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  1. "Your mileage may vary" in this case. It was down to me adding glue and holding the case together until it's set, so adhesion will vary from board to board.
  2. Not that I would recommend. The top case is glued in place -- if you are careful you may be able to remove it and then use the cartridge on the Lynx 1, but from experience I know this isn't easy without being destructive.
  3. I will get to both (compatibility and memory trak) -- it's just taking a while at the moment as I'm having to deal with the fallout of not being able to get hold of any components due to the ongoing electronic component shortage. I'm having to redesign some products to be able to try and produce them again, so this is taking priority over improving compatibility. Once I can actually produce things again I can get back to trying to improve them. Unfortunately I'm a one-man-band (as they say), so things like this are a massive headache for me.
  4. Just checked the price from UK to US for that size of package via UPS, ~$43. I have no idea why postage from the US to the UK is apparently so expensive when I can ship relatively cheaply to the US from the UK. It's bizarre.
  5. It's always good to hear the reason behind odd behavior like this, good stuff!
  6. This is related to TOM cycles, so ~26Mhz, yes.
  7. The JagGD cannot do faster bus access, it uses standard 10 cycle / 32bit (commercial ROM) access. The reason the skunk uses 5 cycle is because it uses a 16bit bus, therefore operating theoretically at the same speed as the 10 cycle 32bit access.
  8. Yes, I have a few ideas of what needs sorting. I just need to find the time to be able to spend a good couple of weeks without interruption getting stuck into it! The whole parts shortage issue has screwed up many things which have had to be dealt with rather than spending time doing more useful things like this. 🙄
  9. Many thanks for the feedback! The ROM's themselves won't boot if they are bad (red screen), the Jaguar does an integrity check before executing, so that won't be an issue. Given you are experiencing the same issues with both firmware versions this is reinforcing my original suspicion that it is actually the console at fault. Without a doubt the best thing to focus on would be if you can find any faults in original carts.
  10. @derpnooner ok, that's now done. Go to the firmware update page via the link on the OPTIONS screen during boot. There are now additional "Download This Version" links for all firmware versions. Try installing "Firmware V1.08, ASIC V1.06, Menu V1.05, Stub V1.03", this is the most stable in terms of memory access. Just drop the firmware.ovr file on the root of a memory card and boot the Jag with this card inserted. Once it has updated delete the file from the memory card, otherwise it will continually update the menu and stub. Please let me know how you get on.
  11. The USB serial can be used for debugging, but in this case the most likely cause is marginal memory timing, which isn't something I can report on as such.
  12. My gut feeling for my failing Jag was also a DSP chip on its way out. Given the 3D audio will be intensive and hammering memory access it’s certainly going to be pushing it. The audio glitching could be the DSP crashing in some way. I’ll still sort something to allow downgrading for you, it’s also possible a failing DSP is causing memory access timing to drift slightly and end up fetching incorrect data causing the glitch out. There have been issues with some Jaguars regarding memory access which causes them to hang entirely with the JagGD. There is one older firmware (pre-CD support) which is more stable with regard to memory access, so I’d definitely like you to test that one. I’ll get onto it next week, please ping me if you’ve not heard back by midweek. I’ve got so much on at the moment, but I will definitely get this done for you.
  13. Sorry you are having issues. There is not currently a simple downgrade option, but I agree it would be interesting to see if this changes anything for you. I need to sort something out to allow people to test odd issues like this. I know different Jaguar consoles have different problems, it would be very interesting to know if you have issues with an original NBA Jam cart and this particular console. I have had Jaguars in the past which have hung on some games, but played others — and this from original carts. CD support is another area which really highlights the differences in consoles. Some machines work extremely well, others barely at all. I don’t know if actual CD drive support on consoles which have an issue like this problematic or not. In short, the Jaguar console itself I have found to be extremely hit and miss, but I have not found any particular model or chip revision which is specifically a problem.
  14. It would be interesting regardless to hear the outcome! The 50/60hz mod shouldn’t affect it. There are a couple of buffer chips which deal with the controller input, it could be something related to those. I’ll need to look at the schematics in more detail to figure out what might be the cause.
  15. There is absolutely nothing the GameDrive can do to alter the controller behavior, so nothing firmware wise would help. Does the console work as expected with retail carts?
  16. Yes, I have had VLM running, but I've not had it actually hooked up to an audio CD image.
  17. Yes, very much the same pattern I am seeing. I will get back to the Jaguar before too long. Far too many things on my plate, as it were... 😄
  18. The price of manufacture has pretty much doubled due to the ongoing component shortages. Things should return to "normal" toward the end of for the year for the JagGD as Lattice starts making stock available again. I wasn't sure whether to wait it out or have to put prices up until stock became available. I figured stock may as well be available for people, even at a higher price, as people can always wait if it's too expensive for them.
  19. Buying from within the EU is the safest bet here, check out DragonBox. https://dragonbox.de/en/everdrives-flashcarts/jaguar-gamedrive.html
  20. Yes, exactly that. Due to component supply issues I had to basically start again hardware wise, however it’s all been beneficial to the cart in the long run. Just a bit frustrating as it put me back about 6 months!
  21. Yes, I mostly post updates on Twitter...
  22. Sorry, your post was not approved and I missed seeing it until now! I use DHL regularly shipping internationally and have no issues, the duty side of things is no problem as I claim back anything paid through the business, so it just ends up being £10 or so in fees, which is fine. If you're happy to do this just drop me a DM and we'll get things moving.
  23. No worries at all, it's expensive to ship stuff! I did have one other issue specific to a console revision where the guy was fortunately in the UK, so I was able to fix the issue and return his console quickly.
  24. It's not technically anyone's "fault" as such. 😄 It's just an odd situation caused by a combination of specific hardware setup and software settings. This only happens on early Lynx 2 models where they were using the Lynx 1 chipset (or at least not the final Lynx 2 chipset). So it's a very unusual case only affecting a few people. I'm based in the UK, I'm quite happy to take a look and sort the issue out if it's feasible for you to ship it over. I'll cover return shipping.
  25. This should work for you -- https://www.retrohq.co.uk/product/jaggd/firmware-210414.zip You need to rename the firmware.upd to firmware.ovr to make it update. I'm not sure if I have also just replied to you via email.
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