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  1. Along with "Where are Eric7100s overlays?" Perhaps a question for KR?
  2. Ya total BS. There was a discussion about it when it was posted to CL New York a few months ago. It's always sold and there are never any pics.
  3. Anyone else notice the price creep on this one? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Triple-Challenge-Intellivision-White-Label-Rare-cartridge-only-/251827627095?&_trksid=p2056016.m2516.l5255 It keeps going up (in the same auction) from an already overpriced $80, to $82, then $84, now $85. I think they have the correct idea, if a lower price doesn't work, increase until it does.
  4. My stuff arrived today as well. Thanks again DZ-Jay (and JasonlikesINTV for donating the pile of Sears games)!
  5. I have a thread up in the marketplace about swapping some common games (and a couple more valuable, Zaxxon and Sewer Sam). Let me know if you are interested in doing a trade. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/234560-ft-common-intellivision-games-cib-swap-plus-2-semi-rares/?hl=%2Bintellivision&do=findComment&comment=3168036
  6. Thanks again for this really great contest.
  7. Wow, ya, I just checked fleabay and there were a few pretty high - $90 and $100+, both BINs. I picked up mine for $57 about a month ago...maybe I was lucky? Absolutely...this is exactly how I picked up loose copies of SMB for <$50 and Mountain Madness for almost nothing.
  8. I have a 20 or so duplicate Intellivision common games CIB. They vary in condition from OK to good. Maybe one or two VG. Please ask about specific titles and I'll give you more details. See the attached pics for titles. I'm also missing a few common CIB games from my collection. So, rather that buying them off fleabay at $7-10 a pop, I'm looking for someone else in the same boat who would like to swap some commons. I also have a very nice CIB of Zaxxon and a good to very good CIB Sewer Sam that I would swap for something of equal value. Finally, I have the box only for Slam Dunk Super Pro Basketball in OK condition. CIB commons I need- Chess EC Math Fun and Word Fun Microsurgeon Mouse Trap Snafu Tropical Trouble Vectron CIB - not really uncommon but Fleabay has driven up prices. I can trade multiples for 1 if value perceived to be higher. Mind Strike Mr Basic Popeye WC Baseball For the Sewer Sam or Zaxxon, I would like to trade for (would like in VG condition)- Donkey Kong Junior Commando Truckin' Tower of Doom (this has peaked a bit lately) Lady Bug? I also need (rarer, more expensive games) but I can go the repo box route, so cart only would be OK. Can work out multiples, etc depending on perceived value- Congo Bongo LFII Spiker! (ha ha ha......seriously, I need it) WS MLB Triple Challenge
  9. Well, I'll put my name in since I don't have it, although I'm not close to finishing the set. My plan is to slowly pick the Sears games up as I buy other lots with games I need. Sears games I currently have- P&BJ Night Stalker Triple Action Baseball Sea Battle Snafu Space Hawk Golf I also put in for a bunch of the Sears games in the Grab Bag Pinata.
  10. Ya, I halfheartedly bid on that lot. I recently picked up LF1 so I already have all of those games. I think I would have been much more interested if I didn't have some of the carts. If the person buying it intends to keep the games to play then it is a great selection of games at that price. I calculated that the split up lot (with reasonable reselling prices) was worth around $190 after Ebay fees, so I maxed at $140 including shipping.
  11. Hmmm...OK. I'll have to look around more. Did you just use any old SD card (although, since some of my games load I am less inclined to think it is the fault of the SD card)? I tried an old Kodak 128MB and a generic 256MB one with the same results.
  12. Thanks for starting this list. As you mentioned there isn't much guidance anywhere. Just picked up one of these a few days ago and so far I would say only about 20% of the ROMS I've tried have worked. I put everything in .BIN format as suggested but that didn't help either. What about a list of ROMs that work? Or is my experience not the norm (ie, the success rate is usually much higher)?
  13. The side buttons on the Flashback are softer plastic and easier to press than the originals (by "smoother" in the above post I meant "they have smoother action" not "they are made of smoother plastic")
  14. I believe the consensus is they are as good or better. The side buttons are much smoother than the original system.
  15. The DG around here still have them marked at $40. Did pick up one and a Sega portable at Walgreen's for 50% off....$25.
  16. I'd be down for that. I'll let you know if I pick any up tomorrow.
  17. Has it been confirmed that ATGames is going to sell extra controllers? It seemed like that was the plan, but I wonder if they are still going to do it since without adapters they are not directly compatible to the original controller swappable systems.
  18. Thanks for the heads up...just so happens I'm going to Sam's Club tomorrow so I'll keep my eyes open, even though I already have one. Could always use 5 spares.
  19. Just wanted to say thanks for posting this suggestion, after following Yurkie's directions my CV is finally playable.
  20. Why not? It's the HOLY GRAIL of Intellivision collecting! Anyone who is anyone would want this amazing item. And you don't even have to fight the Nazis for it. Personally, I'm spending $10 on a repo, which this might just be anyway.
  21. They could just re-release the original Flashback, in silver and black, and claim it has "more games, better graphics, improved reliability" and of course the all important "LED on/off light"
  22. I think the gameplay needs to have quite a bit of improvement. I remember liking this as a kid, but I played a bit this weekend and it rapidly became boring / repetitive. I like Fushek's suggestion of varied scenery and think a bright green jungle scene would look cool, and a night scene would certainly ramp up the difficulty. I have no idea if any of this is possible, but- New enemies? What about a slow moving bomber that tracks the whole way across the field of play. When it appears a sound effect is triggered and you have to quickly fly to its location and take it out. How about occasionally when you shoot down a plane, the pilot ejects and parachutes to the ground. If the pilot makes it to the ground without being shot he plants a few land mines to take out the convoy (of course, that will require you to be able to shoot / bomb the pilot / landmines) New weapons? Bombs / the ability to shoot at the ground if ground based enemies are added. An airborne mega-bomb that has the potential to take out all of the enemies hovering above any 3 convoy trucks. Weapon power ups? Perhaps the weapon beam starts thinner and increases in width as you collect power ups and is reset if you die. Weapon overheating? Similar to Excitebike where you can't just hold down he throttle (fire button) the whole time, but you have to think a little bit about the shots you take.
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