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  1. Ebay account names are often provided as a reference. Awesome find on the Playcable. Do you happen to have the box and the manuals as well?
  2. It's the 2609A, NTSC version. The tag on the back says "Made in Taiwan".
  3. Anyone know what this serial number (AT) means? Didn't see any in the database.
  4. RT12 productions - thank you for the completely appropriate offer (and the 3 separate PMs) for my extra Tutorvision. Does that include shipping? Sad news though. Last week, while I was out tending to my unicorn, my mom went into my room and threw out my Tutorvisions. I know what you're thinking - why does my mom have keys to my room? Well, simple answer, someone has to do my laundry. I do have a couple extras Air Raids that I would consider selling you for $10 if you would be interested.
  5. Made it to level 7 and then got stuck. Great game and I'm enjoying the challenge of the puzzles. Swore a few times. Love the save game feature. Will give it another crack tomorrow....and probably cheat by first watching IntellivisionDude's video.
  6. Woohoo! Just checked the tracking and my copy is waiting at home...I may have to cut out of work early.
  7. Sold him a few Intellivision games. Nice guy, good communication, very easy transaction.
  8. I would haggle a bit. Slap shot is prob worth $35 or so in that shape (with the manual). The rest of the games are very common and in awful shape so maybe $5 of value there. The system is a $25-$40 item...so $60-75 for the lot.
  9. Hi. I'd love to sell you a Tutorvision since I have an extra that is taking up too much space. I also have an extra Unicorn, if you'd be interested in that.
  10. Anyone want to buy me an early Christmas present? Rather comically, when this came up on my Ebay feed, 3 items later this one came up...given unlimited funds, I'd still buy the $2.99 one.
  11. Sell / murder the next person dumb enough to show up and ask for this lot.
  12. Interested in a few of these as well including Tower of Doom, Thunder Castle, Pole Position, Commando, etc. Looking forward to seeing a price list.
  13. I saw this earlier today and it had the obvious stench of BS. No pics? That game list? I've seen so much BS posted on CL that I don't believe anything like this. Why take the time to type out a list like that instead of snapping a pic? Because its phony. Still don't understand what the phonies get out of it though.
  14. Sold him a few games recently. Everything went smoothly, nice guy to deal with. No issues at all shipping from US to Canada.
  15. actually I just checked the link page and that ROM isn't posted.
  16. if anyone is near Columbus, OH- http://columbus.craigslist.org/vgm/4736929679.html
  17. Gotta love eBay's "feedback" system. 33 bid retractions in 6 months and still no way to drop their 100% feedback score.
  18. I'm going to play some Space Raid tonight and I'll try to clarify this a bit. Hardest thing for me so far has been consistently getting past the walls with the small openings at the top.
  19. The rocket will adjust to your height...it's all about squeezing off enough shots in time. Most of the time I just barely get enough off before it can hit me. There have been a few times where I killed it a bit further out but to be honest I'm not exactly sure how I managed that...probably just time the first shot exactly right.
  20. And none of them have overlays, which is quite odd.
  21. Save game slots? Wow. Awesome. Is that a first?
  22. Shipping not included. Blockade Runner - $10. Zaxxon (top of label is peeling back) - make offer Super Pro Football / Motocross / Swords&Serps - $5 each. World Championship Baseball + Overlays - $10. Pac Man - $12. Pinball/Chip Shot - $7 each. Tower of Doom - $22. Pole Position - $15. Thin Ice + Manual - $16. Burgertime / Loco-Motion / Atlantis / Demon Attack - $2 each. Pile of fairly common CIB carts - $4 each or make an offer on the lot.
  23. Slam Dunk Super Pro Basketball. Cart and Box only, no manual. In OK shape. $20 + ship?
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