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  1. It's selective laser sintered nylon! A type of high quality 3D printing -- it really is nice.
  2. sorry to bother sir but I was wondering about JagGd preorder status, I remember I was able to get into the preorder list but can't find any info on mail or paypal, if you have some free time may I provide my email and find if was just a dream?, thanks in advance.

    1. doctorclu


      The struggle is real.

  3. No, the initial supply of carts will not meet the existing demand. There is a HUGE wait on the AA backorder. It will be cleared within a few months, however.
  4. Yes, AA will be getting stock as soon as possible. 2020 hasn't been the best year, that's for sure!
  5. There are only about 60 carts going out as I’m just clearing what I have, retailers will have stock in around 6 weeks. If you’ve not received a mail from me yet you are unlikely to now, unless there are people who don’t answer. And to clarify, the existing PayPal authorisation will have almost certainly have expired, so you will get another email later today with PayPal payment link!
  6. Oh, that’s interesting, I can only assume it’s related to cookies being disabled. I need to pick up on that and fail gracefully.
  7. Until the JagGD is actually available for sale there will not be work on the CD support. However once this is sorted I will start looking at it again.
  8. Hopefully in the next couple of months! Sorry, its taking it's time...
  9. If you're referring to my carts, none of them are UK only?
  10. As always my aim is to support everything required for retail, including POKEY in CPLD solution. As it will be CPLD / micro based, I would be able to support new mappers. Things like the bupchip are a possibility also. But as ever, I have a million things on the go, so grab what you can while you can.
  11. Hello 

    Do you still sell the Lynx SD cart? I would like an uncased version for my lynx1 pls. 


    1. SainT


      Hi! That's now known as the Lynx GameDrive, you can (pre)order that here --



      Or if you're in Europe / UK check here for other retailers --


  12. Yes, all of those factors are outside anything I have tested.
  13. Very late reply, but yes, I intend to get this working for VLM use.
  14. Yes, I do mention this explicity in the install guide above. The cart is looking for a specific file to use for the update, it can't determine which file to use unless it is named correctly.
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