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  1. It is professionally printed in the UK using a process known as selective laser sintering and made from nylon. It's VERY strong.
  2. I was about to say the firmware is unique to the device for anti-cloning reasons, but I was beaten to it.
  3. It will be around 6-8 weeks assuming parts can be sourced at a reasonable price. I'm just taking a little time to sort out potential issues thrown up by the current worldwide component shortage to ensure there are no production issues.
  4. As long as it’s one of the original rev 1 carts, happy to do so, just drop me a pm.
  5. It will be useful to see what has died for anyone else in the same situation. It may of course not be the same in every case, but usually there is a pattern with failures, so the chance is reasonable it will be the same.
  6. I’ve not had any broken GameDrive carts back, and I’ve never had any contact about one? Not sure how you tried to get in touch. The RAM and pretty much everything else is behind the 245 and 573 (i think that’s the right latch part number, I’ll double check in a bit, not at my desk!) in terms of bus connectivity. But the entire cart runs at 5V apart from the memory card, so if you overvolt the 5V line, then every chip will get overvolted. I’m not sure which parts are likely to be more or less tolerant to damage like this. If it’s the original cart (ie. not the new cased one which fits in both lynx 1&2) I think I have some of those boards still kicking about, and I don’t sell them anymore, so I will swap them for you if you like.
  7. Thanks for the video, always handy to see. Exactly as you described, and not expected behavior from the console after reset. One last thing which is useful to try is to hold down PAUSE during booting the console with GD inserted, this will do a memory test. Or press * and # at the same time from the menu. This will just verify the console has no problem reading and writing to the memory used for the ROM's. I've not experienced or seen this particular issue, and I can't see how it could stem from a memory error, however the red screen is indicative of a memory error normally (however, with Jaguar logo!), so it's worth checking.
  8. No, unfortunately the GameDrive uses several pins on the cartridge connector which no other cartridge uses and does things with no other cartridge does. The only device which will use the same sort of connections is the JagCD. I've not heard of this issue before, but the only thing I can think is that there is something somehow faulty with the reset circuitry on the Jaguar causing perhaps the GPU to fail to reset correctly. The GPU is used to qualify the cart and also has the video display circuitry.
  9. If you're in the UK then use either a UK or EU distributor. https://www.retrohq.co.uk/products/atari-jaguar-gd-flash-cartridge There are some in stock at DragonBox. I *think* they can still ship to the UK as the JagGD is above the threshold for the whole VAT-at-source crap which has come into effect.
  10. No, it’s tiny. Not every app needs to be gigabytes… 😆 Run it from the dos prompt to use it. 👍
  11. The microcontroller is well protected behind the 245’s, so if you’ve fried something it may well be those, or the latch. May well be salvageable.
  12. How does it not work? You do need it… 😄 (I develop on Win10 x64, so it’s not that)
  13. If the console doesn't reboot properly (ie. to a Jaguar logo / red screen) it sounds like a faulty console somehow. Worth trying a return though, SAG will be able to test on their machines and let you know if it's the console or cart.
  14. No, there isn't at the moment. I really need to sort this out... I tend to just announce this on Twitter, as it's my main outlet for info. I know this isn't ideal, as there are plenty of people who don't use Twitter!
  15. It isn't actually the CD firmware installed (press OPTION at boot to check), there are possible issues on some consoles with loading games with the CD firmware, so I opted to leave that update to the user! However, that said, I don't think I've actually had any reports of game loading issues with the CD firmware apart from one Jag which I am now in possession of. I'll try and sort the issue on that console eventually as well. 😄
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