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  1. Remember Bust-a-Move (PS1, etc)? That game used a great solution to make it playable by c/b people - symbols (stars, crescents, cubes, etc) embedded within the bubbles. This allowed very easy differentiation between similar colours, and chances are most normal vision players never even realised those symbols were there. I haven’t managed to locate a copy of Handybug, btw - is it available for Mac?
  2. You know what? Turns out you pretty much nailed it in one! This version is good enough for me to at least stand a chance - it doesn't stop me being shit enough to never make it to the point where I need to deal with 10 colours, but I could distinguish the 8 I was just dealing with, and for that I cannot thank you enough! It also looks nicer than the original As for whether it's a good solution for other colourblind players, I cannot say - would be interesting to hear from others.
  3. I will do my best. I did have a quick play on a level with several colours and there were problems with two of them (I’ve marked the ones I think I’m confusing) in the blue range that look almost identical - not sure if one is purple. The red element in purple is very difficult for me to see. They look slightly more distinct in the grid you posted than they do in the game. I’ll have a go at figuring out how to edit them myself, anyway. In general, it’s much easier for colourblind people to distinguish shades of the same colour than different colours that are a similar brightness. That’s why the original yellow and green are so problematic - the green just looks like a *very* slightly grubbier yellow.
  4. I realised I didn’t need to wait for my cart, and installed Handy to test it. Looks like it might be a tad trickier to get this right - it’s as though the palette has remained unchanged, but much of the background and text is replaced by that light green that’s almost indistinguishable from the yellow. I'm an idiot - I installed the greenified one. I've got the correct one now, which looks pretty nice, but it's nearly 1.30am and I need to work in the morning, so will have to try tomorrow
  5. I should mention @karri - I’m waiting on delivery for my ROM cart and replacement display, which are likely still several weeks away, so can’t try those builds until then. I wasn’t expecting such speedy results!
  6. That is definitely better - what would be really helpful is to identify which 10 are used for the tiles (I thought it was a max of 7, but that’s because I’ve never got far enough to find out), and make sure that those are the most easily determined. The remaining 6 just need to make sense for the graphical context.
  7. There are a few which might cause problems for me, but they’re better than the originals, I think. I’ve grouped the ones which look fairly similar to me - group A would be the most difficult to tell apart - B and C are about equal*. *I think I could learn to distinguish of both these groups with practice. Group C is probably fine, in fact.
  8. The yellow and green are the worst for me, too, along with the blue and purple(?). I've been trying to find six colours (+white, which should be universally safe) that I can easily differentiate, and it’s not that easy. I’ve attached one possible set.
  9. Thanks so much for the responses so far! So - it seems like it is at least possible. Unfortunately, the extent of my coding experience was printing “Hello world” in BASIC about 40 years ago, so it’s not something I can realistically aspire to doing myself. I would be more than happy to donate a few bob towards such a project though if anyone’s up for having a crack at it...
  10. Hi, I was wondering if it’s possible at all to tweak existing ROM code? Reason I ask is I’ve always wanted to play Klax on the Lynx, but find it almost impossible due to my R/G colourblindness making several of the tile variants extremely hard to differentiate. Is it feasible to tweak the palette of the tiles? Or even to add patterns to some of them?
  11. Spydabee

    Lynx to VGA

    Hello! First post to the forum Was googling "Atari Lynx replacement lcd", and here I am - eagerly awaiting news on this development, which looks to be going way beyond my expectations
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