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  1. The only change is not writing 0xaa to the cart1 in the init. Other than that, the init function must be called. I don’t think it was before? At least, that would explain the issues I am seeing!
  2. Fantastic work everyone, there are some awesome games in there! Funnily enough the top 3 were also my top 3. And congratulations to Igor for organising such a fantastic and successful competition, absolutely awesome stuff! And if I could ask anyone who included the LynxGD library code (I think there were at least 2) to provide a new build with the code provided in the previous post and make sure the initialisation code is called to ensure compatibility with the new upcoming revision of the cart.
  3. Yes, I won’t be shipping anything until I’m happy things are being done right. I’m just figuring things out, but I believe anywhere outside of Europe is actually fine. And the UK is fine too as dealing with WEEE within the UK, from within the UK, is easy from what I can see.
  4. The German ones on his own Facebook page, are, yes. The removed posts were in a Jaguar buy and sell forum I think. To be fair though, he’s made me aware of EU WEEE directives I wasn’t aware of, so this guys foul attitude has actually been beneficial and likely saved me a load of trouble down the line. I’m now figuring out the best way of dealing with EU WEEE legislation properly. As far as I can tell, the majority of small retailers in the retro community just ignore it, however I don’t consider that to be an option. In that sense I will be stopping direct sales to end customers (in Europe at least, the rest of the world actually seems to be ok) and moving to just being a manufacturer and using distributors for sales. So, sorry for any further delays incurred while I sort things out! It’s a whole massive rabbit hole i’ve disappeared down and need to sort properly.
  5. It was on bookface. It’s been removed now.
  6. I’ve been massively impressed with the terraonion hardware, i’m very surprised there is an issue with something as simple as the edge connector! Although I did have one board out of the last batch of jag boards with a poorly bevelled edge, this didn’t get past QA, but I guess some may for others.
  7. They've made me post on Facebook. I feel dirty. And not in a good way.
  8. I've been made aware of some fun lies spread by an ignorant halfwit. "yes we get more and more reports by customers. Have a look to the jagsd pictures. Too thick pcb plus no rounded edges like the skunkboard. So if you have the wrong angle you smash the pins. Most likely the card also consumes more than the 300mA allowed like all other memory cards" Ok, lets take this one point at a time. "Too thick pcb" Ignoring the poor grammar, lets have a look at the evidence. Hey! Would you look at that! The JagGD PCB is THINNER than the stock Jaguar game PCB. So it's actually EASIER on the cartridge slot. Lets call that lie number 1. Next point -- "no rounded edges like the skunkboard". I assume this means beveled edges, as that's the important factor when inserting card edges into sockets. Hey, check that out, they're both beveled by the same amount! Who'd have thought? Sheesh, it's like the guy has never actually SEEN one of the PCB's. Fancy that? So, that's lie number 2. Lets see if we can make it a hat-trick. So, the allegation is that it "consumes more than the 300mA allowed". Ok, I run the cart off one single 300ma 3.3v regulator, which is about 200ma at 5v. So, yeah, we'll go with 3 lies. Sweet. A hat trick of lies. To what end, though? Not sure. Thank-you, and goodnight.
  9. I've been working on the new version of the LynxSD and I've spotted an issue with use of the LynxSD in other programs. The IODIR register isn't initialised correctly for use by default by CC65 so you must initialise AUDIN to input before use, but weirdly it's still working on the original cart without this call. The cart and Lynx are driving the same line, which could potentially damage either the cart or Lynx -- although there is a resistor inline, so any damage is unlikely. But equally importantly, no games using the LynxSD lib without calling the initialisation call will work with the new cartridge. If anyone using the LynxSD library could please update to the following code -- https://github.com/RetroHQ/LynxSDLib And make sure you call the LynxSD_Init() function as the first call in your program. Functions for the new Lynx GameDrive (as its now known!) will be added to this code repository I develop them.
  10. Interesting, I wasn't aware there was an LCD of the correct size available for an exact size match. And I've looked...
  11. There isnt a full size backlit LCD available, that's why the smaller one was used.
  12. Still awaiting PCB's. Shells should be here at the end of the week I believe. Not long now...
  13. I'm currently re-branding all my products to have a recognizable name and logo to move away from the generic "SD" badge. So now we have the GameDrive (GD) product line. As has been mentioned, the pre-orders are through the shop site directly. There was never any "list", and certainly nothing as far back as 2017. Saying you want one on a forum doesn't mean anything in this case, I'm afraid.
  14. Absolutely no-one has any idea what-so-ever! The general consensus is that the "no deal" brexit is bad, however the EU wont agree on anything to our benefit, so its stalemate. But the EU rely on the UK heavily as its the second largest importer within the EU of other EU exports, so to be quite honest, a no deal will screw over the EU heavily as well. So, yeah, sod knows. For production I deal with the UK and China, so no problem there. Quite where my UK shell producer gets its raw materials from, however, I'm unsure. However China is always a fair bet... So for me, I don't think it will make a great deal of odds, other than if the entire of Europe decide they don't want to pay the import duty on UK products. However other non-EU countries have no problem dealing with me. As much as import duty is a complete ass. I'll go back to my original statement. Absolutely no-one has any idea what-so-ever!
  15. In a couple of months at a guess. I'm waiting on the next PCB revision to arrive, then we'll see how I get on with that! I should be integrating the menu onto the microcontroller so I don't need to ship with an SD card as well. Having to source and ship with an SD card is just a total pain in the ass!
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