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  1. Been a while for this thread....anyone pick up some GPK lately? Here is a $5 pickup from earlier today.
  2. Had a decent pickup this weekend. 50 or so games, $75. Half the games were CIB, highlights being River Raid (only in so so shape though), Dreadnaught Factor, Math Fun (INTV Inc version), and a few I actually needed like Word Fun, Sears Bowling, Chess. Bunch of nice games all with manuals and overlays (the person had a habit of taping the overlays inside the manuals, so most of the games that had manuals still had overlays) including most of the Imagic titles (White Water, S&S, Ice Trek, Safecracker, Nova Blast), no Fathom though. Also Scooby Doo's with manual and 1 overlay, the small label Locomotion, and Ladybug along with a pile of other carts. As I was leaving the person I bought them from said "There's also a whole bunch of these booklet things" (i.e. manuals) which of course made me super excited, started flipping through them in my car and see...Dig Dug...keep flipping and there is Stadium Mud Buggies manual! Especially great because I already owned the cart and repo box but didn't have the manual. At that point I got greedy and started hoping the cart was hidden in one of the other boxes, but no dice. One other thing in the lot was a sealed Burgertime manual, catalog, and overlays. What is that from? Do manuals / overlays come like that in new games?
  3. I love this listing. The seller may be taking a little too much liberty with the term "Amazing Condition". http://www.ebay.com/itm/321721520931?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  4. What looked like a nice CIB copy of Tower of Doom sold for $36 (although with their shipping and handling it was prob $10+ more) last week on shopgoodwill. I forgot to bid on it. I do find it strange when SGW auctions go higher than eBay, considering almost everything is untested and shipping is outrageous.
  5. Ya, sorry, I definitely did. Looks like we pretty much agree.
  6. You definitely got incredibly lucky on this in many ways, especially with the speed it was shipped out so that no underhanded POS could side deal you.
  7. Whatever. If people are too stupid or lazy to do price research then they absolutely deserve to be taken advantage of. If you go to a thrift store or yard sale and can buy a rare game cheap do you offer them more money? That would be idiotic.
  8. Crazy high price on that lot considering most of the boxes were trash. I bailed at $150.
  9. A couple of SNES games, a rarity anymore (for me at least). Not valuable, but for $0.99 ea, why not.
  10. Bought a few games off of him. Great guy, easy to deal with.
  11. I agree, avoiding the other cars is key, not just because of the point bonus but also since trying to crash cars slows you down and draws you towards the edges of the screen increasing the chance you will crash yourself. I played a bit of the CV version with an Atari joystick. It's definitely easier (made it to level 7 on first play) and has one huge advantage over INTV version - continues. I wonder why those weren't included in INTV? Someone hack the ROM and add continues... Other than that though it's not as good. You just don't get the same sense of speed on CV version. And the other cars are way too easy to crash.
  12. 15 is quite impressive. The more I play, the more I realize the how difficult that game is with the limitations of Intellivision controllers...even with the FB controllers. The side buttons just aren't responsive enough. When I get a chance I'm going to play the CV version with a genesis controller and see if that helps.
  13. I looked at the back of the box the other day and it says there are 32 boards! I've never even made it close to that far, 6 (the second Spring board) is as far as I've gone. What's the furthest you've made it in this game? I think I may need to cheat and use an emulator with save states.
  14. Bought a pair of cables from Intellinate a couple weeks ago. Very nice quality and they work great! Thanks again.
  15. tumbling down the rankings...and i couldn't even break 15K last night.
  16. I'll take 4 original Colecovision knobs and 2 Flashback knobs. Thanks!
  17. What about replacement metal discs? Anyone found a source for those? Perhaps the resident metal worker (Crazy Climber) could produce something? I have half a dozen controllers with poor or missing metal inlays.
  18. You think those games are real? Or reproductions?
  19. I got an LOL out of this one - http://www.ebay.com/itm/Intellivision-Match-5-Elektronite-Budget-copy-rare-variant-/151600389201? So not having the box makes something a variant? Too funny.
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