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  1. I had exactly the same failure a while back. Check out the link for a couple of pictures. If you read further down in the post you can see the VRAM chip that was replaced to resolve (as per the info/link provided by the good people above). http://atariage.com/forums/topic/254749-greasy-cartridge-port/?do=findComment&comment=3553078 Cheers, Shane
  2. Hello, Sorry, I only just noticed this...you may have the info already. I built a few FlashROM99's...2 years ago...where did that time go. Anyway, I just remembered that I screen captured my TL866 settings for the 8515. Attaching them here for reference. I have circled (red) a couple of things to note. The first screen on the TL866 software is called the 'Code Memo' screen. The 'Fuse Bits' need to be setup on via the 'config screen (my second screenshot). Hope this helps. Cheers, Shane
  3. Hello Ralph, I was thinking even a small update to the FR99 file limit would be awesome. My thought was instead of pages 1 through to 9, maybe go from 1 through to 0 (or zero to nine depending on how you want to say it). I understand startup times would increase, but For a single page (19 more entries) I don't think it would be much. And 19 more entries is still a great increase (bringing the total to 190). I understand something like this would probably be very low on your priority list (probably does not even make the list ), so just a thought. Cheers, Shane
  4. Forgot to mention...I'm not using External power on either.
  5. Hello all, I have 2 of the 32k Sidecar Rev.3 boards (Rev 3 boards: no jumper, it has been revised into the pcboard layout, and 74HCT245 with Cypress 62256 SRAM. These use about 25ma.) I always use them in conjunction with a FlashROM99 board. I have tried on two different TI's and also with 2 different Flashrom99 boards, without issue. Cheers, Shane.
  6. Yeh, I really lucked into this one. Postage was $10.40 Australian Dollars...so you can see how much I actually paid for the TI stuff ($4.99 Australian...Approx. $3.62 US dollars) It was untested, but regardless I knew I could not go wrong at that price...worst case was the TI would be a spare parts machine....but it works just fine. Cheers, Shane
  7. On Wednesday just gone, I had a great win (well I consider it great, as TI's do not come up for sale in Australia anywhere near like they do in the US...from what I have seen). The Beige TI-99/4A (PAL) is not the most pristine you will see, and the 'CTRL' button is missing, but otherwise it cleaned up OK and is fully functional. It came with the computer power supply, 5 boxed cartridge games, 2 original TI joysticks with the dual joystick adapter cable. The computer was boxed with the polystyrene insert for the computer. The only thing missing was the RF modulator. Total cost including postage was AUD $15.39...this is roughly USD $11.24 at the current exchange rate. Here is a quick pic when I was testing it with a FlashROM99 and 32K sidecar expansion. All worked like a charm. Cheers, Shane
  8. Oh yeh, I'm loving it with the FlashROM99...perfect pair
  9. Ouch, that's nasty. £16.14 on such a cheap item seems crazy. At least the Australian (current) laws allow $1000 before any duties, taxes or charges apply... I have heard whispers that they may be looking into this... Cheers, Shane
  10. My 2 boards arrived safely today , Pretty quick turnaround to Australia. They work great and I can at last experience all that is available for the FlashROM99. Big thanks to jedimatt42 & arcadeshopper for bring these to the community. And an extra big Thank You to Sinphaltimus for jumping in to help a member in need. Sinphaltimus jumped in without hesitation and offered his help...true community spirit. Cheers, Shane
  11. Very, very nice. Great job. When mod's or additions look like they came from the factory that way.... you know you've nailed it. :thumbsup: Cheers, Shane
  12. Thank you. Good fun, and was educated in the process... Cheers, Shane
  13. Check out the Zippster Zone, Ed is the man and he is fantastic. Purchased a few items off him over the years and his products are top quality and his packaging of items is second to none. Currently for the MC-10 he has... MCX128 MC-10 Composite board (NTSC only) MC-10 Game Cart MC-10 Supercart https://sites.google.com/site/thezippsterzone/home I have previously purchased a MCX-128 kit from Ed when they were first released. I just recently purchased 'The worlds first' MC-10 games cartridge. This has two games built in + a 32K memory expansion, all in a very professional case with sticker. https://sites.google.com/site/thezippsterzone/mc-10-game-carts And a 'SuperCart' is coming... https://sites.google.com/site/thezippsterzone/mc-10-supercart Cheers, Shane
  14. Hello Sinphaltimus, From my understanding, there are many things that can fail and cause this symptom. One of my TI's had the same symptom and it turned out to be one of the SRAM chips had failed. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/254749-greasy-cartridge-port/?do=findComment&comment=3558036 Good Luck with it. Cheers, Shane
  15. A very big thank you to Sinphaltimus I am now in the waiting queue. Cheers, Shane
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