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  1. Lol, much appreciated! I guess that's one of factors driving frustration -- the concern they will stop being produced. At least I can assure people that's not going to happen. I've been producing these carts now (Lynx, NGP...) for quite some years and it's taken considerable effort to get here, so I'm not about to give up.
  2. If you're not having any issues, I don't think there's any need to update, no. The last update was to fix some compatibility issues with certain chip revisions of the Jaguar GPU. There will be an update before too long with CD support, though.
  3. Yeah, I do completely agree on the demand side of things. Stock will naturally sell-out at every stockist until the supply begins to outstrip demand. And CD games are indeed running if you have a look over at Twitter. There's a handy video Rees put together here -- It hasn't shipped with firmware installed since updating my manufacturing process, so I can see how many people have actually used them. I wanted to do it this way such that regardless of when stock was purchased by suppliers and sold to consumers it meant that they would always have the latest version right from day one. However from the few issues I've had where people find this difficult, I've decided from now on this should be left to the users discretion, so I will be shipping them ready to go from now on.
  4. This figure stands at 67%. All of these cartridges will be in customers hands. I have no problem with this at all, I do understand a collectors mind-set, and I'm sure they will get used in time. But I do have a suspicion that, ironically, the most vocal people are more likely to be the ones which just put it on a shelf and not use it.
  5. On a less whingy note, the boards are set to ship out to me tomorrow. 😃
  6. For anyone on the AtariAge waiting list, you will get served in order. There are obviously other retailers coming into the fray, but AtariAge will also be getting stock as soon as it is available. Please bear with us and do bear in mind Albert is being a man of his word and honoring the order of the waiting list. This will be to his detriment as this takes time to process compared with just selling on a first come first served basis. I know most people will jump ship if another opportunity to purchase quicker arises elsewhere, but I'm sure it would not be taken lightly if Albert chose to sell in the quickest manner available to him. There is no particular point to this, by the way, and I am in no way attacking anyone. It's really just a reminder, while expressing a little frustration at a situation which is my own doing, and I have little control over. Supply and demand is frustrating whichever way it goes in one way or another, and I really do try my best to please all parties involved. Which is, naturally, impossible. This last order being delayed is another frustration, as I had hoped stock would be rolling a little more freely by now, but as ever I am doing my best to get stock out asap.
  7. It doesn't work with it plugged through the CD add-on, no. And given I will be releasing support for CD games before long, I don't think it's going to be very high priority to get it working as CD support won't work when plugged through the CD drive. And the cart will basically make the CD drive superfluous.
  8. I created that from an asset pack from https://twitter.com/Namatnieks It needs to be a game, most definitely...
  9. Sorry, this does need to be fixed. The latest is 1.04 -- Firmware 1.04 Fix for the menu not displaying at all (black screen) on old revision Lynx 2 PCB's. The BIOS does not initialise MIKEY properly.
  10. New hardware, I’m afraid. However if I do a different version it will likely be a larger upgrade rather than just a couple of little things.
  11. That explains why it was working on the cart and not gd — the cart settings must be stored in the EEPROM.
  12. Any more details on strange behaviour of spinners welcomed. I guess I should try and get one!
  13. The was a comment on making the game menu of the cart accessible to people with a rotary controller in port 1 by using the number pad to move up and down through the menu. The controller in the game works fine as far as I am aware.
  14. I’m doing work on the jag at the moment, so I’ll add in some extra buttons on the number pad for controlling selection.
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