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  1. No, not yet. I've not made any progress in the last few weeks due to other work commitments. Although the LynxGD should be in good supply in the next couple of weeks, so that's one step forward.
  2. Ah, fantastic, I’ll check that out next week and get it fixed! 😄
  3. Don’t worry, certainly not forgotten! A combination of having a LOT on with other work and trying to get the Lynx GD production sorted has taken a lot of time. However, the good news is the Lynx GD production is now sorted, and they will be in good supply shortly. This means my attention is now turning to sorting out the Jag GD production. I’ve got quite a long way there already, just need to finish the last bits. And I think other work is calming down a bit as well, so I can turn my attention fully to retro for a while. Its been a complete change of how I handle production and sales this last 9 months(ish), and has taken a while to sort. But the NeoPocket GD has been readily available In the US and Europe for the last couple of months and I’m gradually replicating this with all my carts.
  4. It's a known issue. The library used for these games had a bug which is stopping it working with the new LynxGD cart, although it works with the old Lynx cart of mine (rather mysteriously really, it really shouldn't). I have made changes to the library and updated GitHub code and pointed out the update is available in the original gamedev thread. @Igor was going to coordinate getting new versions compiled, but I don't think that's happened yet?
  5. It’s a fair layman’s review I think — people don’t care about details or why things happen, they just want everything NOW with NO WAITING. 😄
  6. There have been two updates. The first fixed a bug with backing up games and the second an issue with reading of memory cards. Although the memory card reading issue was weird, you could fix the issue be reflashing the same firmware. I never quite figured out what was going on, but fixed it such that the issue never happened again.
  7. For the moment, yes. Although I do intend to sort out a uk retailer soon...
  8. Certainly could be a V2 cart option. I'll revisit the NGP design again one day and see if I can improve it. It would certainly require a physical button of some kind on the cart to let it know you wanted to stay with the current game as there's no way to tell software side. There is a manual backup option already. I cant remember the button combo off hand, but it does as you describe as I remember.
  9. Could do, yes. With the NGP the save could be anywhere on the FLASH, so I have to save the whole ROM out. So the biggest user experience issue here would be the time taken to write this file out, rather than storage space.
  10. It might be the LED starts doing dim when the AA's are low. I do remember something happens! Neo Turf Masters is one of the few which uses the SRAM save for instant on game state saves. Unfortnuately there's nothing I can do about this, I dont think. When the cartridge is turned on the NGP checks if the same cartridge is inserted as when it was turned off, if it is, it carries on and does the quick boot. I know I started digging into this before, but I dont remember if I decided it was just getting too evil, or it was just not possible. The "SRAM" itself I seem to rememeber is just the NGP internal RAM (which there isnt much of), so I'm pretty sure it will have been trashed to some degree by the time execution is passed to me, so there's no chance of saving and re-instating it. Something to investigate again at some point though.
  11. I have already thought that would be a good idea. You can certainly do that as it stands just using lots of single images, or I could add the feature of scrolling through a larger 160xN image. I would love to see this. Make it so! 😃
  12. You know what, that's not a bad idea!
  13. That's interesting. Freezing like that means the NGP has crashed, I've expericed it a few times during development. I have experienced issues with flashing failing when the batteries are low, yes. I seem to remember the LED on the console flashes, I think? The fact you also have a backlit screen could be compounding the issue as well, I've not installed one yet, so I don't know if there are any issues there. However, this does bring an interesting thought -- an auto-backup feature when running games. You can backup manually, but it might be handy to have the option to create a backup when a game is launched so you have a snapshot of your save game incase anything goes wrong. I must admit, this is the first time I have heard of this happening, but it doesn't mean no-one else has experienced it.
  14. Those BMP's are 24bit (16-million) colour, the Lynx requires 16 colour indexed format images. The resolution is fine, though.
  15. Very little -- around 1-2ma more with rough measurements. The McWill screen is considerably more power hungry than the original screen, though, from what I understand, which will be stressing the voltage regulator and PSU more than a stock Lynx. The LynxGD will be more susceptible to low voltage and noisy power supplies than a regular cart as well, as it's far more than just a bit of memory.
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