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  1. I have an NTSC and PAL unit here, I will be afters testers with as varied a set of motherboards as possible eventually. I have the Lynx and Jag cart outsourcing to complete first, then I'll get on with the 7800. I've made a start already, but then got sidetracked with having to lighten my load in terms of manufacture and sales.
  2. It's all rather intertwined. I'm using the Lynx GD as a test for all the processes involved with the outsourcing as it will be identical for the Jaguar. The Lynx is basically there. Just waiting on production PCB samples to come through, then I can start production properly. Most of the work for the Jaguar has also been done, so once I'm happy with the Lynx, the Jaguar will follow. Sorry it's taken so long! These things have a habit of taking longer than expected, then you throw other "real life" stuff into the mix, and it takes even longer!
  3. What he said. 😆 Plus Iim getting very very close to having the Lynx GD (as it’s called) back on sale. And it will be available directly from AtariAge as well. 😁
  4. No, and no. I have no idea what you just bought.
  5. Just updated a few days ago!
  6. Interesting, I've not seen this, I'll have to give it a try. Doom runs entirely from RAM once the level has loaded, as I remember, so its a weird one to have an issue.
  7. Nothing has changed, i’m still in the process of organising outsourcing production and sales.
  8. It won’t be too much longer! First quarter next year should see things moving again. It was all just a combination of toxic troll action and more work than I could deal with which pushed me to move to outsource more. Nothing much else to it, really. Unfortunately when there are particular elements of the community hell bent on destroying it for others you have to occasionally take stock and change tack. I’ve slowed a bit at the moment as it’s getting very close to Xmas and i’m trying to sort a load of bits around the house which i’ve been putting off for ages!
  9. All still happening in the background. I'll start shouting loudly once things start moving properly! I've sorted pretty much all the technical details out now and just have the last bit of testing hardware to develop. Shouldn't be too big a job, then I think that's everything needed to allow outsourcing of production. Things taking a while as ever, single person factory an all that.
  10. The price of 5V 1MB SRAM has increased quite a lot since I originally designed the cart, so I'm opting for 512K now due to lack of use. If it was actually used, I would continue to support it. I believe there are also some issues with 1MB carts in terms of hardware and the state of the AUX pin not being reliable / consistent on boot through different Lynx models. So I'm not sure 1MB is that useful. However if you are supporting the GD cart, you can load whatever data you like from the memory card, so you're not limited at all by size. The Lynx GD carts are wide spread enough you have a good userbase already. More so than you would ever reach with a proper physical release.
  11. The original Lynx cart has support for 1MB carts, yes. Although nothing has ever used this, so the new revision of the Lynx GameDrive will just have 512KB support as maximum. The GitHub repo is back again too! With a few renames for "GD".
  12. Yep, fantastic little machine! Even more so with a new LCD. It should be roughly £75 / $100 / EUR 90, something like that. As I wont be manufacturing them though, I currently have no idea of cost price as I've not got that far with things. I'll essentially just be taking a much smaller amount per unit while trying to make things viable for everyone involved without increasing cost. That's the plan, anyhow!
  13. I'm redesigning the Lynx cart at the moment to speed up loading, have a case for both Lynx 1 & 2 and add EEPROM support. And I'm also arranging for some extra help manufacturing and selling my hardware. It's taking a while to get everything in place, but when it is, then they should be far more readily available!
  14. Yes, here and Twitter are good for general updates. When things happen with getting new distributors online and you have an active pre-order, you will be emailed too.
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