no...that second wall is next to impossible. I rarely survive more than a few seconds after getting there. Any tips? And what does the third board look like? Snow level? Ha. As far as my score goes, im sure you can beat it. Due to the difficulty of the second wall I abandoned the attempt to get past it and instead focused on killing as much stuff as possible. Not the way I'd normally play a game but its no fun to get to the second wall with 5 guys and lose them all without scoring many points.
  5. Might as well ramp up the competition....86,100...and a whole lot of grenades in my pocket...
  6. Made another good trade with wongojack. Speedy shipping, well packaged items.
  7. I've been shocked by the price increase at SGW especially considering they don't test most things. Odd. Also, Goodwill definitely doesn't send ALL of their stuff to SGW as I have had occasional success there, but it's generally not worth the time unless I happen to be in the neighborhood for something else
  8. Have you checked the intellivision forum? Pretty certain people are paying .50-1.00 for commons to use the cart shells for homebrews.
  9. I'm interested in hearing more about the collection of this 60 year old autistic game collector. He have any other good stuff?
  10. Did you try leaving the game up? Sometimes that works with these offbrand pin connectors.
  11. 39,100 first time I've ever played this game. I should probably read the scoring rules.
  12. Ha. Wish I had time, but I won't get a chance to play any more this week. Til next time....
  13. Ha, I knew I should have posted my score at the last second....
  14. That's my auction. Price is the same as it was when initially posted.
  15. Damn....looks like I have work to do. Good thing I'm off tomorrow...
  16. Not sure the exact place but it was in Northwestern Maryland. Definitely the most expensive thing that anyone I know has picked up at a thrift.
  17. A relative of mine just made this incredible 3DO pickup. He's not a member so I'll do the bragging for him. $2 each!
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