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  1. Just get a MiSTer. Ash is working on it. http://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=117&t=34810
  2. If you check the Lynx thread I'm just sorting out a new version of the Lynx SD, so I've not shipped any in ages. I will be in touch, sorry for the delay. I've had rather a lot on with the Jaguar and NeoGeo Pocket carts and I've neglected the PM's recently, sorry!
  3. Far easier to just wait for the JagSD and have yourself a nice doorstop, too...
  4. Like the aga cart in what way? You want me to remove the file selection on the Lynx and install some leds and buttons?! Err, no. It will be the same as the current Lynx sd. It will just fit in both Lynx 1 and 2 with the case and be quicker to load games.
  5. Thanks! For those that haven’t seen it...
  6. In about a 6-8 weeks I hope to be shipping in decent volume again. The new PCB's are in transit from the fab house at the moment.
  7. I'm not sure where this "full speed" thing is coming from. With an FGPA, it either fits and works, or it doesn't. I've seen it running on an FPGA, it works. ElectronAsh was talking about a MiSTer core for the Jag at one point. He always has many things on the go, though...
  8. The Jaguar FPGA already exists, it was created from the netlists found on some old Atari backup drives. As such, it's 100% accurate.
  9. It should in theory be un-brick-able. I've got bootloaders for micro and jag which can reprogram the rest of the system, and I dont intend those sections to ever be touched. So unless you physically damage it, it shouldn't get bricked. So the theory goes.
  10. Hmm, actually, network play may be an issue. I've just spotted I cant disable UART output to the Jag without disabling the EEPROM. So it may be a case of either EEPROM or network functionality until it gets rectified.
  11. No, too many variables, I can't give any firm dates. I'll certainly say when things are getting close. I'm not entirely sure about giving a precise time to be honest, I'm not sure if it'll crash my web server... 😂
  12. I've not shipped any in quite a while now. I'm currently redesigning the LynxSD (the new LynxSD Slim model!) which will fit in both Lynx 1 & 2 and also I'm improving game loading speed as well as making it easier for me to outsource the manufacture and sales. It's all part of my ongoing process to streamline things and allow me to concentrate on designing new stuff rather than making and shipping! Sorry for the delay, won't be much longer.
  13. Commercial titles are NOT FULLY WORKING. These are all work in progress videos. I will re-iterate, CD support will NOT be available from release, it will only follow after release if it can be made to be stable and reliable. And no, there is no CD audio, I've stated before that it isn't working. View any CD game videos as teasers of what is possibly to come and definitely NOT a confirmation of things which are 100% working. That is all.
  14. Lol, it's going to be about 4 weeks before its available. It'll be about 3 weeks before the boards arrive, and I've got to write and get the manual printed as well. So I've got a bit to do.
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