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  1. Selling off a bunch of intellivision carts. Sewer Sam CIB. In good shape. Some light damage to the box, overlays and manual but overall in pretty good shape. Not sure where to peg the value on this so I'll take offers.
  2. http://www.ebay.com/itm/171500616107?_trksid=p2050601.m570.l6026&_trkparms=gh1g%3DI171500616107.N34.S1 Because of the DK? Isnt that some kind of plastic hard shell case and not a box? Or is there something else I'm not seeing?
  3. Hmmm...maybe I'll have to swing back by and pick it up. There was also a $20 copy of Chip Shot Golf that was in pretty good shape. Wish I would have taken a pic of everything. The store is a bit out of the way...although I did chat with the clerk when I was there and he said the stuff had been there since May, so maybe no hurry?
  4. Picked up a pile of games today at a used CD store. Sadly they weren't cheap ($76+tax for this batch) but all are CIB and in VG or better shape. My eyes almost fell out of my head when I saw all the CIB Intellivision games they had (probably 40 or so), but these were the only reasonably priced ones. $85 for Worm Whomper, $50 for River Raid, Zaxxon, Dracula, etc. is a bit too much. I was hoping they had some kind of rare variant they wouldn't know about but I didn't see anything that I recognized. Pretty jazzed just to see these in a store. I'm going to put my other copy of Sewer Sam (in G to VG condition) in the marketplace if anyone is looking for it.
  5. Hate to state the obvious but I assume you tried the email at the end of the video?
  6. ...plus some Alf cards, and whatever these yellow signs are from.
  7. Awesome thread. Recently rescued my GPK from my parent's basement along with some Grossville High and some kind of dinosaur ripoff of GPK.
  8. https://morgantown.craigslist.org/vgm/4703709802.html Man, this listing is funny to me. This guy goes into so much detail you think he was selling a Van Gogh. Holy Hell, he even lists a condition on the N64 jumper pack. The title also states it as an "Official" Nintendo 64, which is a good idea to be sure to differentiate it from all those non-official Russian ripoffs populating Morgantown, WV. And as a final detail, he claims it is "fully operational, as evidenced by the photos" yet doesn't actually post a photo of it in operation. Brilliant!
  9. $5 a pop. Two sealed / mint VirtualBoy games, something I don't think I've seen since they made their exit from department stores in the late 90s. It's about time I find something other than copies of Madden.
  10. Ya, nothing yet at Dollar General. Checked a bunch this weekend when I was in Vermont. I asked at one of the DGs and it went a little like this- Me "Do you guys have Flashback systems?" Clerks with confused looks Me "They are video game systems that look like really old systems, and they plug into your TV." Clerk 1 "We had some around Christmas last year." Me "This is a new system that just came out." Clerk 2 "We don't get anything that's new."
  11. Confirmed. Tower of Doom doesn't play correctly. Something with collision detection? No melee mode when you run into monsters and you can walk right through the traps. You can still shoot enemies with arrows, etc, but it is a lot like fish in a barrel. On the bright side I'll finally be able to beat it on the hardest levels.
  12. Mud Buggies seems to come up in auction much more often than Spiker so I would guess more copies were made? If not maybe cmart truly has hoarded all the Spikers.
  13. Wasn't Space C*nt made into a movie? Don't think it had much of a story though. I think it began with someone delivering a space pizza...
  14. Ya, crazy price. I saw this item when it was first listed and bookmarked it. I'm fairly certain it had a BIN price of $54.99.
  15. Sold him an Intellivision game. Nice guy to deal with, good communication.
  16. I hear ya. I put it in my watch list and forgot about it. It was a very short auction and ended at a late hour so I completely whiffed.
  17. Nice pickup for <$40. Can't say the seller doesn't deserve it for being too lazy to test anything.
  18. You could get a whole system for the price of those controller parts.
  19. No overlays for this game. Unless you're referring to a custom job?
  20. That depends, how much does it cost?????? At $60 I'll buy 3. At $72 (w/ shipping), forget about it. Seriously though, it looks great! Very excited about this release. ps the person playing the game is terrible at it.
  21. The post you're referring to was sarcasm, hence a cartoon duck. My thoughts on the matter of homebrew pricing certainly don't align with PDogs. I'm nothing but grateful for all the incredible work that is being done.
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